Title: Remember the time




Chapter 1: How'd it end up like this?




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I don't know what was running through my head that night. I have replayed it many times. Thinking to myself, if I had known things would turn out this way would I have not chosen to do what I had done? Well it's simple. I wouldn't. I would have done everything I did that night all over again, even if I had the chance to correct my mistakes.




I set down my steaming hot cup of coffee, walking across the kitchen to open up a window nearby. The house was cold and dark, making my mood sour. I figured some fresh air and a little sunlight in my house would brighten up the place, getting rid of the dark atmosphere that seemed to cover the room in thick blankets. As I had presumed, as soon as I opened the window and pulled back the curtains, sunlight bathed the room, covering everything in it's reach in a pleasant golden glow.

I sighed softly to myself, closing my eyes for only a moment as I let the sun's warm embrace wash over me. The heat felt lovely against my cold skin, offering me some type of comfort as I lingered in front of the window.

My moment of peace was quickly shattered when I heard the sound of the phone ringing somewhere nearby. Cursing silently under my breath, I hurried to answer the phone, bringing it up to my ears irately.

"Hello?" I answered, trying to hide the annoyance in my voice in fear of coming off rude.

"Hey Kagome, It's me." Said the voice on the other line, speaking expectantly as if they were confident I would know who they were right away. However, I was extremely tired, and my brain never functioned correctly when I wasn't awake entirely. So I stared at the phone in confusion for a moment, wondering which one of my friends had decided to grace me with their lovely phone call. After a moment I still couldn't figure it out, so I blurted out the first name that came to my mind.

"Inuyasha?" I guessed randomly, too tired to even think of the consequences if I had been wrong.

"Inuyasha? What the hell? Don't ever get me mixed up with that bastard!" The voice sneered and I recognized the voice immediantly, just from the familiar malice in his voice when he spoke of Inuyasha.

"Oh, Kouga? Fuck, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking, I should have recognized your voice, forgive me?" I pleaded softly, running a hand through my hair and cursing myself silently.

"You're damn right. We've been going out for almost six months now and you can't even recognize my voice. Kagome.. what should I do with you?" He asked and his voice had changed from an angry tone to a teasing one.

"Well Kouga.. there are many ways to punish me." I replied in a tone to match his, a smirk playing across my lips as I thought of the many things he could do to me.

"I have a few in mind." He laughed and soon his laughter was joined with my own.

"Well anyways I just called to let you know I'll be coming over soon. Is that good with you?" He asked and I paused for a minute to contemplate my answer.

"Um.. well I have to pick up Akami from preschool. So I'll call you when I get back. Alright?"

"Okay don't be too long. Tell Akami I said hey."

"Alright I will."

"Okay I've got to go. I'll see you soon baby, I love you." He said, his voice sounding warm and I paused before answering. I was always so hesitant with these words, although I couldn't understand why.

"I love you too."

It was weird to have to force those words from my lips, but I thought nothing of it and once he had muttered a goodbye I hung up the phone.

I snook a glance at the clock and realized it was almost five, about the time Akami's school let out. I grabbed my keys and swung my purse over my arms as I made my way to the front door and out towards my car. Once inside, I tilted my rear view mirror in an angle so that I could see my eyes, and glanced at myself in the mirror.

Deep chocolate brown eyes stared back at me, almost hidden behind thick black lashes that fluttered every time I blinked. I observed my appearance, from my long wavy raven locks and ivory skin to my full lips that were painted light red from my cherry lip gloss. I glanced away from the mirror, searching around for my purse. I found it and took my purple make-up case out, zipping it open and pulling out my black eyeliner.

I brought it to my face and applied it evenly to both of my eyes. I always thought when I put on eye liner it accentuated my eyes and made me look much more energetic. I looked so tired without it, probably because I get no sleep from looking after my daughter every night.

It's hard being a single mother. You have to be able to support yourself, I learned that the hard way. You can't depend on other people, in this world, it's just you and your child. You have to provide the money, and you have to provide the food on the table. It's difficult, but I always seem to manage. I don't know how though..

I threw my eyeliner back into my make-up case, then I pulled out my mascara and ran it through my lashes. After I was done applying all my make up, I stared at my reflection once more. Finally satisfied with my appearance, I put away my make-up case and started the car.

I peeled out of the driveway and started to head towards my daughters school. As I drove, I rolled down the window and eased back in my chair, allowing the wind to blow into my car. It felt cool against my skin as it ran through my hair, making me feel comforted and a bit more relaxed.

I sighed, looking out the window as an old building appeared in front of me. A building which held so much memories of my past, both good and bad ones. I smiled as the building became more clear to me. As I rode by it, the large sign that read 'Rumiko High' came into my view.

My old highschool.. the very same place I spent my teenage years in. I'm twenty one years old now.. so it's been at least four or five years since I've visited that place. Once I had gotten pregnant, I left the school at the end of tenth grade so I could raise my child.

I had promised myself I would never return to this old school. That school is where I held all my hopes and dreams, only to have them crushed and my dreams only brought me back to realize how cruel reality is.

I shook my head as if to clear my thoughts, trying to forget the memories that returned to me every time I saw my old school. The past and the school all together was quickly forgotten as I turned a corner, smiling softly when my daughter's school came into view. I could now see the small building more clearly, as I drove closer to it.

As I neared the small brick building, I was now able to make out Akami's light brown hair, and from the rays of the sun I could almost clearly see her amber eyes sparkling in the sunlight. I parked my car near the building, and smiled as Akami came rushing towards me.

"Mommy you're here!" She exclaimed happily with a bright smile on her face. This was the best part of the day, being greeted by your child who hadn't seen you all day and was eagerly awaiting your arrival.

The innocent, cheerful look on her face was powerful enough to make the whole room light up in my eyes, and it made my heart grow warmer as I gazed at her.

"Hey honey, did you have a nice time in school today?" I asked with a small smile on my face, brushing her bangs slightly to the side as I took her into my arms and lifted her into my car. Her light brown hair had been done in pig tails, her bangs towered over her face, covering her forehead and giving off the impression of an innocent little school girl. Which suited her perfectly.

"Yep! Mrs. Anawa let us have special treats today, we had cookies and milk!" She sang, the cheerful smile never leaving her lips.

"That's great to hear, I'm glad you had fun." I replied as I placed her into her car seat, and buckled her in.

I felt the sudden presence of someone behind me, and I turned around and locked gazes with one of Akami's teachers. She was known as Mrs. Awana, one of the principles in Akami's small preschool.

"Hello Ms. Higurashi. How are you today?" She asked casually, forcing a smile upon her face.

"Fine, thanks for asking. And yourself?" I asked, sending her a smile of my own.

"I'm good. You know.. you have a very unique daughter. She's very different from all the other kids.. although I can't quite place it." Mrs. Anawa said, averting her eyes over to Akami who sat in the back seat of my car.

"Yes, I know. Well I'd love to stay and chat but I'm in a bit of a rush, so I'll see you tomorrow. Good day." I said hastily as I turned around, practically jumping into my car. That woman always made me feel so nervous whenever I talked to her, it was like her very presence demanded authority.. and people like that just didn't fit very well with me. I started my car and drove away as quickly as I could, eager to get away from Mrs. Anawa's prying eyes.

The school I had enrolled Akami in, was a very prestigious school. You had to fit the qualifications perfectly to be accepted into the school, luckily Akami had passed and fit in perfectly. The only problem was the school was very religious, and held a strong hold of segregation against demons.

The way they had described the demon race, would have sought them out to be no less then the devil himself. With Akami being one fourth dog demon, that alone could have caused her to be immediantly booted out of the school.

I would have just taken my daughter out of such a racist school but decided against it, seeing as how I desperately needed Akami to be watched during the day while I was out at work, and with there being no other preschool around for miles I had no choice but to enroll her there.

I would not settle for getting a babysitter, and leaving my daughter in the hands of someone I barely knew. I have heard the stories, parents leaving their children with complete strangers who seemed responsible and trustful, then in the end their children would either be kidnaped or dead. The thought alone was terrifying.

And leaving her with her father.. that was just out of the question. He would have to be a definite-absolutely-no-other-choice last resort for me to even consider coming to him. It wasn't only because of the fact that I can't stand the man, he is no where near responsible enough to look after his very own daughter.

He can barely keep up with the child support, no less then he can count the number of girls he had fooled around with. He was a player, and an irresponsible drunk. He was no where close to being responsible enough to take care of Akami by himself.

I clenched the steering wheel in anger, remembering the time I had been forced to pick him up from the board walk near our beach. He had been drunk to the point his body could no longer handle it and he had passed out, leaving me to collect the rest of him and drop his sorry ass back to his broken down apartment.

Why hadn't he had stayed truthful to his words? I sighed, glaring out my window in pure annoyance. I don't know what I had seen in him back then, how could I have fallen in love with such a complete idiot?

He wasn't always that way, I couldn't help but recall. He actually had been a great boyfriend back in high school. Always making me laugh with his corny jokes, making me feel superior when he took me out to fancy restaurants, and leaving me breathless when he made love to me every night.

I remember how much fun we had, both being bold and exciting, ready to take on anything the world threw at us. He used to tell me we would be together forever, and one day we would get married and start a family together. Who knew everything would change once I had gotten pregnant. We were both forced to drop out of school to look after Akami, both of us devoting time and effort into raising our daughter.. but the years really did change him.

I almost laughed thinking about the old days, when Inuyasha would skip class just to go see me. He would wander the hall until he had found my classroom, waving his hand at me through the tiny square of glass on the door, instantly catching my attention. He would pretend he was walking down an escalator, which often made me laugh, causing other students to look at me strangely.

He was the most popular guy in school, while I was only an average student. Nothing more then a shadow in the crowds. But once Inuyasha's interest in me had sprouted, all from a tiny double date that Sango had forced me to go on, I had become popular as soon as word got around that I was dating THE Inuyasha Tashio.

To think, it all started from a simple entwinement of our hands. Ever since that day we had become an item. We were inseparable.. but now of course everything was different. We no longer loved each other or had that ridiculous little fantasy of marrying and becoming a little happy family together anymore. Over the years we realized we wanted nothing more to do with each other.

He had tried to keep our relationship going at first, but all the stress and problems that I was going through, made it an impossible task. He finally just gave up and began seeing other people, as I went on my own separate way, seeing other people as well. The only contact we made was when he was paying the small sum of two hundred dollars a month for child support, even with that he struggled.

We would talk but only briefly, most of his attention would be directed towards his daughter that he rarely got to see. I sighed for the umpteenth time that day, trying to forget what had occurred in the past and concentrate on what was occurring now in the present. I reached out my hand, frowning as I fumbled with the buttons on the radio, searching for something nice to listen too.

"Is something wrong mama?" Akami suddenly spoke up, sensing my distress.

I snapped my head in her direction, and mustered up the best smile I could afford.

"I'm fine honey, just a little tired is all." I replied, turning my attention back to the road before us.

"You should get some rest mama, you don't look so good." Akami said, taking notice of my tired appearance.

"Yes, I know and I plan to do that." I said as I concentrated on the road, eager to return home as quickly as I could.

I glanced at my watch, and to my surprise it was almost six o'clock. Why did time always seem to fly by and never allow me to notice it?

Then I remembered something that made my stomach lurch. I had completely forgotten that I had promised Inuyasha he would get to see his daughter around six o'clock.. and now I was cursing myself for making that promise. Couldn't I just reschedule it?

I sighed deeply, before turning my car around abruptly. I really wasn't in the mood to deal with him just then, but Akami needs to see her father at least once a week. Besides, It would be unfair to her if she couldn't see her father for my own selfish purposes.




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