"I always did like her, you know," said the more vibrant of the two; with a wave of her hand.

"Did not. If I recall, your exact words were, and I quote: 'What a whore. It's people like her that give us a bad name'."

"Show-off." She retorted. So, she had said that, but She had survived. She had seen the effect of the girl on him. She was something that shouldn't have been toyed with, and well, she had toyed with the girl, simply because she had held a grudge. "Besides, that was Before."

Before was capitalized, emphasized with a capital 'B'. Before was when there had been peace. Before was when there had been chaos, and Antar was a joke, something neighboring planets laughed at. Antar had been one of the most prosperous of planets, which, in the first few millennia had been the cause of its power. But power comes and goes. Antar was no exception and all former glory was gone, obsolete. But that was Before. This girl had the power in her to lead the people. To know the people. She could succeed where everyone had failed. It wasn't just her powers, or her abilities. It was her relationship with a leader that made the planet great. Sure, peace was decaying, and what was the start of the end for a planet that hadn't any backbone. But before greatness, there is terrible loss, and I am sure that my companion had something to do with that…particular…loss. She had always been a gorgeous, vibrant redhead. Fiercely loyal to Antar, and the granolith despite her ever changing mood swings.

So I made a mistake? But for persons like me, mistakes are not eternal; they are only sub moments that are gone before a blink of an eye. But mistakes can be fixed. Besides I could show my companion that I could be just as fair and calm as she typically is. "After such a show, perhaps we could reward her efforts?" I asked.

"Reward her efforts?" She scoffed. I knew she had something to do with it. "She did save a planet from complete humility, and unmistakable extinction." She volunteered. "What did you have in mind?"