I'm writing this in mourning. I am completely blocked on my other stories! And plus, since I didn't save the finished version of Facing Our Demons, now I have to remember the ending and well, that is very hard to do, so I'm doing this…

This is story of one-shots concerning a basketball. Now, I hate the game dearly. I see no reason to play it; to me it's really boring, but I got the idea of story when I was at one of my school's basketball games for the school newspaper. I thought, "What if a basketball helped people with their problems?"

And… POOF! The idea was born from the plot kitties! Give all your praises to the furry furballs!

Summary: An orange ball with black stripes makes it way through Domino City, helping the gang with their problems.

Disclaimer: How many times have I said I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh?


Seto Kaiba & Katsuya Jonouchi

Katsuya Jonouchi glared at the basketball that rolled to his feet. Normally in gym class the blonde would be pumped to shoot some hoops but not today, no after what happened this morning. He sighed, leaning his back against the top bleacher and crossing his arms over his chest, prepared not to participate in today's activities.

Honda's eyes softened at his friend's state as he walked to get the ball. He picked the medium sized, orange ball with black stripes up, dribbling it in front of the other boy. Getting no response from the hard charcoal eyes, Honda waved his hand in front of Jonouchi's face. He smiled when the blonde turned his gaze on him before it disappeared, seeing the glare planted on the other boy's face. "What's up with you man?"

The blonde shook his head. "Nothing."

"Then come out onto the court and play a game. It's better then glaring at every thing you see. Besides," Honda held up the ball, "I'm sure it won't mind if you take your anger out on it."

Jonouchi stopped glaring. "I'm not in the mood, Honda."

The brunet sat beside the boy on the bleachers, still holding the ball. "What happened this morning, Jou? What happened to get you so gloomy?"


Honda scrunched up his eyebrows. Since when did Jou start calling his boyfriend by the last name? Didn't that end when they started dating? Oh, no! Honda shook his head. Did Kaiba break up with his best friend? "What did he do?" the brunet asked, cautiously, slightly moving away in case the other blew a fuse.

"He's an ass."

"Okay," Honda said, all ready knowing that. "Yeah, he is." Glare. "Well, to some people."

Jonouchi sighed. "You don't understand, Honda."

Honda raised his hands in defense. "Hey, man, I'm trying. Plus, it's hard to understand if you don't have all the facts in order."

Jou looked at him, eyes glazed with hurt. "When I tell you this," he spoke softly, "you can't laugh okay?"

Honda nodded, his undivided attention on the boy. "All right."

"Well, today is Seto's and mine, well, one month anniversary." Jou turned his gaze to the tiled floor. "I just thought, I don't know, that Seto and I would do something. And well, when I asked him this morning what we were going to do tonight, he was like, 'I'm working. I don't know about you.' That! That's all he said. He doesn't care that we have been together for a month. He doesn't care about anything!"

"Did you tell him?"

"No! He should know when our anniversary is! Besides, I walked away before he could respond to my slapping him."

Honda whistled. "If your slaps are anything like your punches, then you got to feel sorry for the man… some."

Jou smirked. "Yeah, but not that much." He knocked the ball out of Honda's grasp, suddenly feeling much better. "What do you know? I'm in a playing mood." He dribbled the ball. "Are you all ready bowing to my victory, Honda?"

Honda glared, standing. "Not a chance, Jonouchi!"


Jou strolled up the sidewalk leading to the Kaiba mansion that night with his book bag slung over his shoulder. Sure, he was still ticked off, but there was some happiness in him after playing a basketball game against Honda. He pressed the doorbell as he waited on the small porch. His eyes widen when the door opened and his boyfriend grabbed him into a tight hug. "Nice to see you too," he said, smiling, dropping his book bag to the marble ground.

Seto pulled away some, then looked the blonde over, making sure he was all right. "Where you have you been, Katsuya? We missed the reservations."

"Oh, um, Honda and I played a… reservations?" Jou tilted his head to the side, confused. "What reservations?"

"The ones I made for tonight," Seto muttered. "I wanted it to be a surprise. I know I acted like a jerk this morning, but I had this evening all ready planned."

Jou smiled. "You did."

"Yes, like I said, I…" Soft lips pressed against his, stopping any further conversation between the two. Seto licked the blonde's bottom lip, asking for permission to enter, which Jonouchi gladly gave him. Minutes later, he pulled away when the need for air came, grinning. "What now?"

"Well," Jou smirked, kneeling on the ground and unzipping his book bag. "You are going to learn how to play basketball." He threw the orange ball at his boyfriend. Jou smiled when Kaiba caught it. "Let's begin with the rules…."


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