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Verona's New Love

Verona had just awoken from her sleep. It had been a restless one. She just couldn't get the man out of her mind. It was hard for her to understand, but she thought she loved the man. Why? How could she love the same man who had killed Marishka? She could hear Aleera and her master in the background, they must have awoken at the same time she had. Verona walked to her balcony and peered into the dark night trying to clear her mind before her master came. She feared him, and what would happen if he found out about her love with Van Helsing.

Verona felt two icy hands on her shoulders, "Why so tense my love?" It was her master she had not heard him come in. How long had he been watching her? "Verona what is wrong?" the count asked again. She turned and looked at him trying not to show her true feelings. She moved closer and wrapped her arms around his waist and smiled, "There is nothing wrong. I was just admiring this beautiful dark night." "Good", said the count. He leaned in and gave her a passionate kiss. For a moment she was reminded why she became a bride. But then, she thought, was this just one of his spells over her? Her mind became confused she wasn't sure what to think or do.

Aleera walked into the room and looked jealous. Suddenly Verona did not feel so sad. Now she remembered that she was the older, wiser bride. Aleera's jealousy had made her feel better. She figured that her thoughts of Van Helsing would subside. With one quick glance at Aleera, she continued kissing the count. Aleera secretly wished that Verona was the bride killed. She was always jealous of her. Aleera wished that she were the most powerful bride. She had enjoyed the companionship of Marishka; they were more like sisters. To Verona, Aleera was like a child. She enjoyed getting the count's attention, especially alone. With three brides, no one bride was usually alone with their master. Any chance Verona got to be alone with the count was treasured.

Aleera walked over to the count and said, "Master we need to feed tonight." He pulled away from Verona and Aleera got what she wanted. "You are right Aleera, you and Verona should go out now and I will wait and go out when you two get back." This was not the exact plan that Aleera had hoped for but at least it got her master's attention off Verona. "We should leave now", said Verona with a little anger in her voice. Aleera did not argue she walked over to the balcony next to Verona and kissed the count. When she looked back at Verona with a smirk and said, "Let's go." Verona flew out of the window with Aleera following closely behind.

Verona was furious. Things would be much better if her master had only one bride. Suddenly her thoughts went back to Van Helsing. She was now longing for him once again. "Oh, don't pout Verona. We both secretly know that I am the favorite bride. Ha ha ha." "Don't kid yourself Aleera he did pick me before you", said Verona. "But since you did not satisfy him he came for me." Verona hissed at Aleera. She would love nothing more to rid the world of Aleera. "Come on Verona what are you waiting for. You know you want to hurt me. Oh wait, if you do the master would not be so happy." Verona was getting more and more angry. She flew faster until she was ahead of Aleera. She was reaching the last bit of patience she had. She was not sure whether these feelings for Van Helsing were for the love of him or the hate of Aleera. She then accidentally muttered, "If only Van Helsing would drive a stake through your heart." Aleera heard this and was outraged. She was so angry she could not express herself in words. She just turned around and flew in the other direction. She would not feed with Verona like usual.

This was Verona's chance to get a good look at the man her heart longed for. She flew around for a while until she was sure she was not being followed by Aleera. She had heard that Van Helsing was staying with Princess Anna so she headed to Anna's residence. She flew to one of the balconies and landed in the shadows. She walked up to the door and peered inside. She didn't see anyone so she quietly opened the door. She carefully walked inside making sure she touched nothing. She walked down the hallways looking into each room trying to find him. She looked in one room and there was a dark figure lying asleep in the bed. She walked up to the bed. She leaned in closer to get a better look. She then quickly noticed that it wasn't who she was looking for. She turned around and saw a dark object headed towards her head. She was out in a matter of seconds.

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