blind 18


""Speech, another language""


inland of the china coastline;

""Hurry Grand Child, We are in need of speed. It seems that the 'Chosen One' was more gifted then I thought. He has clouded my senses, and we were following the wrong trail for far too long."" the small woman called out to the young warrior who carried her.

""Yes Elder. I am trying my best, but you have run me for the last six days with out rest. "" the purple haired beauty panted.

""You can rest once you have claimed him"" the woman stroked the purple tresses, ""there, that fishing village, if we get a boat, we can sail across the sea of Japan and then cross country to Tokyo. rather then having to sail around to Tokyo harbor. get us to that boat, and you can nap.""

With a very unladylike sigh the young warrior resumed her trek along the goat path.


Ranma-kun and his mother sat on a stone bench as Akane and Nabiki tried to kill one another, sipping tea. It was an early spring morning the sun had yet to shine down upon the gathered.

Finally Akane got angry and pulled a mallet from nowhere and swung it at Nabiki's head.

Nabiki ducked the first swing, then drew a Victorian broadsword, from the either, to block the backhand swing.

"Hold!" and the girls froze. A wave of his hand and the weapons into the smoke and dispersed. Ranma turned to Nodoka, "Not bad, Tell me Mother, what did you see?'

"Akane is strong, the rushing river. Nothing stands before her power for long. Nabiki is the young Bamboo in the wind. quick and flexible. Nothing can break her spirit or her grace."

"Yes mother. Akane is also fighting with rage and instinct, where Nabiki has control of her environment to a degree. Genma never reached this state, and it was six weeks before I was able to enter invited into a chi field mindscape. Now the three of you entered on your first try to my mindscape. I am impressed. "

Suddenly the exploded into the noon sky, the birds sang welcome, the flowers bloomed in the late spring day, as the Goddess her self entered.

"Dinner is ready!" her voice was a perfect chorus of angels singing.

The mindscape shattered...


Ranma awoke with a splitting headache.

That and her butt hurt too.

Then she remembered, when she had forged the mindscape, she had been floating about five inches of the floor.

Nabiki groaned, Akane snorted and shook her head.

Nodoka moaned, "What was that?"

Ranma-chan snickered "That was Kasumi, sending us a call to dinner. Her Command of the Wa shattered my field, and I do not think she even knows what she did."

Ranma-chan struggled to her feet, but waved off the cane to test Akane's skill in 'reading of the path."


Chiro was in kitty heaven.

He was warm, dry, well fed, and to put a cherry on it; he was getting his tummy rubbed.

Cracking an eye open he looked about. The mate of the Chosen was running her fingers over her belly as she noted a few things down in her books. the older males were out on the porch, moving tiles about in a manner foreign and below his notice. the Chosen was out in the dojo with the youngest female, something about purging her of poison.

Then the Alpha Females were in the kitchen, finishing the dinner dishes.

Chiro was in kitty heaven.


The Purging and leeching of the Ki Curse/Poison totally drained Akane and rendered Ranma blind for the evening. As Akane wobbled off on rubber legs to crash into her bed, dressed in her sweaty gi, Nabiki guided Ranma into the dinning area, where Kasumi and Nodoka waited with some tea.

"I promised that I would tell of my training in detail. When Pops first took me, I cried myself to sleep for the first week, missing my mother. Three months after we started, I met my first real friend, Ukyo. A student of the cooking schools of the Art. nice guy, but a real grudge holder. I no longer remember what he looked like. We would fight and tussle each other everyday for three months, as Pops would take me from dojo to dojo in the area, for me to learn the basics of each of the Arts.

After leaving the area, Pops made his first big mistake. He decided to teach me an unbeatable school of the Art; the Neko-Ken. I will not tell you what happened to me, but know that it is because of this Neko-Ken, that I have lost my Eyes. Please know that Genma has been punished, for his crimes, against me and those who were harmed in the Neko-ken training.

After the Neko-ken, we joined a group of monks that were on a pilgrimage. We spent two years wandering about Japan with them, Pops spent most of it in chains.

We then left Japan by a northern port heading to Korea were we stayed three years in varies temples, learning the ways of the weapons in the void. most of the weapons they taught me were of the heavy blade, but between the monks, the masters, and Pops, I learned, and learned quick.

After Korea there was Mongolia. It was there that I learned my ki and chi abilities. from seeing the flows, to altering them. from bending them to my will to breaking them free of my opponent. I even learned a few ki and chi 'spells'. There are two skills that they could not teach me; Mastery of Wa, and how to influence the minds of others directly. The first because it is/was a Woman's Art; no man with his stones intact has ever learned to even grasp the basics. The other is a forbidden art that can lead down a dark path, but they did teach me the basics of how to undo the damage from that dark Art."

Ranma paused, sipped his tea, "We then traveled through China on our way here. Pops, ever on the look out for the next great training spot or challenge, found out abut this one place, 'jo-sen-ko' I think. In our haste to get to training, and the fact that the energy was so strong and so pure, that my senses were almost perfect...we ignored the guide, and his warnings. We shed our packs, and hopped to the top of Bamboo poles sticking out of a bunch of springs. A clean kick to pop's gut, sent him into a pool. I lost 'sight' of him. With the power from these 'scared grounds' none of his stealth skills would have worked, I would have seen the gap in the energy flows.

So I was totally blind sided when a soaked Panda erupted from the water, only to send me flying. I was fast enough to block, and roll with the blow, but it screwed up my trajectory, and I landed in a pool, myself. The power of the pool flooded my senses, and I blacked out. When I came too, Pops in Panda form was carrying me into a village. Watching a Competition, pops helped himself to some food on a table.

Turned out the food was the prize for the Champion. she challenged me for the hide of the panda, so rather then let them skin him, I fought her. With all the fighting, cheering, and what not, the arena was strong in the chi/ki fields. Our dance was like yours and mine, Mother, testing the abilities of our opponent. One of the Villagers through hot tea at me, reversing my curse, just as I struck out with a thrust kick, my shift in size means my foot was higher in closer then she thought, took it on the chin, knocking her flying out of the arena.

Her grandmother, a three foot tall woman on a stick, saw the whole thing, called the Villagers into order, and offered me training. So of course, we stayed.

We stayed three months, until pops grabbed me and ran. that was three weeks ago." Finishing the tea, Ranma picked up the kitten, and struggled to her feet. "I need to sleep if I am to be of any use in the morning. Nabi-chan, same sleeping arrangements as last night?"

Nabiki splashed her cold tea on the blind man,

"I will take that as a yes. Good night Mother." With the kitten in one arm, the looped around the taller girl, Ranma-chan walked out of the room.

"Same as Last night?"

"Same bed, but both girls as to avoid anything improper."

'my manly son!'


The next day Ranma as walking home from school, his arm looped through Nabiki's. When the changing wind brought something new and yet familiar to his nose.

He sniffed, and moved off, away from the street that lead to the Dojo. after twenty minutes of following his nose he turned into an alley way.. "Nabiki, tell me what you see."

"Four of your old playmates hassling a guy in our school uniform." Nabiki cleared her throat. "Excuse me guys, but I have yet to hear from Tishu-kun. Is he avoiding me?"

The guys turned to look at who was disrupting their fun, spotting the blind guy with that chick, they decided to walk away...quickly.

as they drew closer, Ranma kept sniffing the air.

'Hey there, I am Nabiki. I hope those goons were not too rough."

"No, they were just trying to offer me some protection insurance." the guy stood up, straightened his clothing. Picking up a bakers peel, and slinging it over his shoulder, "Would not have been an issue, but they surprised me. my name is ..."


They turned to the blind guy.

"That is my name." the 'guy' spoke slowly, 'his' hand still on the bakers peel, "How do you know it? Have we met somewhere before?"

Ranma pulled his shades down as he 'peered' at the 'boy' before him. "Well that explains a few things. And here I thought all this time you were a guy."

Nabiki was frowning,