HOORAY! 100+ REVIEWS! This is momentous occasion! This story has to be my most popular and funniest, according you, the readers and reviewers. So, I'm giving out awards for the best reviewers. If I forgot anyone, let me know.

Druidgoddess: Thanks a heap for your ideas and your never-ending confidence in me. Keep going on your fic!

Cakreut12: Your undying sense of humor is what gave me the sac to continue this thing all the way through!

Unlikely-to-bear-it: As with Cakreut12, who you have done a great job working with, your writing has made me fall off my chair laughing until my vocal cords come out! Keep up the great work! Also, I agree with your theory about the penguins…Keep your eyes peeled… (Looks left to right)… Their EVERYWHERE!

Chibi Millenia Phantom: Twas you who turned me on to the Canadian sensation of The Arrogant Worms! I've been annoying people by singing their songs for months now! Also, I'm a huge They Might Be Giants fan. It's glad to know that I'm among friends. Also, I see that your birthday is September 30th. Might I suggest going to see "Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride" for your birthday?

DannyandSam4life: Thanks for the great reviews and the great stories as well!

Ella-629: First off, I love your stories so far. Keep going! And second off: I go on deviantART a LOT. And your one of my favorite artists on there! Although I'm not a artist myself on there, I'll just have to give you my reviews on your art from here. DEAL? Deal.

Hearts of Eternity: I'm a huge fan of your stories! Keep them up!

Mily Spectra: I am a HUGE Back to the Future fan. Glad to see we have some stuff in common.

outlawarcher: Thanks a lot for your tons of reviews. And I love the "Texan, Californian, and New Yorker" joke. Hilarious!

shepyt: I'm a Gorrillaz fan, too! Thanks for the reviews!

Zornith: You've always been there reviewin', even when no one else did. I thank you for that you ol' broomstick!

crazybluephantom: I love your stories! Keep it up!

And finally there's some people with real names and people I know that I must recognize.
Douglas Adams (author of the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series): Without your brand of dry British humor, I wouldn't be the smartass I am today. And even though you've died, fellow smartasses like me continue to laugh as reading you books. Thank you.

Tim Burton: If not for you, I would have never gone into weird writing and drawing. Twas you who created my all time favorite movie: "The Nightmare Before Christmas". Thank you, and good luck on "The Corpse Bride"

Kevin Smith: Hell, if it wasn't for "Dogma", this fic wouldn't even exist! It was you who gave me the sac to start writing with a sense of humor. Good luck on "Clerks 2: The Passion of the Clerks".

Margaret: I don't really know what to say, really. You've been my friend for almost four years now. You were the one who made me try harder in math. You were the one who listened to all of my pointless movie trivia. And you were the one who made me feel loved by another human being. There is no amount of ways that I can thank you for being there for me. Thank you, for everything.
P.S.: All the times I said I had no inspiration for my writing, I was lying. You were always my inspiration.

Well, that's about it. But before I go, I want to give you a sneak peek of what is yet to come from the mind of PhantomAL.
First off: expect a lot more chapters for "The Halfa's Guide to the Ghost Zone". This thing is gonna have a LOT of plot-twists and inside jokes.

Second off: Expect more out of "Ghost Rider". This is really more of a serious comedy. So, unless you have a "Douglas Adams" type humor, I suggest you go back to "Halfa's Guide".

And finally: Expect a lot more one-shots. Some of them being based off my real life experiences. And keep an eye out for "Mallrats: based on true life events", my next one-shot coming this weekend!

Well, that's about it. Keep in touch, now. Don't be a stranger. And remember: your future is what you make of it. DON'T SCREW IT UP! Now, it is my intention to listen to the "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" soundtrack over and over and over again. Willy Wonka..Willy Wonka..The amazing chocolatier...