She'd asked for this.

All her life she had wanted this.

Just like thousands of other girls.

She was so stupid.

So naïve.

No one would ever understand her.

Not after this.

No one would believe her.

She stood up then. Still lost in her thoughts. Her eye was still swollen from the fight a few hours before. Her legs shook. She was starving. She hadn't eaten anything in two days. He wouldn't let her. She had to be skinny. She had to look perfect. But he had finally left a mark on her face. He had screwed up. Maybe…maybe someone would believe her. Maybe someone would understand…


Every day she fears her life will end.

Every time the call rings they are late.

They never come quite in time to see his fist.

Leave its mark on the side of her disgrace.

They'll never charge him anyway and you know it.

Say we can't get involved today.


It had been two days since he had left the mark on her face. It had healed; completely. Thanks to her alien ancestry. No one had seen it. She didn't know how she was going to get out of this.


Ever since she had seen her first fashion magazine, she had wanted to be a model. It wasn't just that they were beautiful, but they had those smiles. Smiles that lit up each page. She thought that if she could be one of them, then maybe she could smile like that. She thought that if everyone saw her the way she saw those models, then maybe they wouldn't know. No one would know her secret.


Michael had said it was dangerous. And it was. But never in the way that he thought.


She was forced into anorexia.

She was forced into a relationship she never wanted.

She hadn't known.

None of them had, when they had first gotten into the business.

She'd asked for this.

All her life she had wanted this.

Just like thousands of other girls.

But she wasn't so stupid anymore.

She wasn't so naive anymore.

She knew what those smiles really were in those magazines so long ago.

They were the smiles she herself gave.

They were filled with fear, they were filled with disgust.


She had never wanted to get involved with Grant.

When she had first met him, he had told her he was a manager.

She had wanted to be a model so badly.

He said he could get her Cosmo if she worked for it.

She never thought that he would mean in the bedroom.

But she wanted to be a model.

A beautiful model whose smile would light up the pages.

Grant got angry a lot.

Grant smoked rock.

Grant got angry a lot.

He took it out on whatever was closest to him.

It was usually her.

She wasn't beautiful enough, he told her.

She wasn't skinny enough, he told her.

She wasn't tall enough, he told her.

So she worked harder.

She became the it girl in Hollywood.

She lost more weight.

The leaner she got, the taller she looked.

She could see all of her bones in the mirror now.

So, she stopped looking in the mirror.

Because she hated what she was.

She was a shell.


She dreamed of high school in those moment when blackness would come to her.

She dreamed of a pair of wamr hazel eyes.


It was something she had given up so long ago.

But still, she dreamt of warmth.

She dreamed of a boy she had left behind so long ago.

She hadn't been brave enough to reach out to him before.

She was afraid he wouldn't believe her.

But it was him.

She didn't have the strength to pretend anymore.

She couldn't waste away like this anymore.

She was hungry.

Not just for food.

But for love.

It had been so long since she had been loved.

Maybe…maybe he would believe her.


She woke to find herself in the shitty motel she had checked herself into the night before. She was still bleeding. But that wasn't important right now. She reached for the phone, and dialed the number she had held so close to her heart for so long.




"Alex, I need your help."


So, what do you think?