Disclaimer: I do not own Hey Arnold in anyway. The genius responisble for that is Craig. I do not own ANY of the songs in this one (I'm dry on the song writing well right now)either. Although I do own the plot.

Helga sat in her dark room. She lurked in the shadows nowadays; she still had life in her. But she couldn't find it, so till she did…she would sit. Her pink dress was a thing of the past. Something she had left behind with her 13th birthday and along with the dress went her pink bow. Now Helga wore plain blue jeans-sometimes torn if she hadn't gotten new ones in a while- and a pink t-shirt, but her shirt was usually covered up by an onyx hoddie. Her hair was still its golden blonde, but she now held it back in a low pony-tail, and no longer had a unibrow. Helga had grown dark; darker than usual. She was sure things would get better last year: She remembered the party Arnold held during the summer, she had been quite at home with everyone… but that was last year; and Olga still hadn't returned from Sweden. She said she had a new boyfriend and that was why she was staying so long, but Helga had a hunch that it had nothing to do with a new beau. And Arnold was taking an extended leave of absence to San Lorenzo and…-this was the part that made Helga cry- he may not come back.

Helga was alone again, and since Phoebe and Gerald started going out, Phoebe had little time to spend with her best friend. Helga turned to hanging by herself, roaming the streets at night, she was always coming home late; but no one cared. Helga liked that she could go anywhere, and never get questioned by her parents.

One night Helga was walking by Slauson's, her eyes wondering and her headphones blasting Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams…

I walk a lonely road

the only one

That I have ever known

Don't know where it goes

But it's home to me and I walk alone…

Over the blaring sound she heard voices talking in the ally. Curious, she turned off her CD player and walked closer…

"Hey, Frankie G. what the deal?" said a voice that obviously couldn't pronounce English very well.

"Schlitz, I told you before we're looking for new members" said the voice of Frankie G. in his deep Philly accent.

"So, eh, why are we behind the ice cream shop?

Frankie sighed, "Because I heard there's a tuff looking kid roaming the streets lately. Said he's the scourge of the 8th grade".

Helga was confused; she thought she was the scourge of the 8th grade. She decided to walk forward. She had seen how these people act in movies, you had to be tough and scruffy and a Philly or Jersey accent helped. She had a cousin from New Jersey, so she tried to sound as much like her as she could.

Helga strutted up to them and hoped they couldn't tell she was scared out of her wits.

"Hey guys" her Jersey accent didn't sound authentic but Schlitz and Frankie G. didn't seem to care, in fact Helga had the feeling she would have gotten the same response weather she had been sporting a true accent or if she had walked up to them in her good old Helga voice.

" What are you doing here girl?" asked Frankie.

"Heard you all talking and I thought I'd join in" said Helga in her normal voice.

"Listin' girl, this ain't no club we're talking about, we don't just accept people off the street. You gotta pass some rigorous tests"

"Fine, test me then, I'll do anything you throw at me"…