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Title: Faith

Summary: "Never run away from the past, face it and learn from it".A Reela fic, Ray's past is about to catch up fast and knock him off balance. Whilst dealing with his growing feelings for his 'Roomie' Neela. He struggles to become a father to his daughter.

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She giggled, watching the snowflake as it fell onto her hand. Then opening her mouth to catch them.

"Ains sweetie don't", came a voice. Ainslee Harper scowled at her mother's warning but carried onto trying to catch the flakes in her mouth.

"But mommy its fun watch!" She laughed showing her mother.

Kara Harper stared at her daughter, and smiled. She needed to make this vacation a good for one for Ainslee. It could be their last.

"I'll tell you what how about me and you go get a hot chocolate, and a muffin?" Kara wondered pointing to a place across the street.

Ainslee nodded, "Yeah!" She grabbed her mother's hand and they quickly walked across the road.

When they were seated in a booth nearest the window so Ainslee could still see the snow falling, Kara turned to her.

"You know Mommy's got to go see a doctor tomorrow right?"

Ainslee nodded, making shapes from the napkins that lay in front of her. "You gotta go see a head doctor".

"Right well remember when Mommy told you that she has a poorly head?" Kara asked slowly.

Ainslee nodded, not even concentrating on her mother. Kara took a deep breath, "Well Mommy might not get better". The last bit was said more quietly.

Ainslee looked up, "Not get better? But mommy you've only got a headache?", She answered as if her mom was stupid.

"Well Mommy's headache is really painful, and when she went to the doctor last week. He found something".

"What did he find Mommy?" Ainslee said in her childish voice.

"He found a lump", Kara managed to choke out the last word.

"A lump like when I fell that time and got one on my head?" Ainslee jabbered.

"Kinda sweetie".

"You made my lump go away, 'member Mommy? You sang the lumpy bumpy song!" Ainslee smiled at her mother. The gap in her front row of teeth evident, due to loosing the two front teeth a week ago to the tooth fairy.

"Well sweetie the lumpy bumpy song won't make my lump go away. It's been there too long", Kara said loudly, trying to explain to the five year old.

"You won't leave will you Mommy?"

Kara shook her head, and kissed Ainslee's forehead, "Never".

Ray Barnett paused, aimed his shot perfectly at let it fly. The paper ball flew through the air, and instead of hitting the trashcan. It hit Susan Lewis' head. She spun round, and Ray quickly turned away trying to look as if he was doing paperwork.

"Ray if you have no work to do, I can give you the yeast infection in three, or the head lac in four?" Susan suggested.

He smiled, "I'm swamped really, see so much work to do. I better call Wendall to check on the teenage suicide in cubicle three", Hopping off his chair, he practically ran towards the elevators.

He caught the elevator just in time and headed up to the third floor, to consult with Wendall about the suicide.

Strolling out, he passed the candy machine on the way. And looked at the candy bar that was calling out his name. He didn't notice the little girl stood by it, holding tightly onto a bear.

Her hands pressed against the glass, gazing at the candy inside. Her mouth watering, she continued to stare.

He placed his money, in a got two. He reached in to get them and handed her one.

"Here ya go kiddo".

She smiled, and accepted it thankfully.

"Where's your mom, and dad?" Ray wondered noticing the absence of the parents supervising her.

"Mommy's seeing the head doctor, I don't have a Daddy, he's far far away", She answered casually.

"The head doctor huh?"

The girl nodded, "Yep yep she's got a lumpy".

Ray was just about to answer when his pager went off, He checked the number. E.R. Sighing he gave the little girl his second candy bar telling her to enjoy and quickly walked back to the E.R.

Her deep brown eyes glanced around the room; Her mother was sat in the hospital bed facing her. She managed a weak smile.

"Mommy?" She questioned.

"Its ok baby, you can come sit up here with me", Kara encouraged.

Ainslee took a leap and jumped up on the bed, and sat between her mother and the end of the bed. Kara wiped some chocolate from her daughter's face.

"Why have you got chocolate around your face?" She asked softly.

Ainslee pulled away, "Some man brought me candy".

"Ainslee Maria Harper what have I told you about strangers!" Kara demanded.

Ainslee sighed and waved her little hand in the air, "Mommy its ok, he was a doctor".

"Oh that makes it alright does it?" Kara said smoothing down Ainslee's wild brown curls.

"Yep yep", She nodded. "Doctors help people Mommy", She said in a tone of voice that meant 'duh you should know'.

"Where's Mr Ted?" Kara wondered referring to the bear that Ainslee dragged everywhere with her.

"I don't know, Mommy I think I lost him!" Her voice getting high, tears welling up in her dark eyes.

"Its ok sweetie, I'll go look for him", one of the nurses gently reassured her, as she walked from the room.

"Mommy!" Her voice was urgent, and Kara looked up. "Yes baby".

"They will find Mr Ted right? cause he'll be all alone".

"Of course they will".

Neela gave a deep sigh, and brushed her jet-black hair from her face. She took a sip from her coffee, and glanced at the textbook.

"Do you ever stop working!" came Ray's jovial voice, as he stepped into the lounge.

"No I don't, do you ever stop annoying me!" She answered.

Ray sat down opposite her, "Couldn't do that".

"The TV. Man is coming tomorrow, I'm on an early shift do you think you could stay and wait for him?" Neela wondered looking up from the text book.

He sipped the coffee that he had just poured moments before, "Sorry no can do".

"What do you mean no can do, you're the only one who isn't on shift!" Neela said her voice raising an octave.

"Neela, I got a gig".

Neela stared at him, "At eight o'clock in the morning? I highly doubt it Ray. Look if your hooking up with some woman, then just say so. But your the one who wanted the damn satellite in the first place", She said loudly.

Ray gave a smile, "I know", He kicked his legs up on the empty chair, "Forty Nine channels for on 32.98 a month, pure genius".

"Then you sit and wait for the TV. Man to come and set up your stupid satellite, cause I'm going to be at work. I'm doing a double", Neela said angrily.

"Aw c'mon Neela don't be angry", Ray said softly trying to win her over.

"No!" She threw her hands up, "You wanted the damn thing, you wait for it!", and with that she stormed from the room leaving her text books in a pile on the table and Ray with a shocked expression on his face.

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