A/N: Seeing as how that some people like version one of chapter two, while others like the second version of it, I have decided to split it into two different fics. Both will start out the same for the first chapter,but after that they will be AU from each other. Crently, I am going to go back and flesh out chapter one. Hopefully I'll it'll be out this weekend. The first fic will be a Harry+Wanda pairing, wich is the one where he is with the Brotherhood, and the second one will be where he is with the X-Men. The pairing for that one will be Harry and one of the following that I will let the readers choose. Oh yeah, has any one else noticed that FF . net has taken more symbols off after their so called simplifying of the sight. When I logged in to day, the dang thing kept sending me to my profile when I tried to upload this A/N. If you ask me, their just trying to annoy the heck out of people.( Sigh) I'm ranting.

Jean, It seems most of the Potters are attracted to red heads.

Rogue, Since Harry has a controlled paresitic power they could touch.

Tabitha, Spirited and fun loveing, she could show him how to let loose.

Storm, Not sure how that poped into my mind, but I'll give it a shot. How about, he accidently absorbs her powers and then she trains him to controll his elemental powers and love gradually bloom between them. Remember, he may look like a fifthteen yearold but his real age is orund twentyfour or twentyfive. Just look at Forge, he looks like a teen but he in his thirties or forties.

Kitty, She's smarter than she looks.

Amara, I can see things heating up with this pairing.

Rahne, After seeing her transform, triggers a memory causing him to shift into his animagus form, a large black wolf, he finds himself drwn to her.

So tell me wich one and the one with the most votes will be paired with him.