Hey guys! This is my new story! yay! It's kinda crazy and contains some dark stuff later on. Basically Shadow and Amy have fallen in love but Sonic is jealous and becomes obsessed. His obsession is like another side of Sonic's personality, his darker side. This darker side will do ANYTHING to get Amy.

It has some ShadAmy in it (as the description says!)

NOTE: I don't own any of the Sonic characters. They all belong to SEGA. I own the storyline though so no stealy!
Enjoy this first chapter!

Chapter 1

Shadow was wondering through a beautiful glade. The early morning dew sparkled on the grass as he walked through it. Birds sang, bringing the element of peace and tranquillity.

Closing his eyes as he was walking, Shadow took in a deep breath of the fresh air. He looked up at the sky and saw the sun, rising from the night.

The hedgehog was taking an early morning walk. He saw it as an opportunity to think about his past, what he'd achieved and just things going around his mind in general.

It had been 6 years since the ARK incident now and had been given the privilege to stay on Earth after Sonic had saved him.
(A/N: see my other fic The DX 100. Sonic saves Shadow from falling to the Earth, whilst fighting the ultimate life form prototype)

At the moment, he lived on his own. He had a house, which he'd found in the edge of Mystic Ruin, near Tails' workshop.

The house had been abandoned and was left dusty and murky. But Tails had helped him clean it up a bit and had built him a bed, which Shadow was very grateful for. However Shadow saw no need to majorly redecorate. He just liked the fact that he had a roof of his own to shelter under.

Shadow stopped walking and sat on a nearby boulder, large enough to be a bench. He began to recollect on the past events, as he always like to do. His beloved friend, Maria, and his new friends, and how together they saved the world.

He, most often, thought of Amy Rose. Since he had first seen her, on Prison Island, he'd be reminded of a strange feeling. The same feeling he'd felt for Maria. Amy reminded him so much of Maria. They had the same feelings and sensitivities. Also, Shadow couldn't deny that Amy was good looking. Emerald green eyes, which sparkled like jewels…whenever he thought about it, Shadow couldn't help but smile.

Coming back to reality, Shadow got up off of the boulder and decided to go and see his love. It was her coming up to her 18th birthday, so he decided to go and surprise her.

He suddenly zoomed out of the forest, disturbing the birds, which madly flew away in an instant.

Amy was sitting in her apartment in Station Square. Her 18th birthday was only a few days away and she couldn't wait! She was organising for all of her old friends to come for a party, at her apartment. They hadn't seen each other in a while, so Amy couldn't wait to hear for some replies. She was having a bit of trouble though.

She wanted to invite Shadow, but had no idea where he was living. She knew that he'd found a place to live but had no idea whereabouts this house was. She sighed and decided to take a break from writing his invite.

She got up and wandered to her bookshelf, finding an old photo album. She pulled it out and sat down in her huge armchair. She opened the album and found group pictures of herself with all of her friends; Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Cream, Rouge and Shadow. It was taken the day after they'd landed back on earth, after the whole ARK incident. Shadow was standing next to Amy, with his arm over her shoulder. Sonic stood in the centre, with Tails sitting at his feet. Knuckles stood to the right of Sonic, with Rouge.

Amy sighed as she scanned the picture, missing those times. She looked at herself and Shadow, in the picture.

"Shadow…I really do miss you. I know how I feel about you, it's just …oh if only I could find you…" she said quietly to herself.

Suddenly her TV phone rang. She ran to it and answered.

"Hey Amy! It's Tails!"

Sure enough, on the screen Amy could see Tails. He was now 16 and had grown and, most noticeable, his voice had broken.

"Tails! Hi! It's great to hear from you!" Amy replied cheerfully.
"Ditto! I got your invite and, yup! I can make it!"
"Great! I'm glad you can!"

Her mind clicked.

"Hey Tails. Do you know what's happened to Shadow? You see, I wanna invite him too but I have no clue where he is!"

Tails laughed.

"Yeah I know where he is! He's here! In Mystic Ruins! He found his own place near my workshop."
"Oh cool! I knew he'd found a place but just whereabouts this place was I had no clue."

She laughed and picked up Shadow's invite. Just then there was a knock at her door.
"It's open!" She called and went back to the phone.

"Sorry Tails! Would you be able to give this to Shadow, if I fax it to you or something?" she asked.

"There's no need I'm right here!" a voice came from behind her. Amy jumped and turned around to see Shadow.

"Hey Amy. Good to see you." He said subtly. Amy gave a rather girly scream and jumped onto Shadow, hugging him madly. Tails laughed on his end of the phone.

Shadow looked at the screen.

"Hi Tails!" he called, being squished by Amy.

"Hey Shadow!" Tails replied, laughing. "Sorry guys I better go. See you in two days Amy!" Tails waved and then the screen turned off and went black.

Amy loosened her grip.

"Sorry 'bout that! It's just I haven't seen you in so long. And, well, we never got the chance to get things going properly between us." Amy said.

"I know and I'm sorry we've been apart for such a long time." Shadow replied

Amy then remembered the invite in her hand.
"Oh! I nearly forgot! This is what I wanted to give you!" she said and handed Shadow the invite.

"A party huh?" he said. "Of course I can make it! In fact, if it's OK, I can stay here and help you prepare for it and things" he said.

"That's a great idea!" Amy squealed. "You can help me with the shopping!"

Shadow chuckled and took Amy's hand.

"Amy, I know we've been apart for so long but now I know my true feelings for you. I love you Amy and I'm willing to take care and protect you forever, no matter what." He said, warmly.

Amy smiled.
"Ditto Shadow" she said.

They then took each other's hands and kissed.