Tenchi Survivor: Bonus Material

Jose Philipe Mendola

Tenchi Survivor (BANNED) Trailer 2

(Former president Bill Clinton is standing on a beach wearing a sports jacket with tie, a swimsuit and sandals.)

'Hi, I'm former president Bill Clinton. If I had my OWN Survivor show, I'd load it with girls and play my own games.'

(From off screen)


(The scene resets)

''Hi, I'm former president Bill Clinton. Boy, I tell ya, that Jose is a lucky guy. All those good looking girls, I'd pack me a CASE of cigars.'

(From Off Screen)


(Scene reset)

'I would bang every one of them. Twice.'

(From off screen)


(Scene reset. This time, Mr. Clinton is wearing a red shirt with a white star in the middle and a blue beanie.)

(Again, from off screen)

'CUT! NO!'

'what?' Bill asks.

9Scene reset, this time, Mr. Clinton is reading from visible cards. He flips them and looks at them while he reads them slowly, never looking at the camera.)

'Hi. I am former president Bill Clinton. I, like many others, like Tenchi Survivor. Be like me. Read Tenchi Survivor. I know you will love it. Tenchi Survivor. This summer.'

(Mr. Clinton looks up and smiles, then quickly looks left and right then precedes to yell)

'Babba Booey! Babba Booey! Babba Booey! Howard Sterns penis!'

(Test Screen)