Imaginary Secrets


By DemiHuman123

I don't own the TV Show Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. I don't own Mac, Francis, Bloo, Eduardo, or the kind and wonderfully sweet Wilt. Craig McCracken owns them, so nobody better come and sue me because I got a copyright up so I'm fine... I think.


RATING: PG - 13: Cursing, Mild Blood, Sexual Discussion

INSPIRATIONS: Once Upon A Time In Mexico, the whole soundtrack. Particularly vocal song "Siente Mi Amor", and "Pistolero". I recommend buying the soundtrack it's incredible. "Yo Te Qiuero" reminds me of Eduardo so much too. Though this fic is not about him. Well, not for a couple of chapters anyways.

When Mac was eight years old, he had nothing to worry about in his mind. He would go to school, spend the rest of the day with Bloo, his imaginary friend who resides at Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, go home, maybe watch a little TV (if he got the chance), and go to bed anticipating seeing Bloo again the next. That was a long time ago. Well, in his mind it felt like a long time ago. In essence, six years isn't all that long when you think about it. It's only seventy-two months. Two thousand one hundred ninety days. One hundred thirty-one thousand four hundred hours. Seven million eight hundred eighty-eight thousand minutes. Four hundred seventy-three million forty thousand seconds.







The brown mullet headed boy repeatedly screamed the same thing over and over slamming his head against the brick wall on the back of his high school. He wasn't exactly worried about the fact that he was beginning to bleed on his forehead, or that he was creating a small crack against the red cement blocks. It didn't even matter to him that the Goths and Rejects of the school who were outside conversing and smoking were looking on at him with the same scared and confused look that many a student had given them. At that very moment, Mac was the biggest weirdo at the school. And that wouldn't be for the fact that he, in fact, did weird things. It was just that he had been banging his head against the wall for half an hour without break.

"Why-Won't-These-Stupid-Thoughts-Leave-My-Head," he screamed as he continued to crush his forehead into the brick wall in front of him, "Get-Out-Of-My-Head!"

The entire gaggle of high school students outside were now gazing at him with the strangest of looks. Keep in mind there weren't that many eyes since it was the back of the building and mostly rejects of the school.

"Poor Mac," one of the Goth-girls near him said taking another puff from her cigarette, "he's lost his mind." Several of the other teenagers near her nodded their heads and added in their own comment in the meantime.

"Why is it always the popular ones who go mad?"

"Anyone know why he's doing that?"

"Well it's something about thoughts. Maybe he's going suicidal."

"Nah, Mac doesn't seem like the type of kid who would do that…"

"Hasn't he been going to the guidance counselor a lot lately?"

"He was, but that was only because he had an imaginary friend in his backpack."

"From what I heard, it wasn't his fault that blue thing got in there anyways. You know that imaginary friends have a mind of their own."

"I have an imaginary friend and I don't see why everyone gets so upset about it."

"They think that if a teenager has an imaginary friend than that person has social issues or something. Good fig."

"I don't think that's his problem though… It's none of our business anyway."

"It's not that it's any of our business, it's just we're the outcasts of the school. We're not supposed to care about it wither way."

"It's good to be an outcast."

"Yes it is."

Mac stopped for a second to listen to the various freaks and geeks go on about him, and to check to see if they could guess his problem. Thankfully, they didn't, so he decided he was going to resume beating the "thoughts" out of his head. However, before he even got a chance to reel his head back for another slam, he all of suddenly felt woozy. It was at that moment that he could feel something warm and oozy trickling down his nose. He placed a hand over his forehead and found that his fingers were suddenly coated in a red substance. Blood.

"Oh… yeah… that's right…," he whispered to himself before toppling to the ground and passing out on the cement below him. The kids beside him look at him funny again and sighed.

"There he goes," a male nerd puffed, "someone needs to call the nurse." Everyone looked at him for a moment and he sighed. "Fine… I'll take him."


"And as you can see, if you place the variable over three and take the square root of that, then you'll find that the answer is… Mr. Autumn."

Leon Autumn shot his head up from his desk and gave a sleepy look toward the Algebra teacher. He rubbed his eyes and yawned a bit before asking: "Yes, Mr. Lee?"

"Perhaps you could come up here and answer the question Leon," the teacher said holding out a large dry erase marker, "or were you not paying attention?"

"Well, Mr. Lee, to be honest I wasn't paying attention."

"Thank you for being truthful… Now come here and finish the damn question."

Several students chuckled at the use of a curse word by a teacher, while the blonde fifteen year old boy just rolled his eyes, moaned, and got out of his desk towards the dry erase board. He obviously wasn't excited that he had been woken up from his nap and had to be dragged out of his comfy desk up to the board. Guess not all quarterbacks of the football team are given special treatment. He took one of the markers already on the banister of the board, and did his best at trying to figure out the problem. Luckily, he was a wiz at stuff like this and was able to finish the question in no time flat. With that, he tossed the marker into the air, caught it, put the cap back on its head, and strutted his way back to the desk absorbing every second of the swoon girls that he passed on the way there.

"Damn Autumn," said one of the teenagers in the far back of the room, "scooping up all the girls before the real deserving ones even get a chance at them. You know it's just not fair. Good looks, wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, dimples, tight ass…"

Three other boys around him turned to give him a funny look. The complaining boy, Richard Raxsmith, sighed under his breath and slouched back in his chair.

"Just telling it like it is," he said grabbing his pencil and playing his it in his fingers.

"Ooooooooookay," said another boy to the left of him, Eric Delila, "well… you are right though. He does get all the girls. Greedy bastard."

"Well he's not so bad," beamed the boy to Richard's right, the red headed Ferris Wroters, "he shares the girls every once in a while."

Richard and Eric both just stared blankly at him.


"It's easy for you to say something like 'Oh, he's not such a bad guy once you get to know him'," Eric whispered across Richard's desk to Ferris, "your on the football team with him, and you got a girlfriend anyways, and he's your friend, AND above all-"

He hesitated and cut himself off. Richard and Ferris both leaned forward and gave a "get on with it look" toward the red head.

"Oh," Eric spurt, "I forgot what I was gonna say."

Richard slapped the palm of his hand against his face and shook his head in an almost shameful fashion. He sighed, brushed his fingers through his short raven colored hair and went back to playing with his pencil. Ferris did almost the exact same, except he mouthed something along the lines of ,"idiot", before returning to what he was doing originally before interrupted. Eric, truly being the idiot of what he is, just went back to his reading (several comic books hidden in the pages of his math book) not caring anything in the world about it. After several minutes however, Richard began to wonder something odd.

"What about you Mac," he said tapping the boy in front of him on the shoulder, "what do you think about the whole Leon thing?"

"Me," he questioned putting down his pencil and turning around in his chair, "your asking me? Your asking me?"

Now that Richard thought about it, it was a pretty stupid thing to ask Mac about stuff like that. Especially since Mac was the one of the "in-crowd" people. One of the star elite of the high school. One of the most popular kids in the entire freshmen class. Fourteen year old Mac had always been part of that crowd for some odd reason. He was just lucky that way, or at least that's what a lot of students say. None of the students, not even Mac's friends he was conversing with at that moment, had any idea to how this boy was even able to enter the crowd at all. He wasn't on any sports team, he wasn't in any clubs, he wasn't in any after school activities, and he wasn't in some sort of protest group. Sure, he would help around with the dance decorations every once in a while, but that was only because he was forced to do so. Truth be told Mac was a very laid back kind of guy. Not wanting to do much, but doing enough to get him through the day. So because of who Mac is, nobody is quite sure as to how he got so popular. Then again, it really does help ones social status to save the most popular kid from choking on his breakfast sandwich on the second week of school. Mac's proud and achieving moment.

"Never mind," Richard said pushing his glasses back up his nose, "I keep forgetting that your dating Jessica… Lucky little SOB."

Jessica was a fine specimen of pure beauty. Intelligent, curly red locks, dim green eyes, long flapping eye lashes, skinny proportioned body, a beauty mole, the height of fashion, and the captain of the cheerleader squad. Yes, you heard the narrator right. A teenage girl whose head of the cheerleader squad and gets straight A's. It's every guys fantasy. But going beyond the point…

"Jessie and I are not dating," Mac snapped back, "we're just friends and I'd thank you to quit bringing her up whenever you can't get some."

"Fine, Fine," the boy behind him said raising his hands in a sort of silent defense, "I won't bring her up again."

"Yeah, I've heard that one before."

Really, Mac couldn't give a rats ass about Leon Autumn. He hated Leon Autumn in fact. He only played goody goody friend just to get into the "in-crowd" and have a popular high school life. Sometimes Mac regrets saving Leon's life. When he did save the boy, Mac was just acting on instinct and doing something to help another. He didn't know he was going to be one of the most popular boys in school and get dragged around by some stuck up little quarterback. But then again, if he didn't end of saving Leon's life he would never have met Jessica, whom he has pretty much taken upon himself to label as his best HUMAN friend. Bloo was his best IMAGINARY friend. There's a difference.

Speaking of which, Mac wanted nothing more than to finish this class and go to Foster's so he could see his friend and have a good day. All he had to do was to make it through forty-five more minutes of the class and he would be home free. No, no. Forty-four minutes. Freedom would soon be him. No, no, wait. Forty-six minutes to go? Oh no, it is forty-four minutes. Actually it is forty-six minutes left.

"Crap," Mac whimpered under his breath, "I hate Algebra."

It was his worst subject after all, but it was also his favorite. It was the only time in the whole day, besides in the morning before class, that all of his real friends got together in the same classroom. Even Jessica was in the class with them, but sadly was restrained from sitting next to Mac by being forced to sit next to Leon for appearances. He was glad to be in that class none the less. Algebra 1 was both his savior and demon of the school day.

"I can't live through this," he spoke to himself, "I think I just might kill myself right here and now if I have to listen to this teacher keep spewing hot air out his mouth."

Feeling bored with listening to Mr. Lee droning on about the importance of variables, Mac turned his attention to the earlier subject of Leon in his mind. He took a glance at the boy and examined him thoroughly. Mac made sure to take in every detail about the boy.

"What's so special about him anyways," Mac continued to silently talk to myself, "I don't see why Jessie thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. I mean, yeah, he does work on his hair pretty hard but you gotta keep it clean. And he's slim. I thought high school girls only went after the tall muscular guys on the football team. Guess I was wrong there. His eyes… well… alright, I'll admit that they are actually kinda cool, but nothing else really. His voice… His voice is raspy when you listen to it the right way, yeah, really raspy in fact. Why do so many girls seem to like it so much. And the ass part. Jeez Richard, if your trying to keep the fact that your Bi under the rug, then don't keep pulling outbursts like that. Oh, but the ass. Meh, nothing special really."

Yep, nothing special. In Mac's mind Leon was just another high school stuck up student who would end up growing up to become a gas station clerk. The thought of that made Mac giggle under his breath. His mind then all of a suddenly turned to the Bi comment about Richard he had made.

It was true that Richard was bisexual, though only Mac knew about it. Unfortunately he found out through a process that he rather not repeat. The short version of the story just involves two very cliché words, locker room. The poor boy shivers every time he hears those words. Repeating the events of what happened that day was not a pleasant experience. Now, the long version of the story is a little more adult. If there are children reading this that are under thirteen years old, you might wanna skip down a couple of paragraphs.

Richard's coming out happened about two months ago… during the end of gym class. Clean hygiene is a part of every students grade in gym. No shower qualifies as an automatic fail (unless a student has special permission). So, back to the story, Mac and Richard had just gotten finished with their running drills and were the last to get in the showers, meaning that they had the locker room showers all to themselves. Now before any of you close-minded people go any further and begin flaming, let me just say… it's not what you think it is! But once again, back to the story.

Mac was not exactly secure with his nudity around anyone, except Bloo. But Bloo was his imaginary friend and it wasn't as if he didn't know anything about Mac's physical or spiritual body, so Mac didn't mind at all around him. But anywhere else though, he was insanely insecure. It took him at least ten minutes to get his pants off, let alone his boxers. Lets not start on the boxers, shall we? He would have rather waited for Richard to finish so he could have the entire shower room to himself, but he unfortunately would not get that. Especially since Richard got tired of waiting and practically dragged him into the showers. Needless to say Mac did not have a good time. The insecurity hit him head on, and he spent most of the time to try and hide anything and everything. A couple of minutes later though he did get relaxed and was sure his friend wasn't trying to sneak a peek. Oh how he was wrong. Even if it was two months ago, Mac remembered the exact words that came out of Richard's mouth.

"Ha Ha. You got a nice ass Mac."

It hit him like a ton of bricks. Richard knew how edgy Mac was about his nudity and was obviously trying to get a reaction out of his shower partner. At least that was what Mac thought it was at first. Hearing this comment though caused Mac to react by jetting quickly out of the shower room and make a mad break for a towel and his clothes. But apparently Richard wasn't done with the mullet boy yet. He had hidden his clothes and towel. Richard always was well to do when it came with pranks.

Behind Mac, he could hear Richard's laughter. There was some exchange of dialogue, but Mac couldn't quite remember what the words were. The next two things that he remembered changed the way he looked at his friend from then on. The first being that when Richard was laughing up a storm, Mac was sure he was checking him out. The second, and most revealing of the two, was that Richard was "enjoying" Mac's company. Poor Mac noticed this and all of a suddenly became confused at his friend. Richard, still laughing his ass off, didn't notice till last second. All of a sudden he became the one searching for a towel.

To make a long story short (too late), it had turned out that Richard was into both females and males. Now while Mac took the news surprisingly well, he decided to stay a safe distance from his friend until he was comfortable with Richard. That took all of about a week. It's really wasn't that big of a deal to Mac. He does hang out with imaginary friends in his spare time so nothing really surprised him all that much. But still.

"Hey genius!"

Mac snapped himself back into reality. The math class was almost empty. Everyone was almost out the door. The dry erase board had all been erased with the exception of an assignment.

"Class is over," Richard said standing over Mac's desk, "the other two went along to their next classes. Thankfully, we don't. So lets jet."

"Uh… okay. Yeah," the younger boy said lifting his head up from his desk and rubbing his eyes sleepily. Thank god class was over he thought to himself. It was every teenagers dream to live to get out of another day of high school. He groaned a bit, forced himself out of his desk, collected his things, and made his way out of the classroom with his friend. "Jessie run off with Leon?"

"Unfortunately," Richard said coldly, "she deserves so much better."

"Yes she does."

"I still think you should ask her out Mac. You two would be the best couple in the whole school."

"What did I just finish telling you awhile ago?"

"Alright, alright. Chill. I won't bring it up again." The older male made a gesture of zipping his mouth shut and smiled at his friend. Mac nodded in approval and smiled. "So what were you thinking about during class anyway? I tried to tap you out of it but you were long gone into la-la land."

"Aw, nothing."

"Really? Sounds very interest! So nothing took up close to forty-five minutes of your time? Most incredible! I may need to start trying nothing next time I want time to pass by quicker."

"Do I sense a hint of sarcasm?"

"Well… Maybe just a bit." They both laughed at each other for a moment. "But seriously man, what were you thinking about?"

"Just… Reminiscing," Mac replied.

Richard shrugged thinking it was something a little more interesting and decided to just drop the subject from that point on with a silence.

"Sooooooo," Richard started, "need a ride to Foster's?"

Mac looked at him a little oddly and nodded. Only Mac's closest friends knew that he went to Foster's everyday to visit Bloo and everyone, which only meant that Richard and Jessie were the only two that knew. Thankfully they didn't care either way. In fact, Richard on occasion had been visiting Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends with Mac every once in a while. This was not on Richard's own will though, no. It was actually through Bloo's will, who wanted to meet some of his creator's high school friends to see if he had gotten replaced. He was pleased with what he saw and approved of Richard right away.

"I thought you had work tonight," Mac questioned him stopping at his locker.

"Nope, as of today, my mother has visitation rights for the next two weeks. No more having to deal with that scum bag of a father."

Richard's parents were divorced. In fact it was one of the worst divorces anyone had ever seen. Quite the talk of the town for a couple of weeks. Frankly, no one could care a less about the divorce in the long run. Richard's father was an abusive evil man that no one would miss in the future when he died. The only reason he wasn't in jail was because he was one of the most powerful attorneys in the whole country, so with his powerful linguistics he got off almost scott-free.

"Well, that's good I guess. But yeah. I'd love it if you could give me a ride."

"Cool! Err… but first, I gotta go to a tutorial for English real quick. Only for about fifteen-thirty minutes to talk to the teacher about my essay problems. Do you mind waitin'?"

"Nah. Go! Get out of here! I'll meet you at the back of the building."

"The place where all the smokers hang out?"


Richard nodded, said his goodbyes, and trotted off to his little tutorial. Mac smiled after waving goodbye to him and began his excursion to the back of the building. This left him to his own thoughts yet again. This didn't do much to him yet.

He had gone back to thinking about his friends. All of his friends. The human and imaginary ones. He couldn't wait to see Bloo. Today had been definitely one of those days he wanted to get out of that place. Mac couldn't wait to get to Bloo and talk about his crappy day. He couldn't wait to see what kind of hair brained scheme Bloo had come up with that day. He couldn't wait to see Richard and-"

"Richard," he whispered to himself, "why am I thinking about Richard. I was thinking about Foster's a few seconds ago."

Count to think of it, he had been thinking about Richard a lot lately. He was thinking about his coming out incident during class today, and Rich was his best human friend. Mac wandered why he was thinking about him so much. Probably nothing, so he shrugged it off and continued his way back down the hall. Only problem was, now that he had the thought of him stuck in his head, he couldn't get it out. Mac tried thinking about how much fun it would be to go to Foster's but it always ended up back with that one thought. Richard, two months ago, with nothing but a towel. And then… without the towel.

"Ack," he spat out as soon as he was outside, "I shouldn't be thinking about that kind of stuff. It's nothing. NOTHING!"

He looked around and saw that several of the Goths and smokers were looking his direction with odd looks.

"You okay Mac," one of the girls asked.

He nodded silently and slapped himself across the face. There was a pause in time for a moment while he collected himself. And it him dead on. He turned around to face a brick wall. My, that brick wall looked so inviting. Apparently, he thought that a little pain would get the stupid thoughts of a nude Richard out of his head. He was wrong.

End Flashback

"Ouch," Mac muttered rubbing the small bandage on his forehead.

"What the hell were you doing banging your head against the wall of the school for," Richard asked taking his eyes off the road for a moment to gain a quick glance of Mac.

"I don't know," the younger teen responded with a little sorrow in his voice, "I think I'm losing my mind though."

"What else is new," the driver laughed.

Mac faked laughed and went back to watching the quickly moving road, pushing his already throbbing forehead against the glass of the passenger side window. He all of a suddenly started hating his thoughts. Luckily, those little "thoughts" had left his mind for the time being. Only to be replaced with a much worse thought on his mind.

"We're here!"

Richard smiled at Mac and opened the door to get out. Mac looked out into the distance and noticed a large mansion with a giant fence surrounding it with the name "Foster's" engraved above the gate. Mac smiled and got out of the Cadillac. As soon as that foot touched the ground, the front door to the mansion opened and a little blue blob that looked like a Pacman ghost came running out. Mac waved to his friend Bloo and smiled. After the day that he had just lived through, specifically the last hour or so, he couldn't be happier to be "home".

AUTHOR'S NOTES: First off, I am completely aware of the fact that the ending to this chapter is really rushed, but it was like four in the morning and I wanted to go to bed. So sue me. Now on to the juicy parts. This is really my first multi-chapter story. I've spent most of my fanfiction time writing nothing but one-shots but I decided to do this now. Yes it starts off as a slash I know, and yes the main slash pairing is Mac / Bloo in later chapters. But in future chapters I am also going to be doing Wilt / Frankie, Red / Coco, and Eduardo / Original Character. So please bear with me as I attempt to construct this story. Also for those of you who want to start flaming, please keep them at a PG rating please. Thank You!

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