NAME: Abigail Lincoln DOB: 05/24/1993

Crime committed against: Rape

Witness to attack: Nigel Uno DOB: 02/12/1993

Attackers: Seven adult male , three white, two Latino, and two African American. One really short, others normal height.

Ages: Mid thirties

Date of Attack: 07/22/2005

Today's Date: 07/24/2005

Officer reported to: Lt. O'Brien

Numbah's 1 and 5 went down to the police station and filled out a police report. Numbah 5 was kind of nervous but having Numbah 1 there made her feel better. Soon after they arrived they met with Lt. John O'Brien. Numbah 5 explained what happened the night of the attack, with a little of help by Numbah 1. Lt. O'Brien told them that they should both go-along with their families-into the witness protection program. That didn't go over to well however, Numbahs 1 and 5 told him that wasn't happening. He then suggested they should both stay low until they caught the guys.

After about an hour of discussing Numbah 1 and 5 left the police station and headed back to The Uno's house. Numbah 5 wasn't sure how to tell her dad, so Lt. O'Brien promised to call her dad once he got back from the convention.

"So us staying low…how long do you think that will last?" Numbah 1 asked trying to cheer up Numbah 5.

"Yea," numbah 5 laughed. "We walk into the tree-house then 86 calls saying we have to go jump up and down on Broadway screaming our names." They both started laughing.

"Hey you know what," Numbah 1 said after a while, "we never got that ice scream." Numbah 5 looked up at him and smiled. They switched route and headed to the outdoor ice cream parlor. When they arrived Numbah 1 got a pistachio cone and Numbah 5 got a chocolate cone. They sat down and started eating.

"Hey um Numbah 5?" Numbah 1 said when they were almost done with their ice cream, "Would you um…like to go to the movies with me tomorrow?" Numbah 1 asked her.

"Of course I would!" Numbah 5 said and they kissed. After a few seconds they heard a honk from the drive threw window and someone screaming 'Get a room!' so, embarrassed, they broke apart. They walked back to Numbah 1's house hand and hand.

After about five minutes of walking they heard an oh so familiar voice.

"NIGEL UNO! WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!" Lizzie called from behind. They whipped around to see Lizzie standing behind them.

"Oh shit," Numbah 1 exclaimed. Lizzie walked over to them and Numbah 5 let go of his hand.

"Hi…um…Lizzie," Numbah 5 said.

"Shut-up!" Lizzie snapped at her. "I cannot believe you! You go behind my back and go out with HER!"

"HEY!" Numbah 5 said, but Lizzie just glared at her.

"Lizzie, I was going to tell you, but Numbah 5…"Numbah 5 gave him a look as if he told her she beat the shit out of him, "um, well something happened. So we are through." With that Numbahs 1 and 5 left a dumbstruck Lizzie.

(me) muhaha I always dump Lizzie Yay me! Die LIZZIE DIE!