Deliberating Gymnastics

Peeking around the corner of the doorframe into the living room of their current safehouse, Duo breathed a silent sigh of relief as he caught sight of his quarry. Making his way on cat-quiet feet, he slipped through the cracked open door and padded up behind Trowa's chair. Minutes ticked by slowly, until finally Duo could take the anticipatory silence no more.

"Have you thought about it?" Duo blurted out, his voice strangely hesitant for all its forcefulness.

"I'm trying not to think these days. It makes things less complicated," Trowa returned dryly, turning to eye his watcher. He'd known Duo was there, of course, but until the braided boy spoke he'd been content to enjoy his quiet companionship.

And think.

Sighing heavily, Duo said, "C'mon, Tro, I asked you a week ago. It isn't all that hard a decision to make."

Trowa averted his gaze, seeming pensive. Finally, he sighed and turned back to face the other Gundam pilot. "Maybe not for you," he replied. "But I was rather enjoying everything being so calm."

"And having said that, you know you just invited a hurricane, right?" Duo joked. He winced comically and looked around as if expecting doom to descend on his head.

Rolling his eyes at the other boy's theatrics, Trowa said, "Going along with your metaphor, I just don't think it's a good idea to rock the boat."

"Considering things are calm, there's no better time than when we're in dry dock," Duo shot back with a barely-concealed grin. "Less chance of someone pushing us overboard."

Eyes clenched shut in vexation, Trowa hissed out a calming breath. His green eyes shot open once more and fastened on Duo, hands going up in the air in the universal sign of exasperated surrender. "All right!" Trowa agreed long-sufferingly. "We'll tell the others we're dating."

Duo's eyes lit up. He opened his mouth to speak his thanks, but was halted by Trowa's next words.

"But you get to help Wufei hold Quatre back when he does that squealing, 'I'm so happy for you!' thing," Trowa finished, pointing straight at the other boy with a small, smug smile on his face.

Duo grimaced at being outmaneuvered personally he thought Relena would be worse than Quatre; but then, Heero wouldn't need any help to deal with her – but nevertheless said, "Deal."