While reading the reviews for the last chapter, I noticed that one reviewer (Silver Sparklze) said that it was "Kind of blasphemous and sacrilegious."

Now I am strongly Christian, but I like the way it ended, however when I wrote it I didn't actually want it to be blasphemous or sacrilegious, so I wrote this alternate ending to make it less spiritual.




Kim sighed as she checked her watch. 10:45. He was late, very late. They had agreed to meet at ten o clock sharp, in the park, by the bench near the fountain. She had been waiting here for forty-five minutes. He wasn't coming, she just knew he wasn't coming, not that she could blame him.

She had spent absolutely no time with him these past few years, not even a phone call, and yet according to the Watcher, that trench coat clad stranger that had appeared on her doorstep yesterday, he had been there all along.

Now that she thought about it, she had thought she had felt a familiar presence sometimes, every now and then she thought she would catch a glimpse of his untidy blond hair, but when she did a double take there was nothing there. Eventually Eric had thought she was double crossing him, for she kept excusing herself to see something around the corner, or behind a bush. He had eventually got angry and accused her of two timing him before dumping her on the spot.

She had cried for days, so much so she had flunked on her job and been fired. Her parents had turned their back on her and she was all alone.

Or so she had thought.

For hiding behind a tree was Ron, staring at Kim with a longing.

"I can't do this," he muttered to himself, "She's been through enough already without me confessing my feeling to her,"

"Then why are you still here?" a voice said behind him

Ron jumped in surprise, glaring at the man behind him The Watcher.

"Dude, don't do that!" He practically yelled, "I've got enough trouble without you sneaking up me!"

The Watcher raised an eyebrow, "She's waiting for you, you know. She's been waiting for over three quarters of an hour, and you've been behind this tree for three quarters of an hour. Are you going to talk with her or not?"

"What's to talk about?" Ron threw his arms up in exasperation, "That I'm in love with my best friend? That I'm hiding cos I'm afraid I'll screw up?"

"Afraid that she doesn't feel the same way?" The Watcher offered as he looked at Ron over the top of his glasses.

Ron scowled, "Okay knock it off! Stop being a know it all."

"So you do admit it?" The Watcher glanced over Ron's shoulder, "You do admit your feelings for Kim go much father then just regular Best friends should."

"Yes," Ron suddenly threw his arms in the air and shouted out to the world, "Let the whole world know I'm in love with my best friend and I have been since Pre-k, I just never realised it!"

He took a deep breath and slowly turned back to the stranger.

"Are you happy now?"

The Watcher shrugged, "Whether I'm happy or not isn't the issue," he indicated over Ron's shoulder, "It's whether she's happy that's the issue here,"

Ron's eyes widened, swallowing thickly, "She's standing right behind me isn't she?"

The Watcher smiled as the blond felt a hand land on his shoulder.


Ron took a deep breath before finally turning round to face her.

There she stood, her eyes red and puffy, a couple of tears staining her cheeks.

"Is..is it true?" she asked in a small voice, not at all like what he was used too.

"He wouldn't have shouted it across the park if he hadn't meant it," The Watcher smirked as Ron threw him a dirty look.

"Do you mind? You're not help the situation!" he sighed and ran a hand through his blond hair before turning back to the redhead, "Yeah Kim, it's pretty much the truth. You're the prettiest girl I know, I guess I just never told you 'cos I was scared. I was scared that it would change our relationship, and the last thing I want to do is ruin our friendship."

Kim said nothing, her hand still on Ron's shoulder as he continued.

"I know you've been going through a rough time recently, what with Eric and your job and the rest…but if you want…I could help. I could get you another job, see if I could help patch up your problems with your familiy…"

"Be my boyfriend?" Kim turned away, blushing slightly.

Ron nodded absently, "Yeah…say what?"
Kim turned round slightly, the blush on her cheeks increasing.

"Be my boyfriend?" she repeated.

"You…you want me to be your…boyfriend?"

Kim smiled shyly before coming up to her best friend, slowly cupping his chin in her hand.

"Only if you meant what you said," she murmured. She was close. Too close, he could feel her breath on his face.

"Every word," he whispered back.

That was all she needed to hear. In one movement she let her lips softly touch his own.

Ron was in heaven, he was kissing the girl of his dreams. He didn't want it to end, so he made sure it didn't. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her middle, further deepening the kiss, not that either of them minded.

So absorbed were they in thoughts about each other that they never noticed The Watcher had disappeared, and was now looking at them across the street.

He smiled slightly. His work here was done. As he turned to walk down the street, he looked back once more, to see the two now talking, their heads bowed to each other, whispering so no one else would here.

As he watched, he was joined by another, a dark man dressed in a white suit.

"So how'd it go?" He asked, gazing at the new couple.

"Judging by the way they are now, I'd say it went pretty well," The Watcher mused as he watched.

His companion raised an eyebrow as Kim and Ron kissed again, "You never do anything half baked do you?"

The Watcher shrugged, "Not since I started doing this," he smiled as he continued to watch, "There's always something very rewarding when you see the end result though."

The white suited man chuckled, "I guess there's that. A good reason not to do it half baked if you ask me,"

The Watcher nodded. It's amazing how stupid people can be about each others feelings though. I mean look at those two," he indicated to Kim and Ron, "If I had come to them during High-school and told them about each others feeling, they would have laughed."

His friend sighed. "Yeah well, We chose to help people with their problems, It's what we Watchers do." he smiled slightly before turning to The Watcher, "So what now?"

The Watcher sighed and finally looked over at his friend, "While I was watching these two, I heard something about a Dr. Drakken and his sidekick or something. You take Dr. D and I take the Side-kick?"

The Suited man shrugged, "As long as I don't have to dress up like you again, I don't mind."

The Trench coated man smiled again, still watching as Ron and Kim began to walk away, "Alight David. Deal. I'll see you at three to decide on what to do about them?"

David sighed, "Just hurry up Daniel. Unlike God's, my patience isn't eternal," and with a two fingered salute, he turned and walked away.

Daniel smiled, before taking off his sunglasses, looking over towards the retreating backs of Kim and Ron, heading to Bueno Nacho of all places.

He continued to smile as he placed the glasses in his breast pocket.

"Goodbye Mr. Stoppable, Goodbye Miss Possible. I hope you two are very happy together."

As he began to walk down the street, he added, "And I hope feel proud of yourselves."

He smiled as he watched them for a moment longer, before following David down the street a great sense of pride in his heart.

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