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Chapter 16

As the months went by, things changed for Shadow and his friends. He and Amy had their own house built in Mystic Ruin, as Amy found it hard to be Station Square. Tails was delighted, as now he had his friends nearby (well closer to him than before anyway).

6 months past, since Sonic had committed suicide. Shadow was sitting underneath a tree, close to Tails' workshop. He lay on his back so that his chest caught the warmth of the air.

The sun was shining strong amidst the clouds and the temperature was very warm, much to Shadow's satisfaction.

Shadow had his eyes closed as he was taking in the mid-afternoon air. Just then he heard someone call his name.


It was Amy. She ran toward him, wearing cute little red sandals, matching her dress. Shadow opened his eyes, and turned his head a bit, facing her.

"Hey sweetie. What's the matter?" he asked.

She sat beside him.

"Nothing's the matter!" she said. "I was just wondering where you were, that's all."

Shadow smiled and sat up. He put his arm around Amy and they snuggled.

"Missing me were you?" Shadow asked. "I've been out of the house for 20 minutes, you know."

Amy laughed.

"As if I couldn't stand being alone for that short a time?" she said. "As if!"

Shadow chuckled.

Together they looked at the summer sky, enjoying the tranquillity. After a short pause, Shadow spoke.

"Listen Amy. There's something I've been meaning to do…" he sat up.

Amy blinked as Shadow put his hands behind his back, reaching to his spikes. From there he pulled out a small box. He held it out to her in the palm of his hand. He opened the box and there sat a diamond ring. Amy gasped.

"Amy…Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?" he asked, smiling whole heartedly.

Little tears began to dwell up in Amy's eyes. She nodded.

"Yes" she said and threw herself around Shadow. They hugged and then Shadow took the ring from its box and slid it onto Amy's finger. As she held her hand up, to look at it, the ring sparkled as the light danced off of it.

She looked at Shadow and smiled. She threw herself onto him again, pushing him to the ground. They laughed as they rolled around in the grass.

Back in Station Square, a couple were being shown around an apartment, by a saleswoman.

"The apartment comes complete with kitchen, bathroom and, as you can see here, the main room is nice and spacious."

The couple nodded in agreement and he saleswoman led them to the kitchen.

Just by the balcony doors there lay a small broken box, which had gone unnoticed. Inside it was a ring. The ring was covered with many small diamonds. It glistened in the sunlight, which hit it. Also inside the box was a small note.

My Dearest Amy,
I found this and it reminded me of you. Not just because it's cute but also the diamonds. They glisten and sparkle, like stars in the night sky…and like your eyes. You are everything to me, Amy. So, with this gift, I ask if you would think about having me as your other half.
You are my star, Amy Rose.

Love from your hero,

Sonic the Hedgehog
x x x

Just then, a small blast of wind flew through an open window, just above the balcony door. The note was blown from its broken place and was carried away through the window. The small piece of paper flew all the way through Station Square and eventually landed in the ocean.

It floated upon the surface for several minutes. The water soon surrounded it and caused the ink to run and slither away, into the vast sea.

The paper was carried away by the tide, never seen by human (or furry's) eyes again. And so, the last remains of Sonic's expressed feelings, for his beloved Amy Rose, diminished.

The End