Mission: G.T.D

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A/N: Well…The title is funny at least. Snaps for me (snaps). For all those who do not pay attention to summaries (receives blank stares) G.T.D stands for Get Tenchi Drunk coughcoughcuelaughtercoughcough. Onwards to victory! Translation: The story shall begin now.

No one was within three miles of the area. My mission was clear and the battlefield was ready. The prey was sleeping peacefully while the enemies were chained. Two miles left and I could see the prey move slightly. In his dream-like state he stood no chance. One mile to go and the prey was mine. On impulse I lick my lips and my eyes glow. "I got you!"

RING-Don't you ever worry. Don't you get to weary. I am always here for you. The future's full of wonders; mystery all over. In the miracle you have faith-"DAMN IT!" The Masaki household collapsed due to an energy ball. "RYOKO!" Five voices screamed. "Curse alarm clocks. Whoever thought up this thing is a real idiot."


"Ryoko, what happened this morning? You had us all worried." Sasami said while sitting down for lunch. (A/N: Am I the only one who noticed how quickly the house was rebuilt? Wow, talk about construction workers. whistles) "The stupid alarm ruined my dream." Ryoko said with her mouth full. Rice grains flew all over the surrounding area.

"Really Ryoko, you shouldn't talk with your mouth full. You're disgusting enough." Ayeka spoke with a slight smile. "Like you're one to talk." Ryoko characteristically glances at Ayeka's dish then focuses on Tenchi. "Tenchi! Did you notice how much Ayeka ate already?" The space pirate clutches to Tenchi's left arm.

"That is not true!"

"Is so true!"

"Lord Tenchi, do not believe this woman. She is-"

By this time Washu and Mihoshi left the room. One to watch T.V and the other to finish an experiment.

"Calm down, please. The two of you always end up causing damage." Tenchi's sentence fell on deaf ears as the two aliens began battle.

"Thanks Sasami." The two badly injured aliens said. Ayeka sat on the couch holding an ice pack to her head. "You two should know better." Sasami said while handing another ice pack to Ryoko. "Not my fault the princess has an attitude problem."

"An attitude problem!" Ayeka stood up quickly with her hands forming fists. "See what I mean." Ryoko said, looking at Ayeka with little interest. Before the two could begin another fight Washu steps into the room.

"Hello ladies," Washu said, "Mind joining me for a tea party?" "What?" Sasami, Ayeka, and Ryoko all begin to suspect the worse. –THE CREATORS WERE TURNING THEM INTO LESBIANS- (A/N: Couldn't help it. No offense to lesbians. It was the first thing that came to mind! Hopefully it got a few laughs. Readers: we're not laughing…. Darn it)

"Oh. So this is where you ran off to." Washu steps into the room with a smile on her face. "There are two Washu's?" Ayeka points at each one; the Washus were standing side by side. "And I thought one was enough." Ryoko mutters with a scowl.

"Washu, who is this?" Sasami questions, placing a finger on her chin. Washu places a shoulder on her copy. "This is Washu 6942876-Z modern complex unit." (Pause) "But you can just call her Washu 2." "Washu, didn't you learn from your past clone?" Ayeka asks with a frown. "I just like to think of that as a stepping stone. No need to worry this time. I AM the greatest genius in the whole universe!" Washu, Washu 2, and Washu A&B all laugh. Sasami, Ayeka, Ryoko back away slowly.

"But I didn't come here to boost about me." Washu steps closer to the three. "I'm here to settle all your arguments." Suddenly Ayeka and Ryoko find themselves in Washu's lab. "What the hell am I sitting on?" Ryoko questions in annoyance. Ayeka and she were sitting up on brown leather chairs. Washu stood between the two. "Now," Washu opens a notebook and positions her pen. "Confess your feelings."

Meanwhile, Sasami with the help of Mihoshi finish setting up Washu 2's tea party. "It's done!" Sasami cries out and makes her way to the table. "Oh goodie, you made cookies." Mihoshi said and sat down. "I made them especially for you Mihoshi. It's not everyday you entertain Washu's clone." "You are so right, Sasami." Mihoshi said happily and took a cookie. "Mihoshi, where is Washu 2?"

"Well, we were playing outside and I showed her my ship. Can you believe she never heard of the Galaxy Police? It's so strange. I mean most people don't know, but I would have thought Washu would know. I mean who knows when she will need our help?"

"Mihoshi, where is Washu 2 now?" Sasami's feeling of unease grew. "Well…She should still be on the ship." Mihoshi finish her first cookie and went to get another one. "You left her on the ship alone!" "Don't worry about it." Mihoshi laughs and takes a bite of her cookie. "She'll be fine. What could go wrong?" Mihoshi's GP bracelet begins to beep.

"Confess our what?" Ryoko questions in shock. "Your feelings." Washu repeats calmly and faces her 'daughter'. "Well personally I am annoyed and slightly confused. Why the sudden interest on our feelings?" Ayeka asks looking around Washu's lab. Did the lab become bigger? "If you really want to know, it's for an experiment. So spill!" Washu leans in close to Ryoko.

"Leave me alone!" Ryoko says with grit teeth. Washu quickly takes down some notes. "Miss. Washu if I may, can I see your-"No." Washu answers before Ayeka can finish her question. "Ayeka!" Sasami screams and runs around the house looking for her sister and the others.

"Oh no, oh no!" Mihoshi jumps around the room. A few minutes pass before Ayeka, Ryoko, and Washu appear. "What happened?" Ayeka hugs Sasami and looks at the distress Mihoshi.

"Top news headline-An U.F.O has been spotted flying over Tokyo. It appears to be red in color. Any information regarding this craft should be phoned in immediately. Military officials are already on the case." The reporter on T.V announces.

All heads turn to look at the Galaxy Police Officer. "MIHOSHI!"

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