"Frankie, come over here" Arnold said.

Helga was sitting down on the curb, Frankie and Arnold sat down on either side of her.

"Thanks Frankie" said Arnold looking over Helga to the slick haired young man.

"Any time" Frankie replied.

"What?" asked Helga, "Why are you saying "thanks" to Frankie?"

"You don't remember? Wow, that girl must have hit you hard" Arnold shook his head as he spoke.

"Oh, crap. She's got a good hook on her then" Helga mumbled touching her sore head.

"It was meant for me. But I ducked, sorry I shudda taken the hit" Frankie said.

"Yeah, Frankie helped me get you out of there. God knows I don't have any fighting skills" Arnold, laughed quietly at the thought of himself fighting those gangsters, " But before I left I asked Frankie to keep an eye on you, and if I didn't come back he should help keep you in check"

"Keep an eye on me? What am I a little kid!" Helga was angry, but not enough to actually do anything about it.

"Naw, it's not like that" said Frankie, " He wanted me to watch what you were doing. Make sure you didn't go after any other guys"

Frankie chuckled.

"It's not quite like that, but close" corrected Arnold, "Helga, lets face it. Your… well, your Helga, and have been known to do crazy things. In fact I remember a certain Valentines day that you went really nuts"

"You knew!" exclaimed Hegla.

" I only figured it out recently" Arnold responded, "I was looking at our old class picture from 4th grade a lot during my trip and realized you looked exactly like 'Cecil'"

Schlitz walked up and said, "Hey Frankie who's guy with the football for a head," his face turned sour," can we get going, Frankie, I think I'm gonna be sick"

"You go do what ever your gonna do, I'm gonna stick around here" Frankie replied.

Schlitz tripped down the street with his friends laughing stupidly at trash cans.

Frankie started to speak, " I owed Arnold one, he helped me get on the straight and narrow path. So I figured I'd keep and eye on you. That's why I was hanging around Slauson's. I even paid Schlitz to go along with the " I heard a tough kid has been around here a lot" deal."

Helga was skeptical, "All that just to make sure I didn't get into trouble?"

"Well…"began Frankie, he looked a little embarrassed, "I had an-other motive. Ya know your sister? Well I was tutored by her a few times and couldn't forget her. I had hoped to see her again"

So that's were Miriam had remembered the name!

"Okay, so…uh" Helga, once again, couldn't find any words.

Arnold yawned, "well I better head in".

Helga looked at the building they were in front of, then laughed at what she was sure was another set up by Frankie. They were in front of the Sunset Arms boarding house.

Arnold continued, "But before I do…"

He looked very nervous, but leaned closer to Helga, her heart was racing as she knew what was coming. They kissed and they kissed long. Even when Arnold tried to pull away Helga kept after him. After all Helga G. Pataki is not known for short kisses. Finally Arnold managed to get away… he smiled at her as he went inside his house.

That night Helga Pataki didn't get everything she wanted. But she sure did get something.

It just goes to show that as long as one thing goes right in your life, you can make it through. I learned this the hard way, as did Helga. But everything happens for a reason and things almost always end up okay. Helga one-uped me on this though, she had another thing go right…

Helga saw the neatly wrapped present from Olga as she entered her room, and went over and opened it.

Inside was her locket of Arnold, a new diary and a note.

I'm sorry Helga.

I hope we can put our differences aside and truly become sisters.

I know mom and dad weren't as good to you as they should have been.

And I know I'll never be able to fill that void, but I'd like to try if you'll let me.

I beg your forgiveness, and I'm proud to call you my sister…


Helga cried over that letter. But they were tears of closure, tears of relief, and tears of a possible happiness…

(A/N: the name of this song isn't What's Left of Me, it's called "Here's Your Letter". It's by Blink-182)

Cut the skin to the bone

I fall asleep all alone

I hear a voice in the dark

Lose myself in your eyes

Choke my voice, say good night

As the world falls apart

I can't let this kill me

Let go

I need some more time to…

Here's a letter for you

But the words get confused

And the conversation dies

Apologize for the past

Talk some trash

Take it back

Are we cursed to this life?

I can't let this kill me

Let go

I need some more time to

Fix this problem

I need some more time to

Fix this problem

I need some more time to

Fix this…

I'm talking to the ceiling

My life just lost all meaning

Do one thing for me tonight

I'm dying in this silence

The last star left in Heaven

Is falling down to earth and

Do you feel the same way?

Do you still feel the same way…

Well that's it! All done. To tell you I'm a little bit relived, now I can focus on writing my other two fics (possibly a 3rd if I have time, my minds on creative overdrive right now).

Thanks to everyone who replied, you make my day when I'm feeling down (do I hear new song lyrics cultivating?...)