Part One, or Year One

Introduction to Hogwarts University

When Harry James Potter was fifteen months of age; his parents, James Potter and Lily Evans Potter tragically died in a car crash, in which their son the aforementioned Harry survived. Screaming while he received a cut on his forehead that was shaped like a lightning bolt from the flying shards of glass.

James Potter was the head of a rather successful business, ran by his family for generations. His mother died while he was young and his father just five years previous, so Harry you see is now the sole remaining Potter.

Now, about that business of the Potter's. It was left to James' friend and Associate, Peter Pettigrew.

But as for young Harry, he was sent to his only remaining blood relatives, his Mother's sister, Petunia Evans Dursley, her husband Vernon, and their son Dudley.

His Maternal Grandparents had both died within the previous year, unfortunately, of emphysema and ovarian cancer.

Pettigrew arranged and paid for the Potter's funeral, and also he arranged for the reading of there will as well, which he had been the keeper of.

Now much to the Dursley's chagrin, nothing but some property and the contents of a trunk, were left for little Harry.

Unbeknownst to the Dursley's, however, A fund had been set up for Harry as well, which Pettigrew told them nothing of because he was pocketing and squandering the money set aside for Harry. That was to be used by his caretakers for Harry.

The absence of any monetary amount to help Petunia and her husband, Vernon raise her sister's son, very much outraged the Dursley's, whom had received several thousand pounds for themselves and some bonds for their son, Dudley.

When the Dursley's took the tyke home, Vernon suggested, "Let's throw him in the cupboard."

"Oh, Vernon, we can't do that to Lily's son. He's got to have his own room!"

"Fine, I'll set up the small bedroom for him."

"Thank you, dear."

Suffice to say, Harry James Potter got a room. It would be his room for the remainder of his time at the Dursley's.

As Harry grew older, he was assigned numerous chores, till when he was thirteen and in his third year of secondary school, got a job at a local market.

"Well you won't be getting any spending money from us now, boy and your grades better stay up!" Vernon had told him.

Harry you see, attended Stonewall Secondary School, while his cousin, Dudley, whom Harry was his favorite punching bag, went to Smeltings Academy, a private boarding school that Harry's Uncle Vernon had attended in his day, as well.

Harry had few acquaintances and even fewer friends...

He is now eighteen and on his way to Hogwarts University in Scotland, and because of being numbers one and two in their graduating classes, he was driving to Scotland with one of his only friends.

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