Yes, it was him. Saint Dane. He was just standing there, in the middle of flume, looking, well, surprised. The startled expression on his face soon turned back to his normal, icy stare.

"Leaving so soon, Pendragon?" the demon asked in a fake, childish voice.

"O-only if you are!" I replied, trying not to completely lose it.

Saint Dane took a step forward and let out a hardy laugh. I hate it when the bad guy laughs. It always means he knows more than you do. "I have to admit, I was rather surprised in seeing you lovely couple here. It seems as though Zadaa has already pushed itself to the brink of destruction. Just like Veelox. Quite a good thing, really, it means my work here is done before it even started."

"What do you mean?" I demanded.

Saint Dane smiled and replied, "You really are a slow one, aren't you?" I clenched my firsts and took a step toward Saint Dane, ready to take a swing at him.

Loor put her hand on my shoulder and said, "Zadaa has not crumbled yet. I do not understand why you think you have won."

"What a silly little girl," he hissed. "Zadaa may have not crumbled yet, but its digging itself its own hole, just like Veelox. The Rokador and Batu have already started killing each other over such a silly thing like water. In no time there will be war." Man, I'm really starting to get mad at this guy.

"I'm sorry my time here was so short, Loor," Saint Dane continued. "It really is such a beautiful place, when its not completely dried up. I'm sure we'll meet again." He started back into the flume when he announced, "Oh, and remember Pendragon, what was meant to be, is no longer." He walked deeper into the flume and called out, "QUILLAN!" The speck of light grew bigger and bigger until it filled the entire cavern. The jumble of notes came, and before I knew it, Saint Dane was gone.

"What does he mean by that?" I yelled out to no one in particular. "'What was meant to be, is no longer.'"

"He means the rules have changed, Pendragon." Loor looked me straight in the eye and suddenly I grew calm. I guess the traveler's powers of persuasion can work on other travelers too. That was pretty cool. I guess.

I paced around the room for a few minutes and said, "So, what do we do now?"

"What do you think we must do?" Loor said as if I was five years old.

"Oh gee, Loor, I dunno. Do you think we should go to Quillan and find Saint Dane," I laughed.

"Pendragon, I know it gets old after a while, but that's exactly what we must do."

"Wait," I said, "don't you think you should stay here and you know, make sure the Rokador and Batu don't totally kill each other."

"There is nothing I can do anymore, Pendragon. Zadaa is not finished with yet, I promise you that, but right now, we must go after Saint Dane."

"You're right," I sighed and started walking towards the flume.

"What is it Spader always says?" Loor asked me.

I cringed slightly at the sound of Spader's name. I really hope he's okay. "Hobey ho," I said finally.

"Hobey ho, Pendragon." We both walked side by side and entered the flume.

"QUILLAN!" I called out, and we were on our way.

The flume ride was somewhat uneventful. I did, however, see new images floating in the sky. I saw what looked to be a group of klees on a forage, running from some tangs. I also saw what looked to be a young man in a white robe holding some kind of staff. I really had no idea what it meant, but I figured I'd find out on Quillan. I tried to relax and enjoy the ride but before I knew it, gravity kicked in and we were both gently dumped on a mysterious new territory.

Loor and I exited the flume and stepped into a small circular room. The walls were smooth and a light gray color. I looked around and saw simple, white candles lining the walls. The only weird thing was that they were floating in mid air! Seriously, they were just hovering about five feet off the ground. I walked up to the closest one and waved my hand underneath it.

"Whoa…" I said in disbelief.

"What is this, Pendragon?" Loor asked as she did the same thing. "Some kind of magic?" I really didn't know what to make of it. I walked a few more steps forward and stopped when I reached a small pile of clothes on the ground.

"Hey Loor," I said as I knelt down by the clothes, "we better change." I looked through the pile of clothes and saw a light red, long sleeve shirt with matching pants, a long, white robe with a big hood, and a pair of white, soft, slipper-like shoes. I looked at the last thing in the pile, and nearly started crying. Guys, at first I didn't believe it.

It was a pair of white boxer shorts.

They were plain and simple, but they were definitely underwear. I know that probably sounds really lame, but it was just a small bit of comfort that reminded me of home. I was really looking forward to getting out of these old rags from Eelong, too. Did I mention they smelled?

I finished changing and said, "Where do you suppose we go now?"

"I do not know, Pendragon," Loor replied. I looked around the room again and noticed that there weren't any doors in the room.

Loor walked across to the opposite side of the room, and brushed her hand over the wall. Her hand found a small crevice in the wall and she slid her fingers inside. With one swift movement she pushed the door to the side and it slid under part of the wall.

"How do you figure this stuff out?" I asked in amazement. Loor simply shrugged.

We walked through the newly found door and into a small tunnel. It was so small that we had to walk in a single file. Loor went first. The walls were made of the same stone material as the circular room that held the flume and it was in complete darkness. I could see a little bit because of the candles in the other room, but as we walked further, I couldn't see a thing. We walked in silence for what seemed like forever. Finally, we entered into another room. It was completely identical to the previous one, except for a small ladder on the far side of the room. We quickly walked over to the ladder, and Loor went up first with me right behind. We climbed up into another small tunnel that went straight into the ceiling. We were climbing for maybe only a minute or two when Loor abruptly stopped.

"What is it?" I asked

"I cannot go any further," she replied.

"Why not?"

"There is some kind of door in the way," Loor said.

"Well, can you try and push it?" I asked

"I will try," she replied. A few seconds later we were climbing again. We climbed out of the tunnel and into yet another, circular room. This room was like the first two, except there weren't any candles.

"Doesn't this ever end?" I yelled out in frustration.

"Patience, Pendragon," Loor said, calmly.

"Yeah, patience…whatever," I mumbled. "Well, do you see anything?"

"Yes, I think that's a door, across the room," she put her hand on my shoulder and pointed to the far side of the room. I could barely make out the outline of the door. We started towards the door when suddenly a pair of yellow eyes appeared in the middle of the doorway. I did the first thing I thought of.

"QUIG!" It was so dark, all I could see of the quig, was its eyes.

Loor and I ran back to the other side of the room and ran straight into the wall.

"What do we do now?" I cried. Suddenly, I saw a flash of bright light, and then a loud thud, followed by a high pitched screech. I heard a tap on the ground and another bright light filled the room. With the light, I could now fully see the quig. It was the biggest bird I have ever seen. I looked like an over-sized eagle, except for the beak and its legs. The beak was at least twice as long as a normal bird and its legs were huge. It looked like the quig did more walking than actually flying. The thing that stood out the most was that it was pure white. The only thing that wasn't white, was a large, bloody circle on its back.

"Eww," I said.

"Quigs," said a voice, "nasty little creatures, aren't they?" I quickly looked across the room to the person holding the light. Actually, the light was coming from sort of staff that they were holding.

"Sorry about that," they continued. "That wasn't a very good welcome to Quillan."

"Who are you?" I asked, tentatively.

"I am Lina," she said, softly as she stepped over the dead quig. As I looked closer, she had really light, blonde hair that fell to her shoulders and her face was very slender and pale. She was also wearing the same type of robes that we were. She was kinda cute.

"You must be Pendragon," she continued.

"Yeah," I said slowly, "how do you know?"

"Well you are the Lead Traveler, aren't you? I'd consider myself a fool if I didn't recognize you. You remind me a lot of your Uncle Press."

"Oh, Press, he's um, he's dead," I replied. I immediately saw her pleasant and happy expression change to saddened and upset.

"I'm so sorry to hear that," Lina said. "He was a great man and a friend to all." She bowed her head in a moment of silence.

"So," I said, breaking the silence, "I take it you're the traveler from Quillan."

"Yes, I am," she replied as she raised her head and looked me in the eye.

"Saint Dane is here, on Quillan," Loor said, getting right to the point. I jumped when she spoke. I kind of forgot she was even there. Lina had this almost mystical, hypnotizing gaze that made me forget about everything else. Did I mention she was kinda cute?

She sighed, "I knew our time has finally come. Follow me."