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Everyone have compulsive actions, some more obvious than others. Some more weirder than others.

Hermione frowned as she sat in the library. The Potion essay she was working on was proving quite difficult and the books she needed was already borrowed. It wasn't really that she did not know the answers; she just needed to be sure of them and consult the books in order to see if she was right. She sighed and looked at her watch. It shoved almost four pm. The Students' Hour. The hour from four pm to five pm was dedicated to the students and their questions. She had never attended Snape's Students' Hour before and she had never heard of people who had. But then again, people would rather die before asking Snape for help. Well, no one lives forever. She snorted a bit by that pep talk and then gathered her things.She made her way with steady steps out of the library. Her head was held high, showing confidence. She walked through the halls, her steps echoing ever so slightly, and barely had she reached the door leading to the dungeons when she saw Snape slipping down there. Immediately her confidence slipped away and her feet felt heavier. She grasped the last confidence in her that hadn't slipped away, and hurried after the Oh So Dreaded Potions Master.

She followed him quickly into the darkness of the dungeons. She was about to call out for him when she heard a muttering. She could hear it was coming from him, but what he was muttering she wasn't sure of. She felt the goose bums take over her. It was probably a student who had not behaved and if she interrupted him he'd let his anger loose on her. She was about to turn around when his muttering became clearer.

"Fifty-three, fifty-four…" Snape muttered and Hermione frowned. Was he… was he counting? Counting what?

"Professor Snape?" Hermione called after him, and watched as his entire person became rigid and slowly he turned around to face her on the staircase. His eyes looked like a thunder and his face was completely contorted into pure hate.

"DAMMIT, GRANGER!" He sneered, his arms forced by himself to his sides, ending in strong fists. "You made me lose count!" He snapped angrily and stalked towards her. Her heartbeat increased and she moved against the wall and watched as he passed her with swishing, fluttering robes. He stopped at end of the staircase and walked slowly down again, his counting started all over.

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