A/N: I know this ending may be a little corny and not that informative. But as far as I'm concerned, this story is COMPLETE!

The group made their way to two waiting vehicles to take them to the city. Boadicea explained that the vehicles were hover crafts and would take them directly to where the weapon was hidden. Thora grabbed onto Sean's free hand and held on tightly as the craft that contained the two of them, Boadicea, Micah and Abram took off.

Boadicea got right to the point as soon as they landed again on the ground, "I'll make things simple for you all. We have a drug that we started making many years ago to free Jaffa permanently from their dependency on the Goa'uld. It only works on Jaffa, however, so you will have to come up with your own way to handle the remnant Tok'ra."

Thora nodded, "Yes, I thought as much when I had the dream. Could you take us to the weapon?"

The Furling nodded, "I'll take you there as soon as the Elders permit it. Come, this way."

Boadicea led the other nine toward the center building in the small city. The city was circular in shape and appeared to look like the city of Jerusalem on Earth. The buildings were more like huts, with flat roofs made out of stone and clay.

"Our people are great friends with the Asgard" Boadicea was telling them as they walked, "So we have very little need to advance in weapons technology. We are a people who focus more on the other aspects of life, such as philosophy and the sciences. The only other areas we indulge in are those that the peoples we come in contact with need help in. We are the messengers of the Asgard, and with such responsibility comes great pride and sense of accomplishment. Ahh, we're here." The group stopped in front of an open door that had two guards, one male, and one female dressed in green robes by the door, "Please feel free to keep your weapons with you, the Cherubim found nothing wrong with your intentions here."

Sean glanced at Major Peterson, a look of doubt in his eyes. "Cherubim?" he asked Boadicea confused.

The woman smiled, "Yes, the Furlings are set apart in a few different groups like the angels are in your Bible. The groups differ from the ones specified in that book however. The Cherubim are our protectors. They are in the great minority and are the only ones among us who study the art of fighting and strategies of war, but they keep the Seraphim and the Elders safe. Now come, the Elders are waiting."

"Elders?" Sean whispered to Thora.

She inclined her head so her mouth was close to his ear, "Yes, in the book of Revelation it talks of a group of twenty-four elders who sit in God's court. We must be going to see them."

The five Tauri next found themselves before what looked to be a group of twenty-four old men dressed in silver robes as opposed to the white of the Seraphim and the green of the Cherubim. "Are you the ambassadors sent here from the Tauri?" one of the men asked.

Dr. Michaels stepped forward, "Yes, we are. We come in search of a weapon to destroy a very powerful enemy."

"And a medicine to save those infected with this enemy you speak of," another Elder added.

"That's true," Abram consented.

The elder in the center spoke, his voice echoing throughout the halls, "You're intentions are true, and you were wise in seeking out those who could help you better than you help yourselves. You may use the weapon, and you may have the vaccine for your cause. Now go."

The weapon was activated one month later, after all the Jaffa they could reach were given the vaccine and the Tok'ra were safely out of range from the weapon – unfortunately, there wasn't a queen among them. It was a great victory for all involved, and the final step for the Tauri in becoming the Fifth Race.

"You know what, Dad?" Johnny asked on the way to his first day of school with his sister.

"What, Johnny?"

"I'm really glad that you lost that regulation."

Jack's laughter filled the air, "So am I, son. So am I."