Harry Potter: Evolution.

By: possom2009

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Ch1: Your what!

Logan stared at the sight before him. A boy with black hair and a lightning bolt shaped scar, who could be no older than fifteen or sixteen, floated in a tank like device that he remembered all too well. On closer examination, he discovered writing etched near the bottom of it that read 'X Ver.2.'

Gazing around, he spied what he had been looking for, partialy hidden under a sheet. Removing it, he was greeted with a computer system that would have once been called high-tech in the mid-nineties. Silently thanking Rogue for showing him how to work a computer he set to work on finding out what whoever set this place up did to the kid in the tank.

Finding a file with the same words as the ones on the tank, his eyes became as big as saucers as he read on.

Subject name: Harry. Middle and last name deemed unnecessary at the current time.

Age: 15

Code name: X2

Date of acquisition: July 2nd, 1995

Abilities: Subject has abilities similar to that of the original 'Weapon X', as well as a non-mutant ability to shape-shift and numerous other non-mutant abilities of unknown origins. Analysis off subjects D.N.A. for secondary mutations resulted in a startling find. His D.N.A shows no secondary mutations, upon further analysis, it was revealed that the subject is the offspring of the original 'X', hence the similar abilities. Although the claws were expected when the subject's skeleton was infused with adamantium, it also resulted in two foot retractable 'blades', for lack of a better term, from each elbow.
Subject has proven capable of fighting off both mind controlling devices, drugs and our most powerful telepaths. At first, it was thought that he himself was a telepath, but on further study, it was revealed to be one of his non-mutant abilities. It was finally discovered that he was vulnerable to such things while he was unconscious.

The following is a list of genetic modifications administered to the subject as well as the percentage of memory wipe completed:

Strength enhancement up to 50 percent Speed enhancement up to 70 percent Heightened senses further heightened by 10 percent

Memory wipe halted at 30 percent while false memory implants are being created to fill in missing memory gaps.

Combining the D.N.A of another test subject with a parasitic ability with subjects own D.N.A. resulted in altering the subjects non-mutant shape-shifting ability, in which when the subject touches another mutant and acquires their abilities, the subject retains them instead of them dissipating after a couple of hours.

Subject is to be placed in suspended animation until he ca be transported to our parent company's main lab on April 17th, 1996.

File last updated on January 12th, 1996

Logan blinked a few times after reading the file. -Offspring? That means he's my son! '96? My God! He's been in that thing for almost ten years!- Ejecting the disc for Hank to study, Logan turned on his communicator. "Storm, ya read me?" He asked in a slightly shaky voice. Several seconds later a females voice could be heard replying.

"You find anything Logan?" After a few moments to compose him self, he finally replied. "You could say that. Have Hank prep the Blackbirds med-bay."

"Med-bay? You get into something your healing factor cant handle?" A man's voice filtered out of the communicator.

"It's not for me Hank." There was a few moments of silence before Storm spoke up. "If it's not for you, then who?"

Storm and Hank out began to worry that he might have gotten into a fight with whoever else was inside the building with him, but a few seconds later the sound of breaking glass and some kind of liquid splashing on the floor came across the communicator.

"It's for my son." Was all Logan said.

"YOUR WHAT!" Came the shocked voices of Storm and Hank