I don't know how she does it
She acts like she doesn't care
I suppose she's just punishing you
For the times that you weren't there

At least you have a reason
For not being there by her side
Okay, so you messed up big-time
But at least you fucking tried

She can visit you anytime she likes
It's not like she doesn't know
We only have one life, one dad
It's not something you should blow

You sacrificed your own life
To give her a better one
Your whole life has been spent "inside"
Because of what started out as fun

You made a huge chunk of dough
It was light hearted for awhile
But it all got a bit too serious
When it hurt you to even smile

You gave that whole life up for her
To make sure you'd never part
But she's the reason you're where you are
Yet you still say she's your heart

She's the reason you left her
Although, then, she was so young
But surely now she understands
She should be proud to be a Jung