Teen Titans: Fairytale of Souls and Swords


By Pakkrat

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans, Inuyasha, Soul Caliber/Edge, Tekken, Spawn, Link, or Fable they are accredited to those who created them. I do take credit to the Kagejin and the story. The Trinity are OCs and created to the views of Psychic Werewolf Assassin. The names Schloggozokh and Mr. Peckers are from Metal Overlord 2.0 and just fit into the chapter so I added them. To all, take care and enjoy the final ending to this piece… added from a new concept in my recent works.

10 weeks passed…

10 weeks from the blood, sweat and tears of these five heroes passed while they rested. They had been through the truest terror of heroism. They did that which was asked of them and more. The Teen Titans took time and found themselves home resting all peaceful without any cares. Except…

"Yo, don't be messing with my grill B.B.!"

"Dude, you put MEAT in the waffles!" Beast Boy slammed his hands onto the counter as Cyborg leaned in with his chef's cap and apron on. "You know I don't like meat!"

"Yeah, but I do! Meat is the essential ingredient to 'Waffles De La Supremioso!"

Beast Boy gave a snort, "First, that's not even Spanish! Second, I'm a vegetarian and we don't eat meat!"

"Well, I'm an omnivore; we eat both vegetables and meat. The thing is veggies are SIDES TO THE MEAT!" Cyborg flipped his attention to the smoking waffle, "Oh no my waffles!"

With a mischievous grin he watched Cyborg pull off the now charred waffle, "Too bad big guy," he then bumped him aside with his bum, saying, "Now watch as I make the grandest tofu-waffle of all time!" he began scrambling the materials into a bowl smiling more and more with anticipation.

Robin was counting down, from three… two… and then, (Zzap!) the sound of porcelain breaking and batter splattering all around. Cyborg stood with his grin as his cannon had shattered the batter and all over Beast Boy. "Now, it's a fine face treatment."

That was when the green squirrel bit Cyborg's nose and sparse blasts of the sonic cannon go into the air. Robin shook his head with turn to them, Starfire was next to him and so he turned to her now. She smiled, and he frowned before turning to the television and raising the volume. The two would calm down in a little bit so why get involved? He watched the news about Slade, yep; he's been up to his old tricks again. Robin wasn't sure why but Slade was back and he was causing trouble. Worse yet, he's been followed by the worse groups of villains too. It was only a matter of time something big happened but even so, they just enjoyed their time together. Raven now came in ignoring the batter, and some shots of Cyborg's cannon. She sat at the far end and watched TV, before grabbing a book at the side table and reading in even this racket.

After a while there is a doorbell, the three look at one another and then to the two now stopping to listen. Cyborg is strangling a chicken, which he drops for it to turn to Beast Boy "Did you guys hear that?"

Beast Boy got up and rubbed his neck, "It sounded like the…" and there was another ring. Raven got up as Beast Boy was getting ready to leave "I'll check this out."

Robin and star return to their show, while Beast Boy and Cyborg debate without violence the meal of the morning as Raven left to the front door. She opened the door and raised one of her brows to the figure outside, "Uh, can I help you?"

The figure is a tall man relatively young but far into adulthood. He wore an all black long coat with one long sleeve over his left arm; the right was without a sleeve and now held a large unusual sword. His left shoulder has an emblem of what seemed to be weather a lion, or a wolf in silver. The boots he wore had silver buckles and black like his apparel. The thing setting him off was not just the sword or clothes, but more his chilling blue eyes and the spiky blonde hair he had. His stare on her was very serious, as he asked in a definitely business-like tone, "I'm looking for the Teen Titans."

She looked him down, then up, and said "Right… and who are you?"

"My name is Cloud," he raised the sword onto his one shoulder and gave a slight smirk, "Cloud Strife."

"Oh, I see. Well Mr. Cloud Strife we don't audition new members at a moments notice." He raised his own brow now, "If you want Titans East has less restrictions, but our team is full for the most part and so is theirs." She now looked up in thought, "Well, we never usually take in members that aren't teenagers now that I think about it."

"I'm not here to join your team." He gave a stern crack of his voice.

"Well if you're a new villain go rob a bank or something. We don't really want to fight anyone if we don't have to."

"I'm not here for that either!" he rubs his temples with the glove and sleeved hand, "Look, I'm here because I need help! There's this sword with a powerful evil inside it called 'Ehrgeiz' and we figured…"

Raven blinked kind of confused, "Is this a book?" He was slack jawed now, "I think I heard this story before. Are you one of those otaku we have trying to role-play with us? We appreciate the interest but we're real heroes and we can't waste our time to…"

Cloud, frustrated in all this, latched his hands onto her arms screaming "Don't you understand? This is an evil sword bent on trapping people into its will! The thing has become the target of Sephiroth; he's not going to let it go lightly! It's a whole world this thing is feeding in and only we can stop it!"

Raven looked at his hands with a stone cold stare, and in a flicker he pulls away as the energy burned his palms. "Listen, I'll ignore the fact you just invaded my personal space and leave you with this. We're the Teen Titans; we protect Jump City our home. We don't go around and save other worlds from evil swords. We never did before, and we never will in the future. So why don't you go home and leave us alone," she then grew in height with four eyes, tendrils flailing about and in a frightening voice screamed "OR ELSE I'LL SUCK THE MARROW FROM YOUR BONES!!!" and turning to human she closed the door, adding, "Good bye, and have a good day."

Cloud turned palely to the path away from the tower. He is greeted by a man in red with a metallic right arm, and black hairs free from his head. His eyes look to Cloud blankly with a red color. Seeing him, the man asks "They said no?"

"Yeah, in more ways than one." Cloud now regained himself and shook his head a little. "It seems they either forgot about the Soul Edge…"

"Or something else made them forget, a force perhaps watching the events to keep them secret. What Jack told us must have been true, he was right about Sephiroth returning and seeking the Ehrgeiz wasn't he?"

"So far that has been true." he turned to the large T shaped tower, "Still; I don't think this is the place to look for help. We better get back to the others Vincent and see what we can come up with."

Vincent, the man in red now gave a nod pulling out a strange looking golden orb that had six holes, and intricate designs along it showing the holes were etched faces around opened mouths. The strange sound of wailing and an ethereal looking portal opened which Cloud went through first, Vincent followed but one foot through he looks back and snorted, "I didn't think working with teenagers was a good idea anyway."

Raven sat down at the television, taking book in hand she reads before Robin interrupts "Who was it?"

"Some guy had the wrong address."

He blinks, and looking to the television he only wonders 'Who would confuse Titans Tower with somewhere else?'

As 10 weeks had passed in their world, as so it did elsewhere…

"Naraku!" Inuyasha leapt from his place on the rocky ground slashing his sword through a large centipede like demon. Behind him was Kagome, taking an arrow she fired shattering several demons in her wake. She ran to Inuyasha, snapping, "Don't go so far a…" she screams as a demon was suddenly at her face. Inuyasha turned in a flash to destroy it, he then smiled screaming "Don't worry I'll protect you Kagome!"

Sango tossed her Hiraikotsu onto a demon, as Mirouku opened his hand to use the Kazanna. He stopped when large wasps came toward his hand, and to his surprise the Hiraikotsu came destroying them. He turned to her and gave a nod of thanks, and she returned with the same. The two began to battle as was their way of doing things, always together, and always forever.

Shippo tossed a top which grew in size smashing several demons. More came and he screamed, ducking to cover himself. That was when a large feline landed over him and sprayed a large red flame catching the demons on fire. Shippo turned up with a smile, "Thank you Kirara."

Inuyasha screamed in a swing, and that is when he saw him. Naraku was with three dragon tails, his human form but with a mix of insect and dragon, his blue jacket scaled skin fell over white insectoid armor, and a red piece at the center of his chest. A he stood there a purple sphere surrounds him and his smile only infuriates Inuyasha. This is their story, their battle and it would go on until either Inuyasha destroyed Naraku, or Naraku obtained all he seeks. Until then the two Hanyou would battle one another till time stood still.

It was the dank city of New York in a back alley where the homeless slept and lived. As this happens, above them would be in the darkness and solitude an angel or devil. He stood vigilant over his territory, the place he called his. This was a place good dare not interfere with his judgment. It was a corner evil did not tread unless lightly. His long red cape flowed freely, and his green vaporous eyes seemed to look upon the city in the quiet night. That is when he heard a chuckle, and turned to the short man with blue paint on his face. The fat man now walked slowly saying, "Malebolgia's got a job for you Spawnie, come here boy." He then whistled, and Spawn gave a glare before letting his hands glow bright and jumping down. He would enjoy beating Clown, and then seeing if Malebolgia would make him an offer he'd hope he can refuse.
The master of the Iron Fist Tournament stood in stance, his body surging with energy. He was in front of his next opponent. This was another fool in his way to dominance, to strength. Heihachi is not a hero, he is merely a warrior who seems to wish for not power but more challengers. He screamed in a charge to pummel his opponent, and he lands a strong jab sending whoever his enemy was. The man fell unconscious, and Heihachi stood letting his arms pump with power. That is when he hears flapping. Slowly his eyes bolt to his side trying to see and that is where he noticed the black feathers, "Well, looks like someone is finally awake."

Heihachi turned to the young man with black wings, a set of red and black judo pants and fierce glowing eyes. This is Jin Kazama. Heihachi gave a smile, and offering out his one hand he makes a taunt as he gives a slight robust laugh. This was it, the moment he has been waiting for…

Link raised the Master Sword high to plant it into the holster it was meant for. Then he smiled, before pulling out an Ocarina and playing several tunes. This called a sound of neighing and a large brown beautiful hoarse came riding to him. Link jumped onto the steed, and he smiled before a strong gallop away. "I did it! I saved Hyrule! Now to go and see Princess Zelda! Oh, I bet I get a big reward this time, maybe even a kiss!"

Link came to the castle and was celebrated as a hero. Before Zelda, he knelt until she acknowledged him and standing she gave words of encouragement and praise. Then, she said "Now that the hero has returned a reward will be bestowed. To his great acts of bravery and courage, I propose a time of rest!" The people cheer, and Link has a twitch of his ear and eye… he was planning on resting after all that crap from before.

Just then a man came screaming "There's a large band of Lizard Men coming from the dessert! We need someone to do something!"

Link looks about, seeing all eyes on him he sighs before getting up from his kneel and saying "Fear not," with little enthusiasm, "I shall stop the invaders… again."

The people cheer him as he leaves, and hopping onto Epona he is crying waterfalls. 'I'm never going to get my kiss…"

There is a bit of screaming as things fly about, Yoshimitsu screams as he leaps from the courtyard of the dojo and turns to the infuriated Seung Mina. "I was merely seeing if you needed my assistance!"

"You were peeping on me, you pervert!" she now took a broom in hands and snapped, "Get down here so I can rip your head off the right way!"

Yoshi leapt from the wall and outside the courtyard, "Well, I'm sorry but the benevolent thief must leave! I am needed in the land!" He is then found as Seung Mina leapt over the wall with the broom, "Oh no, er, Mina can't we settle this like…"

Screams and thwacking sounds soon follow as the thief is assaulted by a broom. While this happened a woman came to the doors of the dojo and turned seeing them. Yoshimitsu saw her and stood in awe, even with the broom smacking him like it was. He walked in this trance at the woman with the red kimono, with a luscious complexion and body wearing wooden sandals that helped her rise in height; she even carried a red umbrella like an honest Japanese goddess. When he ignored Seung Mina long enough she too saw the woman with black hair with chopsticks holding it in place, and green eyes along with a formidable face of feminine finesse. She gave a glare between the two, and asked "She a friend of yours?"

"I… I never met her before." Soon he walked closer, "What is your name my dear?"

"I am Setsuka," said the woman with an ease befitting her demeanor. She turned from them, and unknown to them she pried a slight of her sword from the handle of the umbrella, "I am seeking the one they call Mitsurugi. Is he here by chance?"

Seung Mina seemed disappointed and saddened, "No, he's dead." The woman turned her head but not her body, seeing the face of Seung Mina with such pain she frowned and sheathed her own blade, "I am sorry to say he died while fighting the Soul Edge several weeks ago. If you want I could…"

"It is quite alright. I will leave you two now." She began to leave but Yoshi leapt onto the wall trailing, before jumping in front of her. "Is there something you want from me?"

"Tell me what is it you desire? I am a thief, and I will obtain that which you desire most. If you wish the stars, or the moon and sun I shall bring them to you!"

Setsuka gave a small smile, "I am flattered but why would you do such a thing?"

"Why?" He scoffed, "For my dear you have already stolen my heart! I may be a thief, but never has anyone stolen anything from me and been so profound of it!"

She seemed to be confused, but Mina came up saying "He's a real character this one." She then turned to Setsuka putting a comforting hand on her shoulder, "Setsuka, listen, I don't know why you came to see Mitsurugi but perhaps you'd like to stay. We always have room at the Dojo, and I'm sure you'd like to hear some stories on Mitsurugi."

She turned her head up, and then down she nodded, "I agree to your proposal. It would be an honor to stay, and to learn more of the man I missed."

The two women walked into the dojo's walls, but Yoshi is slammed up with a broom, "You, get back to sweeping you lazy good for nothing!"

He sighed as he now walked the paths sweeping away dirt, turning to watch Setsuka as she walked he screamed, he fell into a pond which he only could say… "Women…"

In a large densely filled forest is a wooden cabin. The cabin was hidden from the world and in it sat a man strong and in meditation. It was Kilik purifying himself of the sinister sword that long ago had he ventured to the realm it made to house its own evil. Kilik sat in total silence, meditating and purging his soul of evil. As he did there sat Xianghua the woman who loved him. She sat, and smiled to him. While he did this she would wait to help him. She loved him, and he loved her, this was a curse but it was easier while it was their curse. In time he would be free of the darkness and they would immerge from here happy. They would make a life, and it would be one without enchanted swords. Or, at least they hoped.

In the Greek village of forges and blacksmiths, Sophitia returned home with her sister. The weeks had passed and Sophitia spent all her time with her children. The dark deeds of the sword were gone from them and most important herself. Cassandra stood watching the mother with her children. She was always asking herself why she put her life on the line, the mother who had all to loose, and protected a sister that easily could have fought like her. This was when she finally realized, after all this, and with a smile she said with love and truth, "Because, this is what family is all about."

The village of the winds and the home of Talim the priestess of their ways and customs was the nest place to still be recognized. She spent her time pining over the young man she slowly became attached to, but found a refuge with another young man seeking a place in the world. She sat now at a riverside to see him sitting a little farther down, but in earshot. She turned, and smiled asking "How do you feel?"

A large three-fingered arm raised a stone, and tossed it into the stream. He was bare chest with baggy blue pants. His blue eyes look to her, and he narrowed them behind blonde long hairs, "I'm fine." He turned to the stream and watched as she looked to him, "I was not looking for any comfort. Leave me be."

"Siegfried," he shifted uneasily, "I want to help you."

"I don't need your help." He swung another stone, "I only need to be left alone."

She smiled to him and sighed deeply, "I'll be there for you Siegfried. Just remember that." She got up and was headed back when she heard the shifting of the dirt; she turned and smiled as he followed behind her now. "So, are you coming along?"

"I don't know why but I was spared. My body, soul and mind are back to one again and without the Soul Edge infecting me. This arm is all that I have left from that mess, but it slowly seems to return to my former mortal self again." He points out the fact a fourth finger is growing, and it seemed human while the others also were making to a once human size and shape. "Perhaps, in time I will be the man who I was."

"I don't think so." She did a little gesture of her hand, "You will be the man you were meant to always be."

He saw her hand, offered to him. He smiled to take it but the two jumped from the sound of a black bird flying past them and causing them both to look in fright. The bird swooped low but then it went high, disappearing into the clouds they look on its disappearance. Siegfried gave a glare as it happened, "That was…" he shook his head, "We, should go to the village. Perhaps we could enjoy a meal together?"

She smiled and offered her hand again which he took immediately. The two were going over the hill when he turned, paused a moment, and ignored his dread of what may be in the air.

Ivy Valentine resides in the vast Valentine estate with a lone need for solitude. However, she is not totally within solitude as she also found with her another woman called Taki who was now waiting for her in the library. It was only weeks after the battle with the sword, and the times Taki left made Ivy quite anxious. This time she received a letter something important had came up so she wore a fine dress, and came to open the door. This was where she was startled to see a young 12 year old girl was sprawled on the table. She had orange hair, and wore it with two pigtails that were kind of spun like springs. The outfit she wore was something elegant and almost noble, a short skirt and corset with shoulder less sleeves, her legs in stockings that went up to her upper thigh. When Ivy looked to Taki, she asked "What in the world have you done?"

Taki turned to her and asked "Do you remember Raphael Sorel?" Ivy gave a nod, "This is Amy Sorel, and she is his adopted daughter."

Ivy now realized what has happened. On the last search Taki must have met the young Sorel girl, Amy. The news of Raphael may have been too much, or she was out for revenge, either way the young girl had no one to care for her let alone be with. Ivy now had a faint smile, crossing her arms she asked "What were you thinking?"

"She needed a home, and people to care after her." She then turned with a strong smirk, "That, and who never wanted a daughter before? I know it's in you to care for others especially a child."

Ivy seemed resilient to say anything, but she nodded in acceptance before asking "What's that over there?"

Taki turned to the strange sword a fencing type blade, "Raphael must have given it to her. The sword has a strange name, very unusual material too. It's lighter than a feather but more durable than even my own steel. I think it is called, Mythril."

"Mythril?" Ivy walked over and touched it, and her eyes narrow asking "What was this sword called?"

"A name I remember had been in my research, a supposed ancient civilization or city but records of it are very scattered and useless. For the most part, she called that sword," she sheathed the blade to remove it from sight, "Albion."

Ivy raised a brow, "Albion? That's an archaic word for elder Britain."

"That and the old kingdom of times before time. One thing that bothers me is…" she shook her head, "Never mind it means nothing. Let's get some rest." She took Amy and they put the girl to bed, soon deciding they too could rest this night. Ivy rested soundly with Taki here with her, but Taki seemed very serious as she lay there, seeming to ponder why, why does she remember this Albion in her research, and why does another name keep rising up… the name, Jack?

On the dark mountain which the last battle took place 10 weeks ago, a storm rose from the depths and caused winds to blow and lightning to flicker. A young woman stood here with a tight green leather fitting, it was bare on her stomach where the lower facets of her mounds show from the missing piece of her clothes. She was seductive, gorgeous too as her green hair and purple eyes seemed to only extenuate the unusual atmosphere she had. The smile a playful kind she now looked up to the black bird flying to her. It held in its hands something the size of a small sword, and holding her hands out she waited for the raven to drop the weapon. It did, and she clasped it to her chest saying "Oh, good little birdie! I knew you were going to come through for me!" She opened her arms and hands to see the red short-sword, Nirvanna, not taken by Soul Edge but altered by its influence this gun-sword has the last remnants of the forgotten blades. She looked at it with such admiration, the ideas of what she could do with it, the lives she could take with it… oh so much she thought.

She spent too much time thinking as from behind her was the figure slowly coming from darkness. He stood somewhat tall, with a long red hooded cape. He now moved forward one armored hand with what were like clawed tips toward this young woman. That is when the black bird screamed a deafening screech and he turned to it instead, she also reacted dropping the sword and pulling off two large ring weapons with blades at their inner and outer edges where she swirled them along her arms. The figure cocked their head to one side as her once childish glee turned to a sadistic long smile, and fierce contortion of her face became a manifestation of death itself. Her voice, in a dark whisper said "I'll see what your blood looks like… then if it's like mine."

The figure closed their hand now refraining from attacking; his elegant voice spoke up "A strange girl you are. So full of hate, rage, despair and better yet sadistic wishes to cover the world in blood… I could use some one like you."

The woman only smiled on, tossing a blade up she let it twirl, "I am not for hire, anymore!" she flung the one in her hand letting the other a distraction. She was stunned when the blade she tossed is merely going through the man in red, she grabbed her other blade from the air and waited for the one she used to attack to clack off a stone protrusion, ricochet to another stone, and then to her again where she held it. Her face left from madness to a slight intrigue, "Well, would you be with that guy with the large scythe? I thought he was killed with Soul Edge a while back."

The man sort of chuckled causing bolts of lightning to flicker behind him, "My dear that was merely a puppet. The one you call Zasalamel has served his purpose as did all the other fools I acquired, however," he cupped his chin in the hood hidden in darkness, "I never expected the intervention of five teenage heroes to cause so much distortion not too mention bringing the one wild card, the Kagejin, back into the power struggle of the hell kingdoms. These events could lead to many more distractions and oddities if not dealt with immediately… and carefully."

As the strange man talked to himself, the black bird landed on the woman's shoulder, it cawed and she gave a nod "You're right Mr. Peckers he's a weird one."

The man clapped his hands together, "By the forgotten extent of the nothingness, where are the manners I refuse to use in noble standings? I am the master of blades, Jack of Blades. You are?"

The woman was now giving a quirk of a smile, "They call me Tira, and this is my partner Mr. Peckers." The bird gave another caw, and Jack nodded to this slowly lifting his hand and calling the Nirvanna to levitate, and then come into his clasp.

The sword was in his hand, and it seemed to glow a deep red with his hold. He next, surprising even Tira, stabbed the blade into his chest where a horrendous screaming came not from him but the energy escaping him like a collective of torment and suffering was ripping out of him, but not able to escape. Jack now pulled his hand letting the hilt slip into his chest, and clasping his hands he asks "Well, not that I have finished with that I suppose I should return to my previous dilemma, the Ehrgeiz." Jack turned to open a portal, he walked toward it and gave a light chuckle when Tira called him, and he knew she would.

"Hey, hold on a second! I thought you wanted my help!" he turned to her, and she had a disturbing little smile, "Besides, if you were the one behind the swords why didn't you just take them when Zasalamel came to use them?"

"That was because he was never truly meant to take the swords. His role, as were all the others, were to destroy the realms and cause another great imbalance in the powers of two very obnoxious gods. Well, three but she's not really a threat at the moment… hopefully never will be either." Jack shook his head, "The swords were also meant to become mine after the distortions and incredible explosion of realms. It's obvious the Trinity would have stopped the distortions sooner or later, but it was a greater surprise they involved the Titans, and even more they involved the Kagejin. These events certainly bring some questions… but, nothing to wonder too deeply. If ever I or my partners directly became involved our works would be discovered. The key is to not be so directly involved it raises suspicions of our actions, but more to allow events to pass that cause unrest between the higher powers so they in time destroy themselves, and we may take and sweep the remnants with our own power." He shrugged, "Do you understand now?"

She blinked, and asked "Will I get to kill people?"

"Kill people? Why, my dear you're talking to JACK of BLADES that's a given that you will kill people!" he swung an arm around her as they walked toward the portal "By the way, Mr. Peckers is a strange name for a bird familiar… perhaps I could use it for a friend of mine's." he looked at the two ring weapons, they were a circling snake eating it's own tail, "Why, I dare say you and I my dear may have been destined to come together… you ever hear of a demon called Schloggozokh?" and the two were gone in the strange portal to a realm outside of this one, and into a story of fables to come.

Note: This is a new alternate ending. The Ehrgeiz idea for Raven/Cloud was actually my early ending for a third installment… but, never got interested in continuing this story so I cut out things before they got too far along. I read Amy Sorel has a sword called the Albion, it's her weapon of choice, and anyone who knows about Jack of Blades can understand how stoked I was seeing how she and he had a connection. Better yet, Tira carries a set of rings that in their ultimate form were two serpents eating their own tail, and she is the owner of the strange black bird that used to follow Nightmare around… how you could see my face light up when these elements fell into place for my recent story events in all my other fics along with my two other fellow writers? I can honestly say they were the main reason behind making this one last chapter, and to give one last hoo-rah to this fic.