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Literary Obsessions

The wind blew past her in a smooth flow. She didn't even take notice of it, but instead, turned the page of the book she was reading for the past two hours. It was only fifteen minutes before ten. Her class is not until the next bell. She was early today... which was so unlikely of her, especially since she was always late during high school. She took a bite on one piece of cookies that she had bought from the corner store not far from her hostel. But her eyes never left the book she was continuously reading. She dusted the sides of her mouth and placed the unfinished cookie back to its bag. She looked at the right side of the book for a few minutes again, and then turned the page.

She was never fond of books, but as soon as she had entered what she used to refer to as 'more deeper torture than hell', her interest in them grew, especially of those classical novels. Maybe it was because she never had any stuff to do than sit, study and sleep; well, at least she tried to study.

She never expected to be accepted in Tokyo University. Sure, she had the cash to pay for her tuition and all those miscellaneous fees but her GPA was a little bit below the passing line. It was a good that a thing called 'scholarship' exists. After a month-long waiting in waiting list, she was finally reconsidered and was set to get an athletic scholarship in exchange for her low grades, but, with a condition that she would not, by any cause, put her GPA in a score lower than 2.25, or its sayonara, Kirisawa Fuuko.

She turned another page, heaved a sigh, took a bite of the cookie again, dusted her lips and placed the cookie back again. Her eyes still never left the book. She was really getting absorbed into it. She shrugged her shoulders a bit as the wind blew a soft flow of air against her long hair. Then, the bell rang.

The students immediately spilled out of the classrooms and out of different buildings and departments, not minding their professor's reminders for the next class. It was always like that - and they would cram the next meeting. Everyone had somewhere to go and everybody always had something to do that they can't wait to scram out of sight.

Noise suddenly built up around her as the student body started talking with each other, calling some other student; there was some shreiking and some emotional stuff, but all in all, lots of yapping. Even her, a newcomer to this institution, was approached by a senior.

"Reading again, Kirisawa?" a male teenager appeared beside her with his face leaning on this hand. "You're that bored, huh?"

She didn't answer. She turned another page. "Well, aren't we a bit of a loner today." She didn't say a word at him, but shot him a glare. She put down her book and fixed her stuff. She looked at her senior, his face with that smirk that he uses to try and irate her. Too bad he didn't have any knowledge on how she had the sharpest tongue in high school. She smirked back and continued fixing her books.

"Don't you have class with Yomura-sensei today, Akira-sempai?" She said and he turned a bit stiff; his smirk grew into a semi-nervous grin. She smirked at his expression. She hit the right spot.

"Ahehehe, why yes, Kirisawa-kun. Why'd you ask?" Akira asked, trying to avoid the subject with Yomura-sensei - the terror Economics professor, but Fuuko seemed to have a seemingly good connection with him.

"Well, I heard that he is-" Fuuko started and Akira immediately stood up. He got the message. "Yare yare, I'll leave you alone." He took a few steps away from her before waving at her. "See you later at the hostel, Kirisawa." She waved a little and he left completely.

She glanced at her wristwatch. There was still ten minutes before the next bell. She'd bet Harukawa-sensei would be there two minutes before the bell rings again. She stood up and took her books along with her. She stood up and walked towards the Department of Arts and Letters.

"So, welcome to your first class in Economics." Yomura-sensei said as he wrote some stuff in the board. "Sumimasen if I wasn't able to attend the first three meetings. The schedules got mixed up a little bit." The professor turned around and looked at his students very well. He had the reputation of being the terror Economics professor, but it seemed like the students in his classroom were now unaware of that fact. He looked at them more intently. He shook his head a little bit.

"Ahem." He faked a cough. The students' attention diverted to him, with the female population red smears on their faces. "I would also appreciate it if you would focus your attention to me, for I guarantee you a failing grade if for whatsoever reason you'd forget to pass one of your requirements. Please take note that I only give out assignments and projects by announcements and no repeating. When it is announced, I expect to have it in my table before the class starts, two meetings after it is announced. No late submissions will be accepted. Please be reminded that every single requirement will compose ten percent of your class participation." Yomura-sensei paused and looked at his students. He gave a slight nod to them and picked up the course syllabus and distributed it to the class.

"Here are your course syllabus. All of the needed researches are written there, except quizzes and the requirements. It will be announced, as I've said earlier. Hand-outs will also be given before each class ends." He then picked up the book and showed it to the students. "This will be one of our references and it will be used most often. If you could, please procure a copy. Now, let's discuss the first topic at hand. What is Economics?"

Yomura-sensei started writing on the board and turned back at them. Mikagami was thankful he had already started. Just when, he thought he was already done with all those female glowering and fawning, here he was again. Only, under more aggresive and God-knows-what stares, as if they were about to devour him whole. Now, he did what he usually did to the girls who does the same thing, but it was really getting rather annoying that they seemed to be climbing up the evolutionary ladder or something. 'Bimbos...' he thought.

"is there anyone who can answer my simple question?" Yomura-sensei asked again and he snapped out of his reverie. He looked at the professor who was now scouting someone to answer his question. The elder man looked back at him.

"You, at the fourth row." Yomura-sensei pointed at Mikagami. The latter kept his usual facade and huffed a little bit. He then answered without any effort.

"It is a branch of science dealing with the proper and equal distribution of goods and services to the people."

Yomura-sensei smiled a bit. "Yes. Very good. It's good to know someone reads in advance." He then turned back to board and started his explanation of his lesson. Everyone started scribbling and writing on their notebooks. He just listened. Why'd he have to take Economics with Land Reform and Taxation as a major subject was still a question on his mind. That subject was for high school. What crap. He couldn't believe such mediocrity exists in this institution.

Tokyo University practically welcomed him with arms wide open. He never had any problems getting in - he had the cash and he had the grades to make it to the top. He was even the topknotcher of the Entrance Exam. He didn't even need to lift a finger to get in, while other dragged themselves around just to get in. And taking this subject as a major was a major mistake. At least, he got the best professor to teach it.

An hour and a half later...

The bell rang, signaling the end of Economics class. Mikagami sweeped through it with ease. And as soon as the students stepped out, rumors had already spread like wildfire in the campus. He just ignored it. 'Same thing every year. How troublesome...' he thought and walked to his next minor subject - Literature.

Fuuko walked through a couple of buildings before finally reaching the College of Arts and Letters building. She walked quite a distance from the Student Center to the said building and now, it was already five minutes before ten. "Crap. I have to hurry up!" Fuuko almost ran inside the building.

Mikagami reached the College of Arts and Letters easily. After all, they were just one block away from each other. He liked their professor in Literature. She had this image of great intimidation when it comes to her students, but he sees it in another perspective. She was very good, even though she gave out tons of work at their first day, it was pleasure for him to do it. Now this is what he needed.

He was almost at the door to his next class when he saw someone who was seemingly in a hurry. She almost bumped at him if it hadn't been for his quick reflexes. The girl also took notice of this and tried to avoid the person she was almost collided with. It was a good thing she was gifted with great reflexes.

"Gomen ne. I was in a hurry." Fuuko apologized without even looking at the person she almost collided with and continued running towards the hall, then entered a door two classrooms away from him. He stared at the hall way where she was running just a little while ago. Then, it hit him.

'Was it just me, or was that Kirisawa that just bumped into me?' He dismissed the thought and carried on walking towards his Literature class. He heaved a deep sigh before opening the door. "Here we go."

As soon as he opened the door, all eyes were on him. Blushing and whispers welcomed him, AGAIN. He shrugged and picked one seat near the front. As soon as he sat, the bell rang, and Harukawa-sensei, who was sitting at her table already, stood up and started class.

"Ohayo. Now, I do hope you did your assignments about the Iliad and Odyssey. Please pass them forward, then to the center aisle." Harukawa-sensei said as she picked up a box and placed it on her table. She collected the assignments before proceeding.

"Now, as you are all aware, World Literature is not only about reading the written stuff that's in the library or sold in bookstores. I also need a basis for your grades. I have decided to give you a project. This will be a presentation regarding a topic I will assign to you through drawing of lots. Now, I will not be a spoonfeeder and you will be the one to do all you can. After every presentation, an essay, quiz or recitation will be done for you class participation. Your grade on this will be divided into two halves - the prelims and midterms. The summary of each and EVERY presentation will be your project for the finals. You will be put into pairs and girls will be drawing the names, and the boys drawing the topics."

Murmurs started around and many of the eyes went to Mikagami. He ignored them. Harukawa-sensei continued to speak. "Now, when your name is called, stand up. The girl shall draw a name and say it out loud, then her partner will draw the topic for their presentation and read it loud. Everyone will take note of every pair's names and their topic. That will be included in the final project. And I require partners to sit together so that they can discuss certain topics when I give you the time to do so. Please leave the chairs open and stand on the back. First pair will sit on the front, and so forth. Now... shall we begin?"

The students didn't reply as Harukawa-sensei started calling students.

Five minutes later...

Only twenty students were left on the back. Neither of them were called yet, and all eyes were on Mikagami.

"Kirisawa." Harukawa-sensei called and Fuuko stepped forward. Many eyes followed her after their pens wrote her name down. Mikagami snapped his head up and saw her, his eyes widening a little. 'So, it is her.'

Fuuko went to the table and picked a name out of the box. 'Please don't let me get a jerk for a partner. Please?' She prayed silently before opening the folded paper from the box. She took a deep breath... then opened it. She almost threw the paper away when she saw the name. She was obviously shocked.

"Well, who did you pick, Kirisawa-kun?" Harukawa-sensei said, looking at her. Fuuko looked back and said, in an almost whisper, her partner's name.

"Mikagami Tokiya."

All eyes went back to him. He stood up and stepped to the box on the other end of the table and drew their topic.

"Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice."

Harukawa-sensei wrote it down, and so did the other students. "You may take your seat" the professor said and as they went to their seat, all eyes followed them. Harukawa-sensei continued calling out the rest, and the both of them continued writing on their list for the remaining pairs.

After the pairing was done, Harukawa-sensei did a few discussions on backgrounds of different literatures of the different regions of every continent. Fuuko kept stealing a glance or two at Mikagami. 'I didn't know he went here. Oh, wait, scratch that. Of course, he'd be here! The perfect guy in the perfect school... what a perfect coincidence!' She thought as she half-listened to the lecture. She stole another glance at the seemingly busy but obviously bored Mikagami. She smiled a little bit and passed him a note. He didn't even move his head to see it, but only took it with his hand and wrote on it without looking. She looked oddly at his hand. He passed it back to her. She looked at the paper.

'Leave me alone.' It said. She almost laughed and tucked the note in her pocket. She smirked at him then carried on listening to Harukawa-sensei. She decided to tease him later.

A/N: Ideas were based on my recent experiences on World Literature... although this story got stuck in my computer even before I took up World Literature. Harukawa-sensei's image is based on my World Literature professor, who happened to be great in my own perspective and even though all of my classmates hate her. The College of Arts and Letters is named after one college in the University of Santo Tomas (where my sister is taking up BSFA-Interior Design), and I have no idea if it exists in Tokyo U... but its fiction! Give me a break, ok? Hehehe... well, any additional notes will be made later on the next chappy...

TRIVIA: Why is there a good connection between Yomura-sensei and Fuuko? Hmmm...


Ohayo - Good Morning

Gomen ne - I'm sorry

sensei - teacher; also attached to the name of instructors.