an new life

New family

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summary- This takes place after the book! This is mainly Judd and vicki's story kind of fic!

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Anne followed Judd and Vicki to the little boy! Judd arrived to him first! "Hi!" Judd said very friendly."Hi" says the little boy shyly. "Whats your name?" asks Judd. "Tyler" repled the young boy. "Hi Tyler! I'm Judd! This is my wife vicki and our daughter Anne!" Judd says. "Hi" Tyler says waving at Vicki and Anne. "How old are you?" Vicki asks. "I'm five" Tyler says holding up five fingures. "Well Tyler would you like to come live with us?" Judd asked him. Tyler nodded his head yes!

Judd offerred his hand to Tyler who took hold of it. Next Judd and Vicki walked over to another young boy. "Hi" says Judd. "Hi" the boy says back. "Whats your name?" Judd asked. "Chrispher" said the boy. "Well Christopher how old are you?" Judd asked. "Thee" said the young boy. "Your three! Your a big boy!" Vicki says smiling at him. "Well Christopher do you want me to be your mommy?" Vicki asked. The boy slightly nodded his head. Vicki picked Christopher a hug and picked him up.

"Would you like anymore children Vicki?" asked Judd. "I would like another girl." Vicki said. It did not take long before they spotted a perfect girl. They walked over to where a baby around one was laying on his back. "Ah she's so cute!" Vicki screeched as she picked the baby up. "I wonder what her name is?" Judd said aloud.

"I can help you with that." a voice came behind them. The turned around to see a boy around 12 or 13 and a girl around nine the was next to him. "You can?" Judd asked. "YEs I can." Spoke the boy. " This is my baby sister Becky! This girl next to me is my sister Emily and my name is Timothy." Judd looked a little suprised. HE looked at Vicki and new he had three new additions to the family. "How would you like to come live with us?" Judd asked. "That would be nice! Thanks!"Said Timothy.

"How old are you?" Judd asked. "I'm twelve! Timothy said "Oh! How old is your sister?" Vicki asked. "One is nine months and one is nine." he answered. "Welcome to the family." Judd said. And with that they left to find them a house in the new peaceful world.

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