(me) okay I want to get this done before the KnD come back. No clue where they went. Well now this is really and I mean REALLY different from what I'd normally write.

WARNING: Minor rape scene. Doesn't go into description (you sick people) but there s a mention of it, but please continue reading it just pretty much says it so its not that bad..

DISCLAMIER: only saying this once I don't own anything except the plot so please don't soon.


This part is kinda blah, but don't worry it will get better.

"You have 1 new voicemail message," #1 of the Kids Next Door cell phone announced. #1 flipped out his cell phone and punched in his pass-number.

"Hey #1 it's #5," #5 voice came on the phone, "sorry I can't meet up with you tomorrow I have to take my dad someplace. So maybe we can meet up on Thursday? Give me a call back when you get this message bye." #1 called #5 and since no one picked up.

"You have a new message," #5 cell phone said. She checked her messages to see #1 called.

"Hey #5 it's #1," #1 said, "it's ok, I was going to have to cancel also. Friday is fine with me, I might be a little late though I have to drop books off at a friend's house. Where do you want to meet?-call me back when you get a chance, bye." #5 dialed #1.

#1 flipped out his cell to call #2 and saw he had a message from #5, again. "Hey #1, it's me again," #5 said, "it's like we're playing a game of phone-tag. How about we meet at that new ice cream parlor that opened a few blocks away from the school? What time do you want to meet? Any time after 4 is good for me. Talk to you later."

"Man #5 has to keep her cell phone closer to her," #5 said when she saw that she had another message from #1.

"Hello #5 you're right we are playing a game of phone tag," #1 message said. "Sure I've been wanting to try that place anyway. How about we meet at 7 o'clock? Hope that's good. Call me back bye." #5 called #1 who amazingly picked up. "Hello?"

"We're finally talking to each other," #5 joked.

"Yea finally." #1 replied.

" 7 o'clock is fine with me, so I'll see you tomorrow?" #5 said.

"Yea see you tomorrow," #1 said.

"See you tomorrow," they said at the same time and they both blushed. "Bye," they said again in unison which caused them to blush more and hang up the phone.

Sorry about it being hard to understand it's a conversation between #s 1 & 5. They are about 11 or 12 whatever you think. Hope you like it-it will only be a few chapters long so not to much reading to do.