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And Life Goes On

Three months later…

Gabriel stood at the head of the church. The day had finally come. After four hundred years, he was finally getting married to the woman who stole his heart. It had seemed like an eternity, well it almost was. He stood there with his best man at his side. "I still can't believe how dressed up you are." "Carl what did you expect, it's my wedding day." "I don't know, I thought you would have at least kept the hat", said Carl chuckling. "Oh you just wait until your wedding day…" said Gabriel as he looked at Carl. "Well, who said you're invited." Both men laughed as they heard the music start.

They turned and faced the aisle. First came the flower girl and the ring bearers. Next came Anna, the maid of honor. Carl smiled as he saw her come down the aisle. He thought back on the first time he met Anna. That dark, cold Transylvanian day. He remembered how she had demanded to know who they were and threatened them with death. His first impression of her was that she was a spoiled little princess, but his feelings grew with time. In fact, the scariest day for Carl was the day they killed Dracula. He wasn't scared of Dracula, well maybe a little, but he was most afraid of loosing Anna.

She gave them all a scare when she didn't wake up for a week. He remembered how Verona took care of her when she was ill. Anna finally woke up after two weeks. Carl had never been so scared in his life. It was not long after that when he and Anna had expressed their true feelings for each other. Days later Carl wrote the abbey and told them that he was leaving. He also told them of his and Anna's wedding plans.

Anna walked up past Gabriel and Carl and took her spot. This is it, thought Gabriel. The day has finally come. He kept his eyes fixed on the aisle and then spotted Verona. He was in awe. She had on the most beautiful dress he had ever seen. It was the purest white he had ever seen. It had beautiful embroidery all up the front with beads sewn into the top. Her bouquet was filled with the brightest flowers around. Vines cascaded over the edge barely grazing the floor.

He also thought about what had happened. How his greatest enemy held the key to his memory and past life. Dracula had taken what he valued the most, but at the same time given it all back. Gabriel now appreciated every moment he was with Verona. He would never let anything bad happen to her. His purpose was to love her with all of his heart and to keep her safe.

Verona stood at the end looking at Gabriel. She too couldn't believe that the day had finally come. She still felt bad for what had happened between her and Dracula. I can't believe I fell for it. She and Gabriel had had many conversations on the subject within the past three months. Gabriel was always reassuring her that it wasn't her fault. She felt lucky and truly grateful that she had a guy like Gabriel.

She began walking towards Gabriel. Tears began to fill her eyes. No Verona you told yourself you wouldn't cry. Gabriel watched her as she approached. She seemed to glide up the aisle. She grew more beautiful with every step. Before he knew it, she was right in front of him. He held out his hand as a big smile crossed his face. He gently took her hand as he whispered, "Hello beautiful." She smiled as tears of joy glided down her face.

The ceremony was beautiful. It lasted a little more than an hour. Anna invited the whole village to the reception that was held in the great hall of the Valarious manor. The newly married couple sat in the middle of a long table and awaited the speeches. Carl was the first to stand. "To Gabriel and Verona. It has been a long road. Though I would not want to go through it again I wouldn't take it back. Thank you Gabriel for being my friend. You have brought out my true personality. Thank you Verona for not sucking my blood. I'm very grateful for that", said Carl chuckling along with the rest of the guests. "Cheers", he said as he raised his glass high in the air.

Anna was the next to stand, "I'd also like to thank you. You have saved me and my family." She looked to Carl and said, "You have also opened the door for a new family. I hope that you two stay happy in marriage and never loose sight of the love you share." She raised her glass and everyone toasted.

Gabriel stood and said, "Thanks for coming. To Carl, if anyone needs to thank anyone it has to be me. You kept me on track when I lost sight of our goal. I'd also like to thank you for your little gadgets. I don't know what we would have done without them. Also, you didn't need me to discover yourself, that was always inside of you. You just needed a little push out of the Abbey."

He nodded to Carl before looking at Anna. "I'd just like to thank you for never giving up. I know you lost everything in the battle against Dracula. I admire your courage to keep on going when it seemed all was lost."

"That just leaves one person." He looked at Verona. "I'm not sure I could ever express the love I feel for you. It's that kind of love that can never be explained. All I know is that every morning I wake up, I thank God for you. I look forward to the many years we have ahead. I know the future will be brighter. I love you and nothing will ever change that…Cheers."

Verona sat for a moment wiping the tears away. "Well I guess that just leaves me", she said as she stood. "I'm going to try and make this quick. Carl you're welcome. To Anna. I cannot express the sorrow I feel for your losses. I know I was part of that horror that was once in your life. I know I can't bring them back or take back what I did, but please accept my apology." She turned to face Gabriel. Tears now flowed freely. He took her hand and smiled. "Thanks for coming back for me. I know you could have ended it sooner. I know we will have brighter days ahead. In fact…we're going to have a new addition in about eight months." Verona looked down at Gabriel with a huge smile on her face.

Gabriel stood and said, "You mean…?" She nodded and said, "Yes." The guests began cheering as Gabriel pulled Verona close to share a kiss. "Who's up for a dance", shouted Anna grabbing Carl. Music began to play as everyone moved to the dance floor.

Everything was in its place and life did go on. Eight months later to the day, Gabriel and Verona received the gift of life. A boy named Velkan. Anna and Carl were married a few months later and were soon expecting a gift of their own. The love that was started 400 years ago was finally fulfilled.

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