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"Ryo-Ohki!" Ryoko yells out for her spaceship. "Sasami, have you seen Ryo-Ohki?" Washu questions while trying to connect mentally with her invention. "No, I haven't seen Ryo-Ohki all day." Sasami frowns and tries to recall the last time she saw the cabbit. "I think I saw her with Tenchi last." "Great, now where is Tenchi?" Ryoko asks quickly without thinking. "In school you dimwit. Where else would he be?" Ayeka speaks up and sighs. "How will we get my spaceship now?" Mihoshi's eyes begin to water.

"Now now, don't start crying." Washu pats Mihoshi's shoulder, "Ryoko will go get Tenchi." The pirate begins to fade; immediately going to fulfill her duty. "Mihoshi, what did the Galaxy Police say to you?" Washu asks focusing her attention only on the officer. "They said- they said I'm to report to headquarters but I can't! Washu has my spaceship!" Suddenly the blonde cries. "Has she forgotten that the one who stole her ship is Washu's clone?" Ayeka whispers and Sasami nods in reply.


Ryoko hovers outside Tenchi's classroom window. Luckily, most of the students were asleep or half asleep so no one notice the cyan hair woman. "Hurry up hag." Ryokp whispers while glaring at the teacher. "We need Tenchi and Ryo-ohki."

The school bell rang signaling the end of the day. Finally, no more listening to that woman. Tenchi thinks then immediately feels guilty. It wasn't really the teacher's fault for being boring. No one in school really wanted to be there in the first place. "Oh Tenchi!" A familiar voice cries out and Tenchi found himself being transported. "Not in front of my classmates!" The cry is ignored and the two appeared before the rest of the girls.

"Lord Tenchi." Ayeka flung herself at him while pushing Ryoko out of the way. "Why you-"Now now, this is no time to fight." Washu tells Ryoko then faces Tenchi. "Tenchi, we need your help. Ryo-Ohki seems to be missing and she was last seen with you." Tenchi scratches the back of his head. "True, but afterwards she ran off. I thought she was going back to the house." "Oh no! You mean Ryo-ohki is gone?" Sasami asks with wide eyes. "Poor Ryo-Ohki." Sasami's eyes begin to water. "No need to worry Sasami. I'm sure Ryo-Ohki is just fine." Ayeka says and pats her little sister's head. "Are you sure?" "Absolutely." "Yea, Ryo-Ohki can handle anything." Ryoko adds with a grin.

"Ok, I'll go back inside just in case she came back." Sasami leaves the group to go inside the house. Once the door closes the group begins to talk.

"Tenchi, you say Ryo-Ohki left you." Washu begins then gets an idea. "No, she wouldn't. She couldn't, but it is likely." "What's likely? What is it?" Mihoshi asks quickly. "Well, I'm thinking what if Ryo-Ohki mistaken my clone for myself." Ayeka catches on with the idea. "Then that means Washu 2 and Ryo-Ohki are both on Mihoshi's ship." Washu nods and the group fell silent once again.

"What are we going to do? Mishoshi's name and career is at stake. Not to mention how much destruction Washu 2 may cause." Ayeka thinks out loud and receives a glare from Washu. "What was that about Washu 2?" Tenchi steps in between the two ladies. "Little Washu, Ayeka does bring up a very good point. How destructive is this Washu 2?...Wait, who is Washu 2 anyway?" "Washu's clone." Ayeka and Ryoko answer. "Washu's clone? Well…um…didn't last time…um…" Two ladies nod while one red head growls.

"She's not as bad this time. I swear it! Washu 2 is only a clone with innocent feelings!" "Innocent feelings?" Ryoko questions with a raise eyebrow. "Well you see, her mission in life is…" Washu became red and looks at the ground. "Ok, her mission in life is to get Tenchi drunk!" Washu screams out in embarrassment. All the listeners fall down (anime style of course). "Miss. Washu, what in gods name were you thinking?" Ayeka screams while glaring at the scientist. "Really mom, I thought you knew better." Ryoko says. "Wow. Really? That is so weird." Mihoshi says and looks at Tenchi. "Isn't that weird Tenchi?" Before a word could escape his mouth Tenchi fainted.

"I only wanted to see if the light hawk wings would be affected by alcohol." Washu defends herself as the girls sat around Tenchi. By now the group had been sitting around the living room for a half hour. "So, you make a clone?" Ayeka questions and for once Ryoko had to agree with her. "Well the idea sounded more interesting." "If Washu 2 was designed to get Tenchi drunk than why did it steal Mihoshi's ship?" Ryoko asks while accepting the snack Sasami offered. "That I do not know." Washu answers honestly. The group sat in silence wondering what to do. Finally, Ryoko spoke up. "Ok, so once Tenchi is drunk Washu 2 will leave us alone?"

Washu nods as Ryoko smirks. "Ryoko, just what are you saying?" Ayeka says not liking the pirate's thinking. "Well, we get Tenchi drunk and Washu 2 will come flying back in a matter of seconds!" Washu agrees with her daughter. "Ryoko is right. Washu 2 has a chip which alerts her to Tenchi's alcohol intake. Let's do it! For science!"

Ryoko and Washu wore identical grins as they stuck out their hands. Sasami and Ayeka watch as a clueless Mihoishi was urged to join in. "Should we?" Sasami question her sister. "If we must." Together the two princesses of Jurai gave their consents.

Tenchi begins to stir. Unaware of the plan the girls had in store for him…