Author's Note:

Hello people. This has to be the nth note I have written to everyone. Gomen ne. It's just that it's been very very busy, and one would think, "She should've just discontinued the stories she wrote or deleted them—the bitch isn't updating at all! How many years has it been?!"

Well, to be frank, my thoughts exactly. But then, I realized, I worked so hard on these stuff, and you guys made an effort to comment and review and ask that I update. So now, I shall continue all these stories. I want to finish, them, too.

Hopefully, you'll still want to read them after all this time. I understand that you may have lost interest in them, and that's okay. But if you guys still want to read, then it would very much make me happy. :D

Also, just a few more things: I will be, for the nth time, changing my name. Yes, yes, quite annoying, don't you think? But rest assured, it will be for the last time. :D I have had enough with the name changing. Besides, I'm more attached to this name than anything else.

So, there we go. I'm back. And hopefully, I'm still welcome.

See you guys around~

All my love,


*The "I" in my new name is actually the letter "L" that isn't capitalized, since there's already another account that goes by the name "Ice28".