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The bell rang signaling the end of the last period at Davis Gregory High. Mark Dimond slowly picked up his books and trudged out of the classroom. He walked silently to his locker, dreading where he had to go next. A Sci-Clops meetings. The Sci-Clops was an elite science club full of students who actually enjoyed science. In other words, complete nerds. Usually, Mark looked forward to the meetings until the day they had a guest speaker. Andy Mitchell. Andy had bullied Mark ever since they were kids. He wasn't what you would call, well, intelligent. He had dirty blonde hair and stained teeth from his constant smoking addiction. And as they got older, childish bullying soon changed into serious threats for Mark's physical well-being. As it turns out, Andy isn't as dumb as he looks. And seriously, that's pretty dumb. Andy was actually attending science classes in a special program at the University of Connecticut. And that one day when Andy came to speak at one of their meetings, all the members immediately fell in love with him. Most of the members were juniors or seniors, so none of them really knew what an airhead he was. Mark seriously wanted to puke. Ever since then, Andy would occasionally pop by one of their meetings and act like he owned the place. Everyone wanted to be his best friend. Mark would simply sit in the back and wish he was somewhere else. Anywhere else.

He slammed his locker, making his thoughts jump back to the present. He was on his way to the science wing when he heard a half cough, half-wheezing, coming from behind him. He stopped dead in his tracks.

"'Sup Dimond, smoke?" Andy spit into a nearby trashcan and shoved Mark into the wall.

"No, Andy. I don't want a smoke," Mark gritted his teeth and continued walking.

"Too bad," Andy said. "You're missing out."

"Yeah right," Mark muttered.

"What'd you say, Dimond?" Andy wheezed as he grabbed Mark by the front of his shirt.

"I…uh… j-just," Mark only stuttered when he was nervous. "I j-just asked if you're going t-to the Sci-Clops meeting," he added quickly.

Andy cocked his head to the side and said, "'Course," as if Mark should have known this already.

"R-right…" Mark uttered as he turned around towards the stairs. He started up the first step, tripped over his foot, and fell flat on his face.

"Watch your step," Andy said as he stepped right on Mark's back. Mark cringed under the massive weight applied to his back. He laid there a while until Andy was out of sight, then slowly pushed himself off the ground. He turned around and started back the way he had came. There was no way he was going to be able to even look at Andy after that face-plant. He wandered out the front doors, plopped himself down on a bench, and decided to wait for the late bus home. His eyes caught sight of his ring and his thoughts immediately turned to his best friend, Bobby Pendragon.

It had been almost three months since he had last heard from Bobby. Mark would sometimes find himself staring longingly at his ring, thinking back to that one night when Bobby's Uncle Press whisked him away on an adventure he would never forget. When Bobby disappeared, so did his entire family along with any records of them existing. Then, one night, Mark got an unexpected visit from a traveler named Osa. She came to Mark and gave him a ring, and soon, Mark started receiving mysterious journals from his best friend. In the journals, Bobby wrote all about being a traveler, going through flumes, and experiencing different territories. He explained that every time, every person, and everything that ever existed is called Halla. Halla was made up of ten different territories that were connected by flumes that only travelers could use. The most frightening part was that an evil traveler named Saint Dane was doing the best he could to destroy Halla. He travels to a territory when it's about to reach a critical turning point in its history, and do all he can to push it into chaos. It was the travelers' job to make sure Saint Dane didn't succeed. They had been doing a good job, too. Denduron, Cloral, and First Earth were all victories over Saint Dane. But then there was Veelox. Veelox was an advanced territory with unbelievable technology. The territory was crumbling because people chose to live in Lifelight, the wonderful, virtual-reality world, rather than their real lives. No one cared about the real world anymore, and that was how Saint Dane had won his first territory. After that, Saint Dane said that the rules had changed.

Mark thoughts then drifted to his very own adventure on Eelong.

Bobby went to Veelox while Gunny, a 37-year-old African American traveler from First Earth, went to Eelong in search of Saint Dane. After the fall of Veelox, Bobby resorted to go to Eelong and find Gunny. There, Bobby's world was turned upside-down. He met the dominant species on Eelong, klees. Klees were, well, cats. They were extremely smart, walked on two legs, wore clothes, and talked. The most unbelievable thing was that they built an entire civilization in gigantic trees, in fear of tangs, green dinosaur-like creatures that would kill you as soon as look at you. What Bobby had the hardest time getting used to was that he had gone from being the hunter, to the hunted. Humans on Eelong were known as gars and they were treated like animals, because, well, they practically were animals. While they could talk, they weren't really all that smart. At least, that's what Bobby thought, until he discovered Black Water, a small civilization populated only by gars. And these weren't your average gars, either. They were actually smart. They had created a material called 'Virloam' that they used to grow fruit. While the gars had prospered in the wonderful town, they didn't forget about their relatives, either. They were planning "The Advent". When The Advent started, all of the gars rebelled against the klees and made their way to Black Water. Unfortunately, Saint Dane had other plans. He managed to get the poison from Cloral, and was planning on using it on Black Water during The Advent when all the gars would be there. His plan was genocide. He was going to kill all of the gars. Without the gars to do all the dirty work for the klees, their civilization would fall apart.

At first, Mark and Courtney were the only ones that knew this information. Since Saint Dane said the rules have changed, Mark and Courtney could now travel through the flumes. But every time they did, the flume grew weaker and started to crumble. They traveled to Cloral and found Spader, and the three of them brought the antidote to Eelong just in time to save Black Water. All was well again until Mark and Courtney decided it was time to go home. When they used the flume, it was the last straw. They managed to make it home, but the gate to the flume completely collapsed. In the process, a giant rock fell and hit Kasha, the traveler from Eelong, in the head and killed her. With the flume gone, Gunny and Spader were both trapped on Eelong. Bobby was now on the desert territory of Zadaa. This was also the home of the warrior traveler, Loor. Mark's daydreaming about Loor quickly came to an end when he heard someone calling his name.

"Hey Mark!"

Mark jumped and whipped around to see none other than Courtney Chetwynde. Courtney was the other person who knew about the mysteries of Bobby Pendragon. She and Bobby even shared their very first kiss the night Uncle Press showed up at Bobby's door.

Courtney had long brown hair that fell to her hips and stone gray eyes. Her strong confidence took a definite beating when they started high school.

Courtney was used to winning. Especially at sports. She was always better than all the other girls. When she came to high school, all the other girls suddenly got better. Courtney first realized this when she started soccer. She never really had to try as hard to be the best. Maybe that was the problem. Or that all the other girls finally caught up. But whatever the reason, Courtney was definitely not the same. She eventually quit soccer and even got cut from volleyball. Even her grades were slipping. Some people were happy to finally see her fail, while others were worried about what happened. Mostly her parents. All Courtney wanted was a break. A break from parents, school, and mostly sports. She definitely got that break when she and Mark went to Eelong to fight side-by-side with Bobby. But unfortunately, all the adventure had come to an end. But his time, Courtney was ready to get back in the game.

"Heya, Courtney!" Mark called back as he waved.

A few seconds later Courtney was sitting next to Mark on the bench.

"I thought there was a Sci-Clops meeting today?" she questioned.

"Um, there was," Mark replied. "I didn't go."

"Why not?"

"Andy Mitchell."

"That loser, juvy kid that's really smart and stuff?" Courtney asked.

"That's the one," Mark replied.

"Look, Mark," Courtney started, "you're gonna just have to get used to him. I know he picks on you, and I know he's a bully but maybe you two can just get along."

Mark almost laughed at that one. "Yeah, and pigs will fly out of my nose."

Courtney chuckled, "Come on, let's just forget about school for a while."

"Okay, you're right," he agreed.

"I know!" she exclaimed. "Let's go get some fries down at Garden Poultry." Garden Poultry was a local restaurant down on the Ave where a lot of kids hung out. And they had the best fries. "Come on, I'll even buy," Courtney said as she hopped off the bench. She only walked a few steps when she realized Mark wasn't following her, she spun around and asked, "Mark?"

"Looks like we have a slight interruption," Mark replied as he took off his ring and set it on the ground. His ring was already the size of a bracelet and still growing. The sweet jumble of notes came, followed by a flash of bright light. They both had to shield their eyes from the fantastic show. As usual, it all ended abruptly within a matter of seconds. All was back to normal except for a bundle of not-so-normal papers. Bobby Pendragon's next journal.