a suprise and another suprise

Authors note- Hey its another update! Wow! If I do not do this now I never will! Its called a suprise and another suprise.! well gope you enjoy it!

Becky, Anne. Emily, Timothy, Christopher, Tyler

That night after they got the kids to bed Vicki and Judd were laying in there new room discussing a suprise for the kids. "I'll go and get it tommorrow while you stay with the kids." said Vicki. "Ok." Said Judd. And with that they both went to sleep.

The next morning Judd was up before Vicki and decided to let her sleep. He headed to the kitchen and begun breakfast. He fixed Hamburgers. My kind of breakfast

Soon kids were coming into the kitchen wanting to eat. Judd had got all the kids there food when Vicki finally woke. Sje waked in and joined her family.

After breakfast Vicki left to get the kids there suprise. She walked to the brown building with the sign 'pets and people'. She walked inside to the dog room and started viewing the dogs.

Ther were puppies and adult dogs. She came to this cage with a yellow lab puppy! Vicki tried to walk on but could'nt. She was already in love with the lab. Vicki decide not to waste any time and got the puppy knowing she would end up leaving with it anyway.

Vicki could not way to introduce the puppy to the family.

THe kids were all playing when Vicki walked through the door carrying the puppy. Tyler was the first to see and ran over to it. Soon all the kids were swarmed around it. Judd smiled when he saw the puppy.

"What do yall want to name it?" Vicki asked the kids. "Cowboy! Sooner! Macy! Barney! Stitch! Baby! Sam! Buddy!" Yelled ll the kids. "OK! OK! we'll name it Noah! Since Noah's in the bible." Vicki said seattling the dog's name. All the kids except one was playing with the pup. Christopher was sitting in the corner hiding.

"Whats wrong buddy?" Judd asked picking up Christopher. Christopher did not say anything,. "Do you wanna go play with Noah?" Judd asked him. Christopher just shook his head No.

"Then whats the matter?" Judd asked getting worried. "nuking." said Christopher. When some of the little kids are talking I purposely mispell the word. Judd carried Christopher back to where Vicki was. Christopher hugged onto Judd the whole time.

While trying to cheer Christopher up the door bell rang so Vicki went to go answer it. There was a young guy out there. "Yes i'm from the ASAD. We are trying to find homes for children. Do you think you can share a home with some of the kids?" asked the guy.

"I dunno! We have five kids as it is." said Vicki thinking. "Ok can I look at the kids?" Vicki asked. "Sure come withe me." said the guy. "I'll be right back." Vicki called to Judd.

With that Vicki followed the guy to a building. Inside the building were kids of all ages. Vicki viewed them carefully! She ran into a young boy! He had blond hair and blue eyes and was two years old. Vicki could not help but take the child home with her. It turned out the boys name was Micheal.

Vicki called for Judd when she walked through the door. Judd was not suprised when he saw Micheal. Vicki told Judd all the information she knew about Micheal. They agreed for Micheal and Timothy to share a room.

Thats all for this chapter! Next chapter is called Anger and Frustration! Judd does something he regrets. nothing major Then the chapter after that will be really exciting.