Imaginary Secrets


By DemiHuman123

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When Wilt first moved into Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, he never quite knew what was going to happen. He was expecting to be adopted a short time later and live out his days with his new owner hopefully graduating to becoming the imaginary friend to their children and then their children's children and so on and so on. But now all that had changed. He was now a permanent resident to Foster's and had made too many good friends to leave now. And to make matters even more interesting for him, he had become the house psychologist. Being the nice guy that he was, he was glad to take anyone and everyone in to make notice of their problems and make sure that they can find a way to get on with life. Isn't life funny that way?

The tall red handicapped imaginary friend had just finished consoling an extremely frightened Eduardo, who had been attacked by a bumblebee outside, when the house phone rang. Being that the phone kept on ringing with no stop, Wilt deduced that no one must be around. Actually, he knew exactly who was around. Coco was forbidden to answer the phone as not a single person could understand her (unless you knew her lingo). Eduardo was in the middle of crying his eyes out because of a bumblebee sting on his shoulder. Bloo was being Bloo (though Wilt didn't know he really wasn't there). Herriman was obviously doing paperwork and could not be bothered. And Frankie was still locked up soundly in her room, sulking up a storm. Wilt had to take things into his own hand. After leaving the upset Eduardo in their room, he marched downstairs, picked up the Foster's phone, and with a cheery smile on his face gave a great big:

"Foster's House For Imaginary Friends. The best friends you could ever think of. This is Wilt speaking how may I help you?"

"Um. Yes. This is nurse Rachel from Mac's high school," said a female voice from the other side.

"Oh yes… How are you doing today ma'am?"

"Fine Fine I 'spose. I just got tranfered here from another town a few miles away from here."

"Oh! Well then welcome to our quaint little town! How are you enjoying it so far?"

"Its nice I guess, but that's not reason for me calling. I only called here because this number is listed under Mac's backup numbers just incase I can't get a hold of his mother."

"Ah, I see."

"Where is it I'm calling again?"

"Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends. It's an adoption agency for abandoned or forgotten imaginary friends."

"That would explain the blue thing."

"What blue thing?"

"The little blue imaginary friend that's standing right over Mac right now."

Wilt sighed under his breath and shook his head. According to Wilt, it was definitely not okay to hide in someone's backpack in order to sneak into their school and hang out with them when getting caught could seriously get that person in trouble.

"So Bloo's there then…"

"Is Bloo its name?"


"Oh, well anyways, the reason I'm calling is because Mac passed out in his Drama class today and we need someone to take him home."

"Is he okay?"

"Yes Yes, he's fine. I'm sure it's nothing more than a stomach flu or some sort of virus. A lot of kids have been getting sick recently so it's probably just something going around that's all. But I tried calling his mother but I couldn't get a line through so I decided to call the backup number. So I'm assuming this is his place of work?"

"You could say that, yeah."

"Well, would it be too much trouble if somebody from that adoption place could come down here and pick him up?"

"No trouble at all ma'am. I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Thank you very much. I'll see you soon."

"Goodbye ma'am!"


There was a click and Wilt hung up the phone. Wilt stood there for a moment thinking if poor Mac was going to be okay. But the nurse said that it was just a virus or something so there really wasn't any reason to worry. However, what pressed in Wilt's mind was what would happen to the boy because of Bloo. Last time the little blue friend was there it caused Mac to go to the guidance counselor for several weeks. Social issues or something or other, but either way it was bad for Bloo to be there.

Now while the first problem was trying to get Bloo and Mac out of the school, the second problem was going to be how. Frankie was the only one that had the keys to the Foster's bus, and she was the only one who could drive it as well. Wilt had driven it once before but that was a long time ago. He found it very difficult to drive anyways with those long legs of his. Even with the drivers seat pushed all the way to its back most setting it was still difficult for him to drive the big hunk of metal. Still it had to be done though. Except there was only one problem.

"Frankie," Wilt whispered as he peered into her room, "are you awake?"

The girl grumbled a bit and turned on her side to face Wilt who only had his head in through the doorway.

"Can I come in," he asked her with the same softness in his voice.

She nodded and motioned him forward. He leaned under the doorway to fit through, and closed the door behind him. Taking a quick glance around, nothing had really changed since the last time people had laid eyes on her room. However, the sweet scent of incense had given the room a gentle aroma that was much more tolerable than the stinking stench of the girl herself. Wilt stepped forward a bit and kneeled down in front of Frankie's bed.

"Frankie, I need to borrow the keys to the bus. Mac just collapsed at school and his mother isn't picking up the school's calls, so I need to take him home if you don't mind."

She looked at him with a vacant silent stare and pointed toward the top of her dresser. The keys were sitting patiently, gathering dust as no one had used them in a few weeks.

"She might need gas," Frankie groaned as Wilt stepped over to pick up the keys, "need some money?"

"No, I got gas money, it's fine," Wilt responded, even though he had no idea how to use a gas pump. It was one of the things that he never quite knew how to do. In fact, anything automobile related was quite a mystery to him. Still, he could manage just fine if he asked the right people. "Thanks Frankie, I'll have it back to you in no time."

"Wait Wilt," she coughed, "before you go, can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, Frankie, anything."

She sat up in her bed, the sheets and comforters still covering her body.

"Do you think I'm an attractive person?"

Wilt froze dead in his tracks. He turned around a moment to take a look at the twenty-eight year old red head. Her eyes all puffy, her nose runny, and her messy hair let down in all sorts of directions.

"Well, Frankie… I think-"

"Please honest okay?"

Be honest? Well if it were anybody else and they were asked to be honest, they would inevitably get the holy living crap kicked out of them in an instant. But this was Wilt we're talking about here. Mr. Nice Guy of imaginary friends.

"I think you look really nice, Frankie."

"You mean it," her face lit up.

"Yeah, I mean sure you look a little rowdy right now, but if you get out of bed, clean yourself up, and give the day a smile, then I'm sure you'll look the most beautiful you've ever been."

These words brought tears to the already red and irritated eyes that she had. With a smile on her face and confidence in her heart now, she sprang out of bed, grabbed some clean clothes from her drawer, and walked up in front of Wilt.

She slowly wiped away her teary eyes and said to him, "Thanks Wilt, I really needed that." Frankie then brought her finger up and motioned for him to kneel down a moment. Wilt smiled and gladly did it. He was rewarded with a kiss on cheek from the spunky red head.

"Ah jeez Frankie," he said with an unnoticeable blush, "you didn't need to do that."

"Well I just felt like it that's all. You're the first guy in forever who's actually complemented me on the way I look. Thanks."

"It was nothing Frankie. Really it wasn't…"

Wilt grinned down at her and was returned with the same happy-go-lucky grin and blush on her face. Frankie's mood had been lifted and it was all thanks to Wilt.

"Well I gotta go," Wilt announced as he leaned under the doorway out of the room, "I gotta go pick up Mac."

"Okay," the girl replied giving a quick wave to him, "if there's a scratch on the bus I'll have to kill you."

The two of them laughed and went in opposite direction of the house with both of them still blushing kindly.

He was happy to get out of that bus. Really he was. It was so cramped and small for him. Well, only because he was the one who was driving it. Thankfully, it didn't need gas after all so Wilt could live another day to learn the tricks and the trade of automobiles.

"Hm, looks like rain," Wilt said looking up at the now dark cloudy sky. The wind was beginning to pick up as well which is always a bad sign for a storm. Wilt decided that he better get Mac home here and now before anything decides to overtake them.

The moment Wilt opened the door to the high school, which he held open for a few extra seconds while several students exited, all eyes were upon him. Now, with any other person or imaginary friend that was getting an unusual amount of attention, you would get that creepy "children of the corn" feeling in your soul. But being the overly nice and overly wonderful person Wilt was, he just nodded and smiled at all of them. Walking down the hallway he waved at a couple of students ("Hello!") and smiled at a couple of girls ("How are you today?") and stared happily at a couple of faculty members.

"Would you happen to know where the nurses station is," he asked a stubby little bald man.

The man replied by simply looking up at the joyful looking imaginary friend and pointing his finger behind him towards a door with the title "Infirmary" glued onto the door.

"Thank you very much."

When Wilt had entered the door and left the students and teachers to themselves, they all exchanged a look at each other and began to talk among themselves.

The nurses office was very plain, very white. Everything was covered in a white wall paper sort of landscape. There were outlines of birds and animals on the wall, but because they were lightly etched into the wallpaper it made it very difficult to notice them at all. There were several chairs in a corner of the small room, one of which was occupied with none other than Richard who was face first into a very interesting animal article in a National Geographic magazine that he had pulled out of his backpack. In reality, it was just a ruse to fool everyone when he really was reading the articles of a porno magazine. The title of the magazine was unknown. Wilt poked at him for a moment, and feeling that there was someone around, quickly tossed the reading material back into his book bag. However, when he looked up and saw that it was only Wilt, he went back to reading his little "What turns her on" interview.

"Mac's in the back," he said turning the page.

"Um… Thanks… Rich," Wilt replied back to him knowing full aware of what he was really reading.

Wilt opened the door to the room next to where Richard was sitting and looked inside for Mac. Sure enough, there was Mac sitting up with his face deep into a bucket making vomiting sounds, Bloo next to him patting him on the shoulder.

"Why do I have a this feeling that this is all your fault Bloo," Wilt groaned tapping his finger against the frame of the door.

The blue imaginary blob turned and gave a surprised look to find Wilt standing in the doorway.

"Me," he screamed, "why do you automatically blame it on me?"

Wilt's good eye just blinked and simply gazed at him.

"Okay," the blue blob started, "so I am prone to doing some weird things every once in a while ('once in a while' being an understatement), but this time it wasn't my fault. I mean, sure, I snuck into the school using Mac and his backpack, and sure, I did do a couple of things in the hallway without Mac knowing anything, but I can assure you Wilt that this wasn't my fault."

"Really," Wilt said now tapping his foot on the floor.

"Yeah! First we were in this weird performing class, and then we got separated into some sort of prison behind the curtains, and then the this really creepy teacher lady came out and threatened to kill us, but Mac and Richard glared back at her and saved us all, but we were still stuck in the prison, and then Richard chanted some magic spell, and then Mac got sick, and some soldiers came and saved us from the evil lady's master plan to use us for her scheme to take over the world!"

Bloo finished with a gigantic smile on his face. Wilt's mouth was wide open in astonishment. That had to have been the biggest load of crap Wilt had ever heard in his life.

"Bloo what really happened," asked Wilt.

"That's really what happened! And now you're here! With your magic boots and bracelet and- WILT! You lost your arm in battle!"

"He is kinda tellin' the truth Wilt," Richard said taking a peek from his reading, "kinda."

Wilt nodded and looked at Bloo as if he had gone mad.

"Whoa," screamed a voice behind Wilt. He looked behind him to see the nurse with a tall glass of ice water and some antibiotics. "May-may-may I help you?"

Wilt gave a big smile and replied, "Hi! I'm Wilt. We talked earlier on the phone about Mac."

"Oh… Your Wilt. I see. Um… Okay… If you could just sign these papers, he'll be in your hands."

She passed him a piece of paper to sign and he signed it and gave it back to her (he put the paper on a table and signed it with his good hand).

"I had no idea you were an imaginary friend," the nurse said placing the paper into a folder on her desk in the next room, "surprising."

"Well, you learn something everyday I guess."

"You certainly do," Richard yelled from the other room, "oh, how you certainly do."

Wilt cocked an eyebrow at him, and thinking it was nothing at the time, went back to trying to figure out what the problem was with Mac.

"Biiirrrrrdddddiiiiieeeeesssss," Bloo whispered pointing at the ceiling.

"Hey," Wilt started toward the nurse, "are you sure it's not him who should be on the bed."

The nurse looked at Wilt funny and then at the insane Bloo.

"That's odd," she said, "he was fine just before I left the room."

"Magic candy! Magic candy!"

"Magic candy," Wilt and the nurse questioned looking at each other.

Mac looked up for a moment to look at Wilt and nurse. He pointed toward the table where a small paper glass filled with water lay.

"Oh good," the nurse beamed, "you took your medicine."

"Medicine," Wilt asked.

"Just some painkillers and aspirin for his sto-… oh…"

"Magic candy! Magic candy! Oh so tasty, and so dandy."

There was a complete silence in the room with the exception of Bloo's deranged rambling and a couple of burping sounds from Mac.

"Can we…," Mac spat out, "Can we go now?"

Wilt nodded.

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