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Summery: Naruto leaves Kohona to train in different countries for a month. When he returns, how will everyone react to the improved Naruto?

Pairs: NaruSasu, SakuLee, KarIku, NejiTen, InoShika, KibHin, TsuJir

Rating: PG-13, for swearing and nasty thoughts. Might turn to "R" later.

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Italics - thoughts

Bold - Kuubi's thoughts/words

"Blah" - words


Naruto couldn't believe he was stuck with the closet pervert for a teacher. "He'll teach you better than I could," the blonde haired boy mimicked under his breath. Yeah right. Kakashi-sensei was just a lazy-ass that had decided to train Sasuke. Just because Sasuke had a bloodline that he could train didn't mean that that teme was better than Naruto.

"Pay attention, brat," Ebisu, the said closet pervert, yelled. The words echoed off of the wooded walls of the hot springs. Naruto winced at the loud ringing that resulted from it.

"You know what, you don't have to train me. I know that you don't want to train me. After all, what's the point in training the demon," Naruto sneered at the sputtering trainer. "You know what? I can train myself. I've been do fine for the past, oh, I don't know, twelve years," Naruto snapped. "As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I'm going to do." With that he marched off.

Naruto's feet carried him back to his apartment. He immediately began packing. He was leaving. "Brat, what the hell do you think you're doing? You realize that leaving won't change anything; they'll just go and get you. "Naruto smirked when he heard Kuubi's voice in his head.

The boy and fox had long since made their peace with each other. Though, Kuubi still liked to torment him. No, they won't. Especially if they find a note saying that I've gone training and I'll beback in a month. If I say that I'm training in the forest then they won't even think about it. I disappear in there all the time. Kuubi purred at him."Now that's the creative mind I helped create."

Naruto laughed out loud at this. Yes, Kuubi was more of a father than a demon to Naruto. Kuubi liked playing with the boy. When Naruto was younger, he would run off and play in the forest. It was more of a home to him then his apartment. It stopped him from being beaten all of the time. Kuubi would leave the kit's body and watch over him. Naruto never knew that the fox that watched and play with him when he was young was in fact the demon that resided in him. Kuubi still did that when the kit would take walks in the forest, to clear his troubled mind. Naruto had suspicions that the fox was in fact Kuubi now that he was older but he wasn't overly concerned about it.

Naruto packed his scrolls, ninja gear, first aid kit, and some ramen. The blonde sealed all of it in a scroll and put it in a side pocket. He would pick up the rest of his things from a friend. Naruto wrote a note, taped it to his front door, locked the said door, and was gone before the sun had set. No one checked on the empty apartment until the next day, around noon. Iruka came by to see if Naruto wanted to go get some ramen. Kakashi and Sasuke walk with him to tell Naruto that they would be out of touch for the month. Sakura was with them in hopes of getting a date from Sasuke. They were surprised at the note.


I'm off training in the forest for a month. Don't bother to come get me, you could look in the same clearing that I'm standing in and not find me. Sasuke, you had better train while I'm gone. Sakura, you too. Kakashi - don't come and check on me. I won't be using chara. Not that you'll bother, after all your training teme.

Iruka- look after my apartment please. Tell Old man that I left and not to worry. I'll make sure to keep my food supply stocked, and I promise to get at least 5 hours asleep at night.

Oh, and to the vandalizers, I don't have anything to vandalize. Except my bed and my kitchen. And the kitchen, there is no food or whatnot in there.

See you all in a month.


"That little moron," Sasuke sighed. Why can't he just stay in one place for a while? He was like a five year old on sugar. Not that he wasn't adorable while at it. The dark haired boy was somewhat amused at this thought. He had long since discovered that he was gay. Well, there goes any thought of restoring my clan. Sasuke smirked at this. He wasn't really upset about it at all.

Iruka was in perfect agreement with Sasuke, Naruto was a moron. If he thought that Iruka wasn't going to worry, he had another thing coming. The Chunnin would worry about Naruto until the boy was eighty, old, decrypted and he himself was dead.

Sakura didn't mind that Naruto had left at all. It gave her more time to be with Sasuke. Maybe she could cure him of his "disease." Oh, she knew he was gay, and that he liked Naruto, but she was going to give it a shot. Hopefully, she could get him to turn bi. "Sasuke, want to go on a date with me?"

"No." The pink haired girl deflated as she watched Sasuke walk away. Their sensei turned and joined him.

Kakashi was surprised that Naruto told him not to check on him and winced at mention of him not bothering to. He normally would have told Kakashi to look in on him so to let Iruka know that he was okay. Well, he'd go and check on Naruto now and then anyway. He did care about the golden colored boy. It was just that he was the only person that could train Sasuke in using the Sharingan.

They all turn and went they respectable ways. Never realizing that in a blink of an eye, they let Naruto leave their world and would enter a world where he would be happy. Never knowing he would bring them with him. Everyone, including the village. Will they or nill they.

That is no one realized, except one. One old man that lived through many wars and the Fox demon attack. One man, who incidentally, happened to like Naruto, and knew where he was going.

Of course this was because Naruto told him on his way out, that he was leaving. Talking to this old man was hard to do. Not because the man hated people, which was true, but because of where the old man lived.

He lived in a wall.


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