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One thing about this little area, it was peaceful. Rarely were there any great disturbances. There was almost no crime.


Weird was a norm, but a blind girl walking with her Panda was new. That the Panda was walking on its hind legs was strange, but not unheard of...everyone has heard of dancing bears before...


Stopping before an elderly woman, who was ladling water onto her walk, the Blind girl bowed. "Pardon me, Could you direct me to the Tendo Dojo, please." Nodding her head as she took in the instructions, she bowed and thanked the kind woman...



"Shut-up, Old Man." She pauses outside the Gate of the Dojo. Sniffed the Air. "The grub here is in a class of its own." She reached out with her cane and struck the Bell with a rhythm of her own...

Kasumi was making a large Pot of soup. It was based of an American Soup Recipe that took a full week to finish, but was enjoyed the whole week long. You start the Basic soup on Sunday, take out what is needed for the day as needed, Monday you add the more of the basic things; carrots, potatoes, a bit of meat..., and take out what is needed for the day as needed... etc...etc... As long as the pot is full, it would cascade into the next day, taking the flavor and enriching it...

Nabiki was fighting the books again. They were okay as long as Akane did not try to cook again...

Akane was in the Dojo, She was running through a Kata Father had taught her just before they lost Mother. She cursed the Fates the had Striped the focus from the Family. Then She began her Kata. The moves were the same as the Father taught her, but she brought her POWER to it.

Soun was reading the mail. He set the bills aside. He knew that Nabiki had taking over the 'books', thought that there was enough money to carry on for a few more years. He was so proud of his Girls. Kasumi Took care the house, even mastering his late wife's Art of the House. Nabiki had mastered the Art of Finance and would go far in the World. And then there was little Akane. She was working to learn, no, master the Art of the Tendo Ryu...

Bringing Ranma. Will be there about the time this card arrives. Genma

'Bringing Ranma. that is nice.' He dropped the card on the Table. Next was a Spy-magna that Nabiki wanted, it went on the pile with the bills...

'Bringing Ranma!'

He snatched the Card again...


Kasumi was in the Room, a dish Towel in hand...was Father hurt?

Nabiki was in the Room, a Camera in hand... was something Going to happen that could be sold?

Akane was in the Room, Looking around for what made her Scream...Scanning for anything that might be a threat...Who would dare Threaten this Family?


Soun moved so fast, that he seemed to vanish...

Kasumi followed Soun through the Wa of the House...

Akane was in battle mode, running Father would lead to trouble...

Nabiki was in the flight path, lead or be trampled...

Soun grabbed the Gates and swung them open wide...

Revealing a Red head wearing mirror black Shades and a panda on it hind legs. The Redhead was Short, wearing Red Shirt, black silk pants, slippers, and holding a 4' 6" Cane.

the Gates swung open. She could hear it creak.

She Focused her Chi Sight...

There were Four; One Male. Three Female.

This is what she saw;

Male; Master of Art, lapsed

Threat; minor. too much time has passed.

Female One; Calm.

Threat ; minor, but unclassified

Female Two; Enraged

Threat; Major by comparason of the others

Female Three; Cook could smell the spices on her clothing

Threat; minor, must be protected at all costs

Ranma Bowed. "I am Satome Ranma. Sorry about this."

Soun started crying as he fell to his knees... As Akane launched a flying snap kick over the Soun's head right at Ranma...

Ranma just bowed again as the girl flew over her, the kick landing in the panda's groin. PANDA DOWN! PANDA DOWN!

The 'Dance' the Followed was new to the area...and Nabiki was taking pictures...

Akane punched and kicked, but Ranma just dodged and offered comments; "Good" sidestep right, "Form" duck, "True" spin to left "Grace" Roll forward, under Akane, tripping her with the hook of the cane. "Perfect for a Student of the Art. But as a Master, you do not have a leg to stand on." As Ranma stood with her back to Akane, a cock grin face as she laughed at her joke.

She was surprised when Soun engulfed her in a bear hug.

"Ranma, Finally you have arrived. Now the Schools can be joined..." Soun frowned. Something was not right, 'better hug again,' he thought, 'to find out what is wrong...' Squeeze, squeeze "...Now 'boy', allow me to introduce you to my Daughters," braking from the Hug so he could point to each Girl as he named them, "Kasumi; Age 19, Nabiki; age 17, and Akane; age 16. Choose one and She will be your Wife!"

Victory pose, with tears , mirrored by the Panda...

Soun was hit by both a Swinging gate, and a Roundhouse kick to the chest as two of his girls expressed their displeasure at being offered to someone on the street...

Akane kicked, but Kasumi just tapped the Wa of the House and slammed the gate into the crying fool.

Nabiki was puzzling out something her father said. 'Boy, why would Father call her boy...unless she is not a she...' Nabiki, as if in a trance, reached out and palmed Ranma's breast. Squeeze, Squeeze. 'Not a Boy with a bust like this...' Then something strange happened, someone was Squeezing her breast.

"Pleased to meet you, too."

Nabiki Eeped and snatched back her hand. Ranma just grinned. "Her. The one I just schooled in the Art will not be able to study and improve her Art if I were to peruse her on a romantic level. The Other is a Master of her Art and it seems one I would like to learn." Her Cane snapped out and brained the Panda, "This One," pointing at Nabiki, " has spunk, which I like. She is also smart, cunning," Turning to 'look' at Nabiki in-depth;

seeing the tight swirling of Color about her..."and is not one to panic in a crisis."

Ranma turned and Bowed before Kasumi. "Mistress of the House, My I please have some Heated water. With the Water, I can began to explain some of what has happened here." With a grunt She pulled the Panda on to her shoulders and followed Kasumi into the yard, her cane swinging back and forth, just above the ground.

At the Porch Kasumi returned with a cup water. Ranma dumped the panda behind her, and extended her hand for the cup. Pouring half over her head, She morphed into He. Turning, he splashed the Panda, turning it into a balding man in a dingy Gi, and then kicked the man into the street, the speed of his passing pulled the gates shut with a boom.

"I found out about this only yesterday, after the old man let slip something about 'retirement' and when I gave him a good beat down. Kasumi, due to clues from your Father, I ask that you teach me the Art you have Mastered." sniff sniff, "We will finish this Later, your Soup is about to burn..."

Kasumi vanished.

Turning to Akane. "Your Skill in your Art is Flawless, Limited but flawless. With a little focus and training, you should be well on your way to matching me in the Art. May I have your name, the name of the Styles you have learned, and the time you spent with that Sensai." It was not a question, but rather a polite form of a teacher demanding to be informed by a student.

"The Name is Tendo Akane. Try this for Focus," She lead with her fist...

The Cane snapped up, striking her wrist, deflecting the fist away from Ranma, as he sidestepped the other way, and dropped the hook to catch an ankle as Akane charged by, sending the girl flying into a heap near the porch.

Turning to Nabiki "So that would make you..."

"Tendo Nabiki. And you're blind."

Birds chirping.

"You missed who Father was pointing too when he named us, but you figured out who Kasumi was. You will tell me how later. You had to ask Akane for her name, or I would not have picked it up so quickly." Nabiki sounded cocky.

"Looks like I choose the right Daughter. Before we formalize our engagement, we will talk. Right now I need to rest and meditate. If I could implore the use of your Furo, I have a long road to wash from my hide." Ranma was cockier


This a spin off of the Inspired work ; Only the Blind truely see, by Conna McCanna.

Ranma's sight is gone, but due to his talant in the Arts and with Chi/Ki He can 'see' the Auras of those around him when he focuses. His other sences are refined, but do not confuse with the Story of; Dare Ranma still waiting for a update, hint, hint, screw it ; WRITE SOMETHING! Ranma is still human, not superhuman...just