Jasper System

System Report: Jasper System consists of two habitable class M planets and four moons orbiting a single sun. No minerals of value no strategic value. A Regula class station was placed in that system to conduct new solar and power storage cells research terminated.

Status of System: Unclaimed

Status of Jasper Six Station: Stripped/abandoned weapons, shields, subspace communication, transporters, and replicators were removed.

Station: has life support artificial gravity and reserve power for one week, solar panels and power cells left behind. Solar panels and storage cells considered primitive.


Brian Carter was driving home from his job it was raining cats and dogs. Brian decided to take an old dirt road home it wasn't long before Brian's Honda was stuck in the mud. Brian felt the car beginning to sink to his horror the car sank deep below the earth. First there was darkness then a blinding blue light Brian felt a hard bump as the Honda hit something hard the darkness was back.

As Brian switched on his headlights he saw a wall he was in some type of room Brian exited the car slowly a stale smell found his nose. Brian popped the trunk and got a flashlight he crept to what looked like doors as he frantically searched for a handle. With great effort Brian managed to force apart the door, walking down corridor after corridor getting frustrated Brian slumped down and was about to admit defeat.

Brian shined his flashlight on the door to his left in black letters it said Operations feeling relief he forced open this door with the last of his strength. "Computers" Brian said as he tried to get any console operational by sheer luck the consoles were connected to reserve power lights flickered on and Brian herd the hum of air, just then Brian looked up he saw stars he was in space..