Title: Too Strong

Author: Gail R. Delaney Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance

Pairing: Jack/Sam – you see some Sam/Pete and Jack/Kerry but I don't count them as pairings because as far as I'm concerned, Pete and Kerry don't 'count'

Rating: 3 – for some language (scale 1-5)

Length: moderate

Spoilers: Up through end of Season 8

Timeline: Immediately after Reckoning, but just before Threads – for the most part – some after Threads/Moebius – some 'later'

Synopsis: Sam is too strong to let the enemy take over her mind, but she's not strong enough to do it alone

Reasonings and Thoughts: I am doing this story for a couple of reasons. And here in lies some SPOILERS for Threads and beyond… In Threads, we only see one instance that Kerry actually witnesses Jack and Sam together. In that one scene, I don't feel there was enough for her to 'see' the truth between them. So, I'm creating a little back story. I also want some more build up to Threads, some more 'things' that make them really see that it's time to give up the 'bull' and accept the truth. They are who they are and they are meant for each other. That and I felt like doing some major angst . . . oh, and this was a dream I had and it all kinda worked in.

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Disclaimer: I make no money for this. Wish I did.. but oh, well. No copyright infringement intended.

Special Thanks: Forever and always, to my amazing Beta Jenifer – who inspires me with her begging for MORE as much as she helps me with her helpful editing work. Thanks so much, hun!