Happy Belated Birthday Chester! Okay, it was Chester Bennington's birthday from LP yesterday. Anyways, I think it's time to start this fic. My muse has decided to turn theological on me, and this is the result. Hope ya like it!

Title: Ying Yangs aren't Always Black and White

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: John/OC, Balthazar/OC, Angela/John

Summary: When Angela's police department accuses a 17-year-old girl of murder, only

John and Angela know that the victim was possessed. John is on a new case, and Gabriel re-appears along with some new angels. What is another arch-angel doing on our plain, and why is this angel with crimson wings watching John? Perhaps the answers all lie inside the girl with haunted eyes.

Spoilers: Some

Chapter 1: The Rights of the Accused

Angela Dodson took in the room with a glance. It was the usual scene of a drunkard's room, dirty walls and empty beer bottles strewn around haphazardly. The only difference was the dead body lying in a crumpled position on the stained rug. Pulling out her notebook, she tuned in to the chattering lieutenant standing beside her and giving her the details of the case.

"… the victim seems to have been hit in the head with a broken beer bottle, and then struck repeatedly with that brass lamp until dead." He paused for a moment as Angela jotted down everything he said, and then continued. "But the one thing that doesn't fit in is the hole in the victim's throat. Although I'm no expert, I'd say that it almost looks like something chewed through her neck."

"What?" Angela's head shot up, showing interest for the first time. Hearing that one line brought back memories of last summer when she had met John Constantine and had had some nasty run-ins with demons, among other things.

"Uh… I said it looks like something chewed through her neck, but that's not for sure. I'm getting a forensic team on it to see if there's any DNA we can check." The lieutenant was surprised at her sudden and avid interest in what he had been saying. He was quite used to being ignored.

"Miss Dodson," another voice suddenly called. She turned around and stopped. Two men had come up with someone in handcuffs between them.

"Miss Dodson, we think this young lady had something to do with the murder. She was snooping around below and tried to get away when we told her to stop." Angela nodded and listened as the man spoke, but blotted him out after a moment. She didn't need to hear anymore, she knew the rest. The blood that stained the girl's shirt and jeans were all the proof she needed.

"Bring her in for questioning," she said with a sigh. Turning to the photographer who was snapping pictures she said,

"Get a good shot of the woman's neck. I want prints of all the photographs you take on my desk tomorrow morning, understand?" she waited until the photographer nodded and then looked back at the lieutenant.

"I'm leaving you in charge for the rest of the night. You have full run of everything, just call if you need something." She smiled as the lieutenant eagerly stammered out a response. These days everyone wanted to be on top. "I'll see you tomorrow morning; bring me the case details as soon as you have them. Good night." Angela turned and walked down the steps of the apartment building and out into the parking lot where her SUV was waiting. She hadn't bothered to take a station car, they were slower and they never handled just right.

2 Hours Later

The shower turned off and she stepped out with a towel wrapped around her body. A warm shower had always calmed her down and tonight was no exception. But she had to take care of one last thing before crawling into bed.

Picking up the phone in her kitchen, she hit speed dial and waited until a familiar voice answered, "Hello?"

"Hey Chas, it's Angela. Is John in?" Angela waited for a moment as the brown-haired teen yelled for John Constantine to, 'Get his ass to the phone.'

"What?" snapped an impatient voice on the other line.

"John, it's Angela," the young police-woman said.

"Oh. Hi." John was never one for apologies. "Just got back from a rough exorcism, this better be good."

"Oh, I think it's worth your time," Angela said with a smile. "Meet me for lunch at the station, will you? I have something that I think you might want to deal with. Oh and how's Chas doing?"

"Pretty damn good for what he was through. I wish he'd stayed in a coma a little longer though, he was quiet then." John's voice was gruff but Angela knew how devastated he'd been when he'd believed Chas to be dead. When the hospital came and proclaimed Chas only unconscious with severe head and rib injuries, the famous John Constantine had almost fainted with relief. "Is that it? I'll be there at lunch. This better not ruin my day."

"Doubtful," she smiled. "I'll see you then. Bye." There was a click on the other line as John hung up.

"No," she smiled to herself, "not the flowers kind of guy.

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