Disclaimer: Harry Potter and its wonderful cast of characters is the product of the wonderful JK Rowling's imagination I am merely borrowing her wonderful characters to breathe life to these annoying plot bunnies in my head.

Summary: Don't you just hate it when you realize that you're so darn interested in the last person on earth you should be interested in?

PhoenixRae's Notes: This time I'm gonna try to write about two couples' love story here. Well, one of the two couples will be the main focus while the other couple will just be the sub-couple. And who knows what else might crop up? As always, reviews & constructive criticism are welcome. :smiles:

I. Oh Brother!

SIXTEEN YEAR OLD GINNY WEASLEY looked at her reflection from the loo's waist-length mirror before stepping out to rejoin her brother and his friends in the compartment they snagged for themselves as soon as they boarded the Hogwarts Express. She was sixteen years old, just turned sweet sixteen a couple of weeks ago, and still she looked the same. Not that her attitude hasn't changed. No, she showed a great big deal of change over the course of the last couple of years, since she entered her fourth year. She had no problem when it came to her attitude. But look-wise...well, she still had the same long, bright copper red hair, pert nose sprinkled with freckles, lips that doesn't look like it had been ravished senseless even though she has had a string of boyfriends since Michael Corner and a body that doesn't scream GODDESS!

Well, scratch that last part. She doesn't give a hoot whether she had a body to die for. But she wouldn't mind having a bit of padding on her chest. And maybe some padding would do for her back bumper. Turning sideways, Ginny stood on tiptoes to catch a glimpse of her ample-sized behind.

Letting out a disgruntled sigh, Ginny straightened her skirt she opted to wear a knee-length flowy skirt today as opposed to pants checked her appearance in the mirror once last time then stepped out of the loo. There was no point in wallowing in self-pity right now. This what was she was blessed with and by Jove she'd better live with it. Otherwise if she kept on wishing for a different body or more of this or more of that, she'd end up looking like a freak, and she didn't want that to happen.

As she neared the compartment where she left Harry, Neville, Luna, Seamus and Dean Ron and Hermione were doing their Prefect and Head Girl duties of patrolling the train ever so often Ginny heard the all too familiar sound of the bane of her very existence's voice accompanied by her brother's and Harry's equally loud voices with Hermione's voice thrown in to referee the impending squabble that was to follow. Rolling her eyes skyward, Ginny slowed down her pace as she neared her compartment and listened, like everyone else on the train whose heads were poking out of their own compartments, to what the new Head Boy was arguing about with her Prefect of a brother and his best friend.

"And who gave you the right to take full advantage of that shiny new badge of yours, huh?" that was Ron yelling at the Head Boy to the top of his lungs.

"Watch it, Weaselby, or I might take points off Gryffindor before we even reach Hogwarts," warned Malfoy in his usual High and Almighty tone looking down his nose at the fuming red head seventh year, not that he towered over Ron's six foot flat frame Malfoy was only an inch and a half taller than the redhead.

"You're already abusing your right, Malfoy," came Harry's equally annoyed remark, glaring at the blond haired Slytherin through his round specs.

"So what if I am? Like you can do anything about it, Scarhead," remarked Malfoy.

A shuffling of feet was heard, but no one's fist connected with anyone's jaw yet. But that was all thanks to Hermione who stood between the snotty Slytherin Head Boy and her two best friends. Harry and Ron were also being held back by Dean, Seamus and Neville who were hidden from everyone's view inside the compartment while Crabbe and Goyle flanked Malfoy on either side of him.

"Will you three put a sock in it?" demanded Hermione, turning her head from side to side, looking at her best friends then at Malfoy before turning back to address Ron and Harry, "Ignore Malfoy. We all know he's all bark and no such bite he doesn't even carry rabies." Malfoy made a noise in his throat to argue Hermione's point, but the new Head Girl silenced him quickly with a warning, "And you better not throw your weight around too damn much. Remember what happened to you back in the summer before sixth year?" She cocked an eyebrow and waited for realization to sink it. Satisfied she added, "You messed with the wrong boy, Malfoy, and Head Boy or not, mess with Harry again and I won't stop whomever is within hearing and hexing range to throw a curse at you."

Ginny watched from her vantage point of view the blond Slytherin back down, but not willingly. He knew Hermione wasn't lying when she made that threat. He was surrounded by quite a few members of the DA team; Head Boy or not, he was outnumbered even if he was prancing around the train with Crabbe and Goyle standing guard. With one last parting pot-shot aimed at Ron and Harry, he turned away from the small group with his two hulking cronies following him. They were headed her way and Ginny flattened herself against the wall to avoid being run over. She knew he'd just walk past her without a single thought to her person, but she spoke too soon. When the annoying prat was merely a foot away from her his gray gaze zeroed in on her and instead of walking past her he made a small detour turn and stopped right in front of her, his cross between musclely and scraggy form towering over her.

Now Ginny wasn't the type to be easily intimidated. After all she'd been through so much since she entered Hogwarts she was used to hardships by now. Instead of cowering from the immovable force that was Draco Malfoy she pulled herself together, squared her shoulders and jutted her chin to the air.

"What do you want, Ferret Breath?" She might as well be on the defensive side before he beat her to it. If she showed him that she wasn't a pushover he might just leave her alone. But that little trick of hers didn't work.

"Oh-ho, looks like we have another tough-as-nails weasel on the loose," he mocked, looking on either side of him at his cronies before all three of them laughed.

Ginny merely looked bored and cocked an eyebrow. "I believe you and your two poor excuse for bodyguards are on your way to cause havoc and mayhem elsewhere."

"Since when did you grow a backbone, Princess?"

"Since the day you messed with me and ended up with a Bat Bogey Hex, that's when."

For the first time since Ginny locked horns with Malfoy since that incident two years ago Malfoy had been at her case, looking for excuses to get her in detention or take points off Gryffindor he was finally rendered speechless. Usually he had some witty remark ready to be shot back at her, but this time she caught him off guard and took full advantage of it. With a quick head-to-foot once over at the galling Head Boy, Ginny stalked away from him and rejoined her brother and friends inside their compartment.

GAAAAAH! SHE WAS BLOODY ANNOYING! Tried as he might she always got on his nerves. Got under his skin and made him resort to hitting something solid. Unfortunately he couldn't punch and cause damage on the train wall otherwise he would've done so.

He didn't know why he passed by the compartment she was sharing with Potter and his friends. The first time he walked past that compartment he didn't see her. He should've let it go then and moved on, but no, he was a glutton for punishment and walked past their damn compartment three more times with Crabbe and Goyle before they caught the attention of the hot-headed Prefect who quickly assumed he was up to no good.

Draco wasn't sporting for a fight with the last of the Weasley boys to attend Hogwarts; that was the last thing on his mind. He wasn't that bored yet to pick a fight with that Muggle-loving lowlife. Maybe later, when they were close to Hogwarts he might pick on him, but for the time being he was just on the look out for the youngest Weasley offspring who happened to be away from the compartment. Now her he would pick a fight with any damn time he pleased whether he was in the mood or not.

He seemed to have picked up that annoying habit since...well, since he was un-hexed before leaving the train to enjoy his summer before his sixth year. And it was only when the youngest Weasley offspring was involved. He could care less about Potter whom he was still livid with after what he and his meddlesome friends did to his father and his friends; he was more interested in getting under Ginny Weasley's skin.

"There you are, Drake," cooed Pansy Parkinson, a Prefect an ardent admirer of his, as soon as he returned back to his own compartment. She was one of his many follies he wished he hadn't indulged in, but she was...there and so he took advantage of the situation. Now he wished he kept his cool and remained aloof and kept her at bay. And when will she learn that he hated that pet name she kept on calling him?

"We heard you got into a bit of a scuffle with Potter and Weasley," commented Blaise Zabini from where he sat on the corner of the compartment near the window.

"Did you three get hexed again?" Although the question was delivered straight-faced by Pansy close friend, Millicent Boulstrode, Draco knew the seventh year was doing her damnedest not to snort.

God he hated Potter and his friends so much!

"We weren't sportin' for a fight," grunted Crabbe and took his place beside Blaise.

Draco was thankful his chosen 'bodyguards' knew when to deflect any questions he didn't want to answer.

"Malfoy was doing his patrolling then Weasley decided to act all kingly and questioned what we were doing out in the corridor," explained Goyle who sandwiched himself between Pansy and Millicent, which left Draco to take the seat closest to the door beside Crabbe.

"The nerve of him!" pouted Pansy, looking across the compartment at the still silent blond haired Head Boy. "He should know better than to question the school Head Boy what he was doing out on the corridor." Looking past Goyle she met Millicent's gaze and added, "He's a Prefect after all and he too should be patrolling the corridors."

"Which is what you and Zabini should be doing right now. McMillan and Abbott are done their round a while ago," Draco answered sourly.

"Oh," Pansy managed to look bashful and batting her lashes a bit, she excused herself from everyone and beckoned Blaise to join her for their turn to make sure everyone was behaving themselves.

Draco breathed a sigh of relief once Parkinson left. He knew it wasn't their turn yet to patrol the corridors; Ravenclaw Prefects' Patil and Goldstein were up next to do their rounds, but Draco wanted to be left alone not be coddled and fussed about a lot by Parkinson.

He really shouldn't have encouraged her the last couple of years. Fifth year he was far too busy enjoying the perks of being a part of the Inquisition Squad to pay attention to how he was treating Parkinson, but then sixth year came and...well, okay, so he had a lapse in judgment somewhere in the middle of sixth year at Hogwarts, but he shouldn't have left it unfinished as far as Parkinson was concerned!