.: Don't Speak :.

I know what you're thinking...

A drabble by Hitokiri Kitsune

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Disclaimer: Naruto © Masashi Kishimoto

.: Don't Speak :.

There's no need to speak.

The skies above Konoha were an angry gray, a swirling mass of unhappiness blocking the heavens. Rain droplets fell in time, a natural rhythm of thunder and lighting beginning. It was a symphony of sights and sounds; the soft tapping against the windowpane, flashes of light illuminating an otherwise darkened room. Days like this kept most inside, sitting at their windows, watching nature's display in the hazy skies. But, unlike the others in the gloomy village, two were not at the windowsill.

Nowhere near it.

Instead, they lay together, merging, melting together. A short trail of soaked clothing littered the floor, cast away and long forgotten. Calloused hands traced tenderly along sun-kissed skin, exploring, tracing little lines where scars once were. Healing hands, rough hands. Time was a thing lost; something that no longer mattered. The world didn't matter, nor did any of the people in it. The only ones that existed in their minds were each other. And things were better that way, it seemed.

Ebony hair clung wetly to the face of one Uchiha heir, framing equally dark eyes set in pale skin. Skin the color of moonlight, the other thought. He was the night sky― dark, cool, mysterious. Then there was day― bright, warm, inviting. That was the fox boy― the one who lay so contentedly under the first, clumsy hands clutching at dampened skin, looking for something to hang onto before he fell away from himself. Such was the emotion felt; so overwhelming, overpowering, enchanting.

It was, quite simply, amazing.

Soft mewls of pleasure reached the ears of the raven-haired boy, making a small smile grace his features. There was no façade here; just raw feeling, with nothing to hide. Petal soft lips slowly met, tentative kisses being shared. The two tasted, learning, discovering. Skin against skin, meeting swiftly in heated motions. Small red lines along a pale back, spreading out like angel wings. They found that breathing was difficult; still, they took one another in, like oxygen, like their lives depended on it.

All of the awkward feelings had melted away long ago, starting with a few accidental caresses, then a few not so accidental ones. Attraction, mutual attraction, and understanding had brought them here. A silent promise, sealed with a kiss. Simple in every aspect was their relationship― there were no fancy words. Just a single gift, the heart, given up easily and completely. Something that could never even be partly covered by an, "I love you."

It wasn't enough.

Obsidian met with cerulean as a curious tongue probed the vulpine boy's neck, sending little ripples of excitement throughout his body. Much like lighting, intense and rapid. And when it was over, when it finally ended, the two still remained close together, enjoying the warmth that each brought. Chaste kisses were shared here and there, as the blonde snuggled closer to his stoic companion. They faced the windowpane together, watching the thin trails of water run down the foggy glass. Their silence held much meaning― one that needed no explanation.

There was no need to speak.

.: END :.

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