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Literary Obsessions Chapter Twelve : The Telltale Heart

"So?" Reiko had asked right even before Yuu had managed to sit himself down in front of the counter. He glared at her.

She shrugged and shot back a look at him that said 'How did it go?'

He didn't answer. She rolled her eyes.

"That bad, huh?"

Yup, trust Reiko to be joking about a serious thing first hand then throwing in a serious air afterwards.

"Do I have to answer that question? I'd bet you already know the answer." He finally said to Reiko.

She snorted. "For as long as I've known you, I'd say you're quite the obvious thing there is." He rolled his eyes again.

"It's time for me to go now... so you wanna go somewhere else in order to discuss this little affair of yours?" Reiko offered as she took off her apron. He only nodded and waited for her.

The ride was really unexpected as both of them were very quiet. Mikagami sneaked a glance or two at Fuuko, who, at that time, seemed more interested at the view outside. She had sighed for the nth time that night. Her mind was off to somewhere far again.

In about ten minutes, they reached her hostel.

That was the only time she managed to look at him. She gave him a small smile.

"Uhm... ano, arigato, Mi-chan." Fuuko said as she took off her seatbelt. She didn't get off the car just yet. Mikagami still looked intently at her.

"I'll pick you up at your last class tomorrow. Just to make sure you won't be late." Ah yes... trust Mikagami to let out a snide remark at a time like this.

She smiled again and nodded. "Wakatta."

He nodded back. 'She just shrugged off what I said.'

She then alighted the car and turned back to face him again. "Oyasumi, Mi-chan. Thanks again." She then followed it with a wave.

He waved back, and drove off.

She sighed again. She didn't know how to react. But later on, she decided to smile before walking into the hostel.

"Ok, spill." Reiko demanded as soon as she placed his mocha frappe on the table. "I'm all ears until the end."

He looked skeptical about that phrase, and raised a brow at her.

She laughed. "Ok, fine... I'll comment about your stupidity somehow in between your storytelling."

"I tried to tell her." He stated and she looked at him flatly as she sipped her own drink. "And?"

"She sort of walked out on me."

"Uh huh... and I am willing to bet that you said it the wrong way. What DID you say anyway?"

He took another sip from his drink, mixing the cream with its contents, before speaking in an almost inaudible voice. "I asked her what she would do if I told her that I liked her."

She smiled, no, grinned. "She said she'd probably laugh, right?"

He looked at her that said 'How did you know?'

She then raised her forefinger up and wagged it slowly. "Tut, tut, tut... that's because Fuuko-chan thought you were joking. You always did try to cover up your feelings for her, not to mention your annoyance against other guys, with a joke or two with her. That's why she didn't even think you were serious about it."

He remained quiet. She then shrugged. "What did you say about it?"

"I said the first thing I saw in her reaction. She's not laughing then."

She went quiet... then drifted off to thinking mode. "Did you call her?"

Yuu nodded. "There was no answer. Both her room and her phone."

"Why not try going to her room? You are in the same hostel after all. You'd eventually bump into each other. It would be better to clear everything up."

They both fell silent. He contemplated about Reiko's suggestion. Reiko's ideas were great, but recently, it went ballistic on him as Fuuko walked out on him when he told her how he felt towards the younger girl.

But then again, it was really for his own (and his heart's) good.

"So?" Reiko queried. He only nodded in reply and stood up. He kissed Reiko on the cheek. "Arigato." Then left.

Reiko sighed as she watched him leave.

"I want details, baby!" Mina said as soon as she opened the door and saw Fuuko standing in the room. And to her surprise, Fuuko did not react violently.

'Well, this is quite unexpected!' She thought as she plopped herself down in Fuuko's bed... who, on the other hand pretended to be busy. Mina raised a brow, then bumped Fuuko on the shoulder.

"I saw you..." she whispered, and Fuuko only looked at her weirdly.

"Oh, don't play dumb. I saw you... with Mikagami-san."

No reaction. Mina smiled widely.

"I knew it. And here you were denying it to me."

"I didn't deny anything." Was Fuuko's weak reply.

"Oh yes, you did! You said he was hot... not!" She then stood in front of Fuuko, then smiled smugly.

"And... judging by that flush on your face, I'd say something happened! So spill!"

"Look, Mina, just drop it, will you? I'm already getting confused as I already am." Fuuko said as she rubbed her forehead. Mina assessed what Fuuko just said and sat back down on the bed.

"So, something did-"

Mina was then cut off by a knock on the door. She rolled her eyes and went off to open the door. She slammed it closed when she saw who it was.

"Oh, another one..."

Fuuko raised her brows in question at Mina. The latter grinned like a chesire cat. "It's your beloved 'sempai'."

She then ran to the door and at Mina. Mina stuck her tongue out at Fuuko before grabbing her jacket and opening the door.

Yuu was about to say something when the door slammed in his face.

He then heard some voices before it was re-opened.

Inside was Fuuko and her roommate, who looked about ready to leave.

"I'm sorry for slamming the door in your face. I'll leave you two alone." Mina said and immediately made her exit.

Both of them were quiet and were trying to think of what to say to each other.

"Anou..." Fuuko started in a low voice.

"Are you together?" Yuu asked immediately, his face devoid of any expression.

She snapped her head up, then shook it 'no'. "Look, can you just drop it? Why are you becoming like everybody else?"

"Like everybody else?" He asked.

"Yes! Like EVERYBODY else... like EVERYONE ELSE! All of you think that Mi-chan and I have some sort of connection whatever, when we don't. Then, you all go off and start asking me questions and thinking of something bad about me." Fuuko spat at him, and it surprised Yuu.

"I wasn't thinking like that, ok? I was just asking!" He spat back.

"Fine! Then, stop asking!" She shouted back at him. "I don't even know what's with you anyways. Why does it matter to you?"

Yuu sighed. "I already told you why, but I also found out that you don't feel the same way."

She suddenly gaped, then swallowed. "Look, I'm really sorry, Yuu-kun."

He gave out a bitter laughter. "Don't be, please." He then took step closer to her and patter her head. "But I've already made a decision... and I'm not telling you what it is."

She smiled... and so did Yuu.

"So, we're still friends?" He asked.

She nodded.

"Good. I'll see you then." With that, he turned to the door. "It's late. Yomura-sensei said he's expecting you to dinner tomorrow." He then waved at her, and she waved back.

Well, at least that was one issue down.

Outside, Yuu smiled at himself. 'That status won't be for long.' He thought, and as he walked towards his own room, his thoughts continued. 'I'll make sure I'll make you fall for me.'

The next day...

Her cellphone rang. It was way too early for her to get up since she didn't have any classes that she had to attend... or at least she felt like attending. She felt too relaxed today, and decided to skip class all the way. So she ignored the continuous play of her ringing tone by placing a pillow over her head.

Well, not until the fourth time. She grabbed the phone and groaned. She flipped it, and answered in an angry tone. "WHAT!"

"Still grumpy in the mornings, even when you're already in class I see. Ohayo."

She almost dropped the phone as she heard his voice. The thoughts from last night started running over her head once more, and she blushed.

"O-ohayo, Mi-chan."

On the other line, he raised his own brows. Why was she stuttering like some little girl.

"What's wrong with you? And why do you sound sleepy?" He asked.

Fuuko almost laughed. Showing concern wasn't really Mi-chan's specialty... and when he did, it sounded a bit off.

"I kind of skipped classes." She reasoned as she combed her hair while still talking to him.

"Figures." He mumbled.

"What was that?" She asked him. He only shrugged her off.

"Nothing of you immediate concerns, Kirisawa. I do hope you still remember that we have a play to see later."

She smiled. So, they were back to normal... like last night didn't happen. Two emotions suddenly ran through her - sad, because it seemed like her feelings were disregarded, and happy, since she didn't have to be awkward around Mi-chan.

"Oh, and I have to go immediately... Ichigo-oji is expecting me for dinner." she reasoned.

"Well, all the better for me then. I can save money for my own dinner." He said sarcastically.

"Haha, Mi-chan very funny." She said while laughing. "I'll see you later, then." With that, she primped herself up for the day.

She now stood in front of the hostel. She kept checking her watch, something that Mikagami loved to do every now and then. She didn't even notice that she was acting like him.

"You seem..." Someone said behind her. She spun around, only to smile sheepishly at the speaker. "...anxious. Hot date?"

Her smile turned into a pout. "It's not a date, it's a project." She reasoned.

"So I've heard." Yuu finally said and made an attempt to pat Fuuko's head. She sent him a warning glare.

"Nice block. Don't forget your dinner with Yomura-sensei, or he'll have my head. Ja!"

And with that, he gave her a wave and walked towards the busy main roads of Tokyo. She waved behind him. Well, at least they're back to normal. She sighed... and gave her watch another glance. She frowned.

Soon, a car pulled up at her hostel. She poised her arms to fold in front of her chest.

"You're late... that's new."

Mikagami raised a brow at her. "So? Don't tell me you're picking my hobbies up now, monkey."

She smirked. "Like I will give you the satisfaction." She then opened the door to the car and they drove off to the school auditorium. (A/N: Heh, Fuuko's taking advantage of Mi-chan's car. Ohohohoho!)

Inside the auditorium, hushed whispers can be heard as soon as they entered the hall. All eyes were on them.

"Hey Mi-chan," Fuuko tugged at Mikagami's sleeve. He only gave her a side-glance.

"Have you ever felt being talked about, like sixty times, in one day?" She paused, and looked at the people around her. "Well, now I surely have." She then remembered about their high school adventures.

When they seated, he then faced her. "Was that supposed to be a trick question?" He whispered.

She stifled a laugh. Mi-chan had actually tried a joke on her. "Sorry, dumb question."

Then, the play went on smoothly as sailing the oceans.

And back on the car, they were arguing about it and what to do on their written report for it.

"I'm not really a sucker for romance." Mikagami stated. Fuuko glared.

"Speak of the obvious. I didn't say anything about romance." She defended.

They were currently discussing some facts about Marius Pontmercy, who happened to be Cossette's lover. And, for some reason, Mikagami suddenly mentioned about romance.

"Was there even romance in the guy's life? I mean, come on! If there was, then I would've noticed."

Trust Kirisawa Fuuko to be a critic... like that's new.

Mikagami held the urge to roll his eyes, or else he'd never hear the end of it.

When she didn't hear any word out of him, she continued rambling. "I don't know where'd you get that romance idea on your head Mi-chan. Do you even know what Les Miserables means? It's French for-"

"Wretches, villains and thieves, I know." He cut her off as they turned into another intersection.

She snorted. "Oh, I almost forgot about that, Mi-chan." She replied sarcastically. "Gomen, I forgot you spoke French." She said in a sickeningly sweet tone. "That's how you make the girls melt like crazy, even if they never did understood a word you say when you use the language."

"He did marry Cossette. So there is still the love life." Mikagami mentioned, diverting the topic back to the play.

"Yeah, it was like, love at first sight." She chuckled. "Yeah, right! Some sap you are Mi-chan."

He shot her a death glare, which she only laughed at.

Trust Mikagami to talk about feeling such as love with the infamous Kirisawa Fuuko - wit extraordinaire.

They turned at another corner and Fuuko asked him to stop the car in front of a house. They were now at one of Fuuko's releatives in Tokyo... AKA Ichigo-jiichan's house, as Fuuko would call it.

She was about to alight the vehicle, when she noticed Mikagami was not about to turn off the engine. She instantly turned the engine off and grabbed the key.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?" He asked in surprise as she pulled the key out of the ignition.

"If you think for one minute you're going to leave me here, better think again." She said, then opened the door. She then waited for Mikagami to alight the car before she continued. "Ichi-jii told me to bring you over since, somehow, he knew that we were going to watch a play today, like he is some fan girl."

She then turned and placed the car keys into her purse, to ensure that he will not leave without her consent.

He groaned. He now pondered on how one of Kirisawa's relatives got an ear on the gossips around Todai.

She knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer. As the door opened, she smiled warmly.

"Ichi-jii!" She exclaimed and gave the man who opened the door a hug. Mikagami stared.

It was Yomura-sensei.

He raised an eyebrow... then came to a very logical conclusion on the sudden showing of affection and why she called him in such an informal way.

Yomura-sensei was Kirisawa Fuuko's uncle.

"Fuu-chan!" The elder man hugged back. "Kou-chan missed you. I'm so glad you came. I trust it that Akira-kun told you my message."

She nodded, and a boy came running towards the door, hugging her leg.


She scooped the little boy up. "Kou-chan!" And kissed the little boy's cheek. The boy hugged her like she would disappear in a snap.

In all of the commotion, Mikagami was almost forgotten... not until little Kou-chan saw him.

"Ne, oneechan," he motioned. "Who's that girl?"

He cringed. How dare this kid call him a girl? Didn't he know that many people died at his hands for mistaking him as a girl? They basically dug their own graves in doing so,

Scratch that. Of course, the boy had no idea. And he just clenched his fist, trying to control himself and not to kill the poor boy.

All of them turned to Mikagami.

"Ah, Kou-chan, don't be mean." Yomura said from behind, taking little Kou from his cousin. "He's a man. His name is Mikagami Tokiya."

He stiffened, but still got himself to bow at his sensei. "Konbanwa, sensei."

The elder man nodded. "I'm sorry about my boy. You didn't mean it, didn't you Kou-chan?" He said motioning to his son.

The little boy nodded and smiled at Mikagami. "Gomen nasai, Mikagami-san."

Fuuko smiled at the scene. "Don't worry about it, Kou-chan. Mi-chan never minds it... don't you, Mi-chan?"

Yomura raised a brow. Fuuko was apparently this close to his student that she calls him Mi-chan.

A mirthful laugh followed. "Ne, ne, Mikagami-san. Can I call you Mi-chan, too?" It was Kou-chan.

Fuuko laughed, then kissed him. Yomura stiffled his own laughter. 'Kids these days...' he thought while going inside the house with Kou and Fuuko.

Mikagami cringed some more at Fuuko's laughter before mentally slapping himself. He was only then he noticed that he was the only one left outside the door, and the door was left ajar with Fuuko waiting for him to come in so that she can close the door. She rolled her eyes while still smiling and pulled him in.

"So, Fuuko," Yomura said as they sat for dinner. "I never imagined you knew Mikagami-kun here."

Fuuko, who was busy eating her steak, grabbed her glass of water before responding. "I never knew he was your student. We knew each other back in high school. Didn't we, Mi-chan?"


Mikagami's hold on the fork and knife became tight and his mind raged on about how to kill a purple-head monkey.

Well, at least later, not in front of his sensei. Mi-chan indeed.

He had to cringe some more when Kou-chan sang his nickname in a delightful tune.

"Mi-chan, Mi-chan, Mi-chan!"

And he was thankful that Yomura-sensei's wife, Chiisa, took the boy as she took notice of Kou-chan's sudden loss of appetite.

Fuuko laughed, as she usually did.

"Hmm, if that was the case then, I should've let Mikagami-kun here take care of you in Todai... seeing Akira-kun is now busy with his internship."

"Mou, Ichi-jii... I'm not seven! I can take care of myself."

The elder man shrugged. "Suit yourself."

Then, the dinner went on with some more discussions about the family, school and more on Mikagami and Fuuko in high school.

"If I hadn't heard from some of the female students that you two knew each other, I wouldn't have asked you to take Mikagami here to have dinner with us."

Fuuko hit her uncle's shoulder. "You're like a fan girl gossiping, Ichi-jii."

The man rubbed his shoulder. "Don't hit me or I'll tell your professors to fail you."

She stuck out her tongue. "Meanie!"

Yomura laughed, then turned to Mikagami.

"Was it like this when you were in high school?" he asked. Before Mikagami could even comply, Fuuko's voice came in.

"You should see it, Ichi-jii. It was way worse than in Todai."

"Oh, so that's how you manage to ignore them. To be honest, some of the papers I've checked has something about you written on it."

And with that remark, Fuuko almost rolled on the floor, laughing.

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