Teen Titans: Fairytale of Souls and Swords?

By: Pakkrat

Review Chapter

There is nothing but darkness, one large light, and a tripod with cards on it. A green boy with pointed ears and a toothy grin runs in panting, he looks up and waves, "Hey everybody! The name's Beast Boy, you may know me as the green teen heartthrob of Teen Titans!" Beast Boy rubbed his nails and panted on them for shine, "Yeah, tough being me."

A black energy bird now appeared in the light, it became a hooded girl with lavender eyes in a blue cloak. She frowned, "Beast Boy…" Beast Boy paused, "We were asked to help people understand the reasoning behind this odd crossover story."

Beast Boy sweats as he rubbed his neck, "Gee, I almost forgot! Let's see." Beast Boy reached into a pocket and pulled out a piece of paper. "First: Disclaimer!" Beast Boy smiled to the audience, "Pakkrat in no way, shape, or form owns the Teen Titans, Inuyasha, or SoulCalibur 2 characters or other elements there from."

Raven looked over Beast Boy over the shoulder, "Good thing he wrote all of that or you would have stuttered."

Beast Boy frowned, "Thanks for the vote of confidence." Beast Boy looked at the paper again, "Second: Begin Reviewing (Teen Titans: A Feudal Fairytale?)"

Beast Boy now took one of the cards away to show a somewhat poorly drawn crayon Earth with Titans Tower on the top. Raven raised a brow, "Um, did you do this or a fourth grader?"

Beast Boy sighed, "I tried really hard!"

A metal black man now appeared grinning with his blue casing shining with the light, "Yeah, but not hard enough."

Beast Boy blinked at Cyborg, "Dude? How can you be so cold?"

Cyborg smirked, "Half-machine!"

Raven now slightly irritated asked, "What does this have to do in helping people understand what's happening?"

Beast Boy gave a grin, "Well, we all need visual aids! These will help the readers visualize the story!"

Raven and Cyborg both look at each other oddly, Cyborg pointed out, "Their reading."

Beast Boy smiled, "Yeah…"

Raven sighed with a little sweat, "Reading is not exactly letting them see the pictures is it?"

Beast Boy's eye twitched, "So I didn't think everything through…" He slapped his fist into his palm, "Still, I went through the work, we're using them!"

Beast Boy laughed triumphantly as Cyborg and Raven both share glances, Beast Boy continues his review, with "We all know the titan world! However, there are tons of other worlds and stuff, like with Larry, Robin's creepy little super fan. One world is," Beast Boy moved the next card showing another earth with a glowing pink gem with little shards flying about, "The world of Inuyasha!"

Raven frowned, "Boy, he captures it so well."

Beast Boy rolled his eyes, "Anyway! On a day I was bored, the mail comes and there is a book for Raven." Beast Boy shows a picture of a crayon Beast Boy running with a book. "I kind of took it… from boredom."

Cyborg snarled, "Yeah, like that was going to do something good?"

Beast Boy smiled, "Hey, how was I supposed to know something weird was going to happen?"

Cyborg yells, "It's Raven, she personifies weird!"

Cyborg and Beast Boy sweat as Raven is tapping her foot, they say, "Sorry." And Beast Boy continues again. "So the book takes us to the world of Inuyasha and his friends. This isn't bad enough," Beast Boy moves the next card, this one has a man in a robe dress with fans, a man in a face mask with a brown robe, and a man with a ragged brown cloak from the neck down brandishing a strange bone like sword to the side. "This world is full of things called Oni and Youkai. We first found a plot to use these monsters to destroy a city, this guy with the fans is Kamikaze, and the masked dude was Kamaraji. They were in charge of this, but the last dude had an evil plan to do some really bad stuff, he's called Biteikotsu."

Beast Boy moves the card, "Luckily we had help with them!" this card had the faces of Inuyasha and his friends. "Inuyasha was the leader of these guys. He's a half Youkai, or Hanyou, that's him right there!" Beast Boy points to the head of a chibi Inuyasha, with little dog ears, silver hair, and jagged lines for a mouth. "Next we have Kagome; she's like a Japanese Schoolgirl, but has weird spirit powers!" Beast Boy points to a chibi Kagome face, to have her eyes closed, a large smile, and long black hair falling down the back. "Then we have Miroku, he's a monk but he acts more like… uh, well like me with less tact."

Raven raised a brow, "Where did you learn that word?"

Beast Boy gave her a glare of annoyance, pointing at a chibi black haired man with the back in a small band, having a shined gleam in his eyes and gleaming side smile. Beast Boy went on with, "Sango was a demon huntress, she is a strong warrior, and quite disciplined with this HUGE boomerang thing. She also has a pet cat called Kirara, actually a demon cat." Beast Boy pointed to the black haired chibi with a long ponytail. She also looked with a fierce stare and large boomerang tilted on her head. The small cat creature with fangs shown next to her chibi boomerang. "Finally, my little buddy! Shippo, he's a fox demon, and has the same kind of shape shifting powers as me!"

Cyborg snickered, "Yeah, and just as useless!" Cyborg looked up as he was suddenly pounced by a green wolf. Raven frowned, "This one is him." She pointed to a small chibi with flushed cheeks, a grin with closed eyes, and pointed ears brimming from the orange hair with a ponytail. "That was all the Inuyasha crew we met."

Beast Boy returned with a somewhat annoyed Cyborg, "Next," Beast Boy moved the card to show pictures of a black blob. Raven and Cyborg blinked, "This is where we found out about this evil scheme by that Biteikotsu dude, he used the power of these shadow people to try and rule the world!"

Raven sighed, "That's the shadow people?"

Beast Boy smiled, "Nobody ever showed the Kagejin in their true forms so this is them." Beast Boy moved the card showing a four eyed demon with a horn, and then he had no horn on the other side. "Biteikotsu's blade was once the horn of a demon called Kagekuma, he was made by a shadow dragon called Malkage, and the shadow demon lord Trigonamu as they merged together! These two were enemies of titans that lived in the far past of Inuyasha's world!"

Raven interrupted, "You see, in this story, Pakkrat used the old philosophy alternate realities have similar, and yet different events to often imitate the adventures."

Beast Boy smiled, "Yeah! These past titans died, except for Karasu who was the past Raven!" he narrowed his eyes, "So, I kinda died, but I'm not dead… I'm alive…"

Cyborg watched as Beast Boy started to swirl, and had the look of Mad Mod's mind washing, "Uh, Raven take him off while I finish up here, he's loosing it again."

Raven sighed dragging him off, "Happens every time he talks about alternate worlds… unless they involve mutant zombies."

Cyborg smiled, "Alright, when Karasu used her powers to trap this Kagekuma thing, she trapped him in his own horn," Cyborg points at the picture with his thumb adding, "I think that's what this is. Biteikotsu is given the bone as a sword; this is similar to the Soul Edge story in SoulCalibur 2 which is why Pakk used it that way. Relating to his whole "Similar adventures in alternate realities" theory." Cyborg snorted, "I think he just got lazy and saw a sweet ride for a spin-off."

There was a rumble, Cyborg was suddenly engulfed in smoke to later reveal, that he was the bear version from the Titanimals episode! Too-too and all!

"What the," Cyborg looked in horror, "what happened?"

Raven returned with Beast Boy, he looked at Cyborg and started laughing madly as Raven said, "You said something bad about the author didn't you?"

Cyborg snarled out lowly, "I guess…"

Beast Boy whipped away a tear, "Dude, that's awesome."

Cyborg looked at the cards, "Well, what's next?"

Beast Boy moved the card; it showed an eclipse of the sun, a cave, and a long swirling line leading to a four eyed mask. "So, we tried to stop this guy Biteikotsu but the sun is eclipsed, he uses the sword horn to open up a rift that leads to another world that looks like a cave from a monster movie. It is like a long path of caverns and stuff that then leads to this final battle with Kagekuma who we beat only to have this huge fight with Trigonamu who we then beat and afterwards we get home!" Beast Boy tosses the last card and waves goodbye, "See ya later!"

Raven appears in his way, "You forgot something."

Beast Boy blinks in confusion as Cyborg screams, "Yeah, like what about the fact Slade was in there, he was a good guy even!" Cyborg looks at the audience, "You see, there was a past Slade like there was a past team of titans, but Beast Boy didn't mention that!"

Beast Boy rolled his eyes, "So, there was a past Terra, a past Jinx, Gizmo, Mammoth, and Blackfire but hey, their not that important!"

Raven narrowed her eyes, "They helped us! If it wasn't for them Trigonamu and Kagekuma would have tore us apart!"

Cyborg nodded, "Yeah, not to mention the whole Inuyasha/Raven thing that happened. Those two got super close for a while."

Beast Boy twitched, "I didn't mention that for a good reason."

Raven gave Beast Boy a small grin, "Oh? Well why didn't you mention this?" Raven leaned in kissing Beast Boy on the lips, causing the light overhead to explode in black energy. Beast boy's voice was heard leaving a small happy sigh as Cyborg asked "Was that necessary?"

Beast Boy's voice said, "Boy… was it ever…"

Cyborg's shoulder lamp turned on, he pointed it up to then replaces the light with an extra. "I'm glad even in a bear form I can use my light."

Raven raised a brow as Beast Boy was smiling at her with hearts in his eyes, "Well?"

Raven twitched, "Don't push it. Now explain why I did that."

Beast Boy blinked, then smacked his head, "Duh!" he turned to the audience, "Raven and me fell in love in the first story, so did Robin and Starfire." He looked around, "Which I figure explains why they are not here."

Cyborg grinned, "Yeah, they need their privacy since in this story their separated."

Beast Boy nods in agreement, "Yeah, when we got home the news was on the next day later in the afternoon. There was a broadcast about these fragments from an evil sword. This of course was part of those Soul Edge swords from the SoulCalibur deal. It seems they were part of our world as well."

Raven interrupted, "Actually, I am not so certain of this. It may be the fragments broke into our world after they were destroyed before. In all honesty, the first chapter is a retelling of Chapter 6 from Teen Titans: A Feudal Fairytale? With more detail on the Soul Edge, what caused my connection with it, and I believe our introduction to some characters."

Beast Boy twitched oddly, "You mean we're in another world… again!"

Raven shrugged unenthusiastically, "I really am not too sure. We'll have to see what Pakkrat writes."

Beast Boy starts screaming, "What the heck is wrong with this guy?"

There was another poof of smoke; Beast Boy was now turned into a robotic toy… Tyrannosaurus?

The robotic Beast Boy dinosaur looked at himself, and screamed, "Whoa!"

Cyborg smirked, "Now who ticked off the writer?"

Raven sighed, "This is getting stupid… stupider if you think about it. Why did he even have us explain this for him?"

Beast Boy looked up, he was now much shorter than Raven coming only to her knee, "I think he did it so people would not be totally confused when reading the next chapter and see that you and me were a couple, Star and Robin were a couple, and the fact Inuyasha and friends are trying to help us to fight the Soul Edge thing. Not to mention the fact Red X tried to steal the fragments and since he was there he got flung into this mess with us."

Raven looked down at Beast Boy and smiled, "Hey, I just realized something. Pakkrat wrote you as taller than me before when we kissed in the other story!"

The titans cringed, but there was no poof! Beast Boy screamed, "Hey! She pointed out a mistake!"

A piece of paper fell from the sky, Cyborg grabbed it and read, "She was incapacitated from the embrace of Beast Boy, and fell at the knees… duh, signed Pakkrat"

Raven rolled her eyes, "Yeah, like that would ever happen. This guy is nuts."

Now there was a puff of smoke, Raven was transformed into a large pale fish.

Beast Boy smiled, "Ah, closure!"

Raven narrowed her eyes at Beast Boy, he gave her a weak laugh as another piece of paper fell, Cyborg grabbed it, "Apologize and I'll turn you back, signed Pakkrat."

Another piece of paper was falling; Cyborg grabbed it and read, "P.S. Do you think anyone knows what is going on?"

Raven had a sarcastic grin, "Of course they do."

The titans apologized, though somewhat with a forced attitude they were poofed to normal. Raven brushed herself off as Beast Boy twist his body, Cyborg smiled as he looked down, then frowned seeing a too-too. "Why do I have this?"

A piece of paper fell, Cyborg grabbed it, and frowned, "You will not be back to normal till you figure out how to get the people reading on track, signed Pakkrat."

Raven blinked, "I'm normal." She then noticed her legs were actually fins, she was a mermaid, "… clever."

Beast Boy noticed his lizard tail, he tried to morph it away but since it was robotic, "Man! What are we going to do?"

Raven looked at her feet, cupping her chin she heard Cyborg say, "We could take it from the top. Try and explain stuff all over again."

Raven gave him a 'You're kidding!' look, Cyborg sweat a little raising his hands in defense. Beast Boy said, "Well, we could train an army of hamsters too…"

Cyborg slapped him over the head, "What's with you and an army of rodents!"

Beast Boy smiled, "Dude, I like hamsters and gerbils!"

Raven smiled, "I know, What about this?" Raven looked at the audience, "You know that Inuyasha and his friends are trying to help us stop the Soul Edge, and that the Soul Edge is a danger to our world in some way. So if you need to know any more, read "Teen Titans: A Feudal Fairytale?" This way you can enjoy both tails to their fullest, however Pakkrat will make sure to do his best to allow you the readers the choice of reading this story without having to go through another one if you just tried to read it."

The Titans looked at each other, but nothing happened. A piece of paper fell and Cyborg grabbed it, "That sounds good. Thanks for OBLIGATING me to try and make it so people can read this story without having to read the original, how NICE of you, signed Pakkrat."

There was a large poof of smoke, the titans were normal. Raven gave a grin, "Like you weren't going to try and make the story easy to read."

Another piece of paper fell, this time Raven grabbed it, "That's not the point?" Raven tossed the paper, "Sure it isn't. I'm leaving."

She walked away; Cyborg and Beast Boy looked at each other. Cyborg shrugged and left. Beast Boy smiled, "Hey, cool. We're done!"

A piece of paper fell; Beast Boy grabbed it and read, "About time, signed Pakkrat."

Beast Boy grinned and waved, "Well, see you all later! Looks like we have a story to be in!" Beast Boy turned around and walked away, knocking over the stand with his robotic tail. A final piece of paper fell for the readers, it said, "Hope you are not totally confused, please, read and enjoy. Signed, Pakkrat."