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But I Didn't Say Good-Bye!

Chapter 1: Go Away!

It was a crisp clear night. Not one cloud was in the sky and all was calm for everything, the trees, the plant and even the animals sensed impending doom. Animals were running for safer lands under the cover of darkness but little did they know that there is nowhere that they could ran would be safe. And the tree and plants, since they couldn't move turned to prayer. They prayed that all would be save and they could only hope that their prayers were heard and would be answered. But the fate of Japan and possibly the world rested on the most unlikely group. A kind-hearted human priestess, a cowardly fox demon, a perverted monk, a fearless demon slayer and a hardheaded half-human half-demon were the last line off defense. The moon and stars looked down uneasily on the small clearing that our heroes laid in.

A small fire was crackling softly providing little light to the clearing. Miroku was sitting cross-armed, staff in hand, pile of sutras next to him, head down sleeping next to the fire. Sango lay on her mat in her demon slayers outfit, including armor, and Hiraikotsu within her reach. Kirara was curled up on Sango's sleeping body, tails twitching in anticipation. Inuyasha sitting in his famous position next to the fire clutching Tetsusaiga in his hands, ears twitching every now and then. A few inches from Inuyasha was Kagome's sleeping bag with a bow and a quiver full of arrows beside it. Inside, Shippo laid curled up next to Kagome while Kagome herself was tossing and turning.

It was the night before the final battle. Tomorrow, at dawn, the fate of Feudal Japan would be decided. Actually the fate of not just Feudal Japan but also all of Japan, even modern time. And it all came down to Kagome. If she could hit Naraku with her arrow at the right time, like planed, Naraku would be destroyed and the Shikon no Tama would be purified and safe at last. But if she fails, Naraku would win and if he won he would change to course of the future as well. Everyone tried to tell her that it was no big deal and not to worry. That if they didn't get him this time then they would get him next time. But Kagome was no fool. She knew that if she missed there would be no next time. Naraku would win and that couldn't happen.

She sighed. She couldn't sleep. Slowing she sat up careful not to wake Shippo covering him up. She needed to take a walk, clear her mind. As quietly as she could she sneaked away out of camp out into the forest. She walked until she reached her favorite place in all of Feudal Japan.

There was a small stream that ran, like a small waterfall in to a quaint little pond that was lined with gray stones of all sizes. The trees were lush green and flowers all around, none but a few open, of course it being night and all. Kagome sat down on one of the larger stone next to the waterfall. She would put her hand under it enjoying the cool water. This place eased her nerves a little giving her temporary relief. But that relief would be short lived. For two amber eyes were watching her every move.

Kagome stared at her reflection in the water until she heard a rustle in the bushes. When she reached for her bow and arrows they were not there. 'I must have left them back at camp!' She wrapped her hand around the vile of jewel shards that hang around her neck. cautiously turned around and looked at the bushes that he sound had come from.

Inuyasha came running out claws up like he was ready to fight but when he saw her he stopped with a surprised look on his face. The look of surprise quickly turned into a smirk.

"Oh, it's just you Inuyasha." Kagome sighed and turned her attention back to the water. "I thought it was a demon coming to kill me. And stupid me left my weapons back at camp." She smiled lightly.

"You should go." Inuyasha said rudely.

"I know I need to get back to camp. Let's go." She stood up and walks towards camp but stopped when Inuyasha didn't follow. "What's the matter Inuyasha?"

"I told you to leave! Go home Kagome!" he growled.

"Go home?"

"Yes go home. Man you're stupider than I thought." He turned in disgust.

"What are you talking about? I can't go home. We have to fight Naraku! Remember? The final battle. I have to be there the give the final blow. You said so your self."

"I changed my mind. My beloved Kikyo can do it. Besides she's a lot prettier than you to look at. Then again a monkey's ass is better looking than you." He chuckled to himself at that thought. Tears came to Kagome's eyes.

"Inuyasha I said that I would stay by you in this battle. I promised that to you!" Kagome jumped back when Inuyasha swung his claws at her. He tore some of the fabric of her shirt. More tears came to her eyes as she saw him laugh.

"You stupid wrench! I only let you stay 'cause I needed female companionship and I saw Kikyo every time I looked at you." He smirked. Out of nowhere soul collectors' appeared.

'Those are Kikyo's soul collectors! Please don't let be…'

Kikyo walked out of the forest a stopped in front of Inuyasha. He turned to her and they kissed. Long and Passionately. Tears flowed freely down Kagome's face as she watched the two practically choke each other with their tongues. They only pulled apart for lack of air.

Inuyasha looked over at Kagome who was shaking trying to hold herself together. "What are you still doing here? Kikyo will take your place. She is stronger, smarter and much prettier than you. You were my jewel detector nothing else. So leave Kagome! I don't want you here anymore! Good-bye and good ridden!" He put his arm around Kikyo and they walked towards camp leaving Kagome all alone.

She was shaking badly. Now, her body moved on it's own. She turned and ran as fast as her legs would take her cutting her arm a on the trees as she ran. She soon came upon a village. The village lent her their fastest horse. She rode the horse as fast as she could until she came upon Kaede's village. She jumped off the horse.

Kaede came out of her hut to see Kagome rennin out of the village. "Child where are ye running to?"

"Home!" was all Kagome said.

She ran to the well and sat on the edge. Blood and salt water from her tears ran own into the well. Inuyasha's words still rang in her head. 'I saw Kikyo when I looked at you.' 'I don't you here anymore!'

'If he doesn't want me here then I wouldn't be here!' "Good Bye Forever!" she let go of the side allowing herself to fall into the darkness. When she reached her time she climbed out quickly. She sealed the well then falling to the ground, she leaning up against the well and cried herself to sleep.

That Morning in the Feudal Era

"Kagome's gone!" Shippo cried waking everyone from his or her slumber.

"Where would she go?" Miroku said a little panicked.

"Calm down Miroku," Sango put her hand on his shoulder. "Kagome was a little freaked about today. She probably just went for a walk."

"Ya her scent goes that way." Inuyasha pointed towards were Kagome had gone. "You guys stay here. I'll go get her." He was about to ran off when…

"Inuyasha wait!" Inuyasha turned around. Kirara was transformed and Sango, Miroku and Shippo were on her back. "We'll come with you that way when we find Kagome we all can head right to Naraku's castle." Inuyasha nodded. He ran towards the clearing that Kagome was in.

When they got there Kagome was nowhere to be found.

"Inuyasha where's Kagome?" Shippo wined.

"How am I supposed to know?" Inuyasha growled. 'Kagome were are you?' Then the scent his nose. 'Salt? Kagome is crying!' He frantically smelt around until he found the direction that Kagome had run. Not caring about the others he took off. But Kirara noticed and followed. Inuyasha could smell Kagome's blood. 'Blood? She hurt! Hang on Kagome! I'm coming!'

He followed her scent to a village. Then the scent ran out of the village and so did the gang. He didn't stop running until they reached Kaede's village. Kaede meet them.

"I thought ye all would be showing up here soon." She smiled.

"What are you talking about Kaede?" Sango asked worried 'bout Kagome and Inuyasha's mental heath.

"Kagome was here earlier. She seemed very upset. What happened out there?"

"We don't know! Kagome has seemed to have disappeared." Miroku sighed.

"She said she was going home." Before she had finished her sentence Inuyasha had taken off to the well, Kirara right behind him. When he got there he jumped in. Kirara landed and let her riders off.

"I guess we just wait now." Miroku's hand decided to stroke Sango's rear earning a red handprint on the side of his head.

Inuyasha jumped out of the well and dropped to his knees.

"What's the matter Inuyasha? Is there something wrong with Kagome?" Sango asked kneeling next to him.

"She sealed it."

"What?" Miroku went by the side.

"The well. Kagome sealed the well. Kagome left us."

Tears ran from Sango and Shippo's eyes. Miroku tried not to cry as he comforted them both.

Inuyasha fought silent tears. 'She left me.'

To Be Continued...

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