Tenchi Survivor: Bonus Material

Jose Philipe Mendola

Authors Rant: Well, here we are again. The stuff you did NOT see when you did NOT buy the DVD. Bonus material for all! Here I am at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, off work early, hopped up on Mountain Dew and have a long time until dinner. Enjoy Survivor Fans.

Tenchi Survivor: Teaser Trailer 1

(A black screen is seen, burning letters are shown. The Sephiroth chorus is heard)

One man. (the words fade and make way for more burning letters. A silhouette behind them is shown. Familiar looking clothes, the camera slowly pans up the body.)

One Evil Plan. (The words fade to make way for more words. Familiar clothes are still seen at chest height. One hand is in the folds of the shirt.)

One cast of unsuspecting victims. (Words fade again to make room for new words. The picture is now at neck height.)

No escape. (the Sephiroth track scratches and Jose is now seen wearing Sephiroths clothes. Jose finishes a can of Mountain Dew and looks at the camera.)

'What? You were expecting someone else?'

(White letters 'fall' onto the screen.)

'this season,' (More fall and push the other words out of the way.)

'Get ready,'

(A short movie is seen of Jose poking around some trees)

"There's no hiding"

(again, white letters fall onto a totally black screen)

'The reality show to end all reality shows.' (They fade out and the final words appear.)

'Tenchi Survivor. This season.' (The words remain and a audio clip of Jose is heard)

'God, I LOVE this job.'