Chapter 19

( Four Months beyond where the last chapter ended. )

Mel and Neville are settling into a flat near his new place of employment, neither have yet to meet with any of their friends, none of their friends knowing of the change and evolution of Neville and Mel's relationship over the last year. Everyone knows that Neville is moving back due to his new job. It could also be inferred that Mel is moving back because of her job as well, her employer is also moving a month or so from the present time. It would not be too far fetched to think that John had sent her ahead to set things up for his arrival, though that is nearly yet at the same time far from the truth. It is true that Mel is to inspect the flat that John is to move into, but nothing more until his arrival.

Mel and Neville moved his things from prior to leaving the country into their new flat, though they still had a few purchases to fill out the place, priorities being a couch or chairs for the sitting room as well as a kitchen table and chairs. Mel had sold or gave away her non essential things, like pots and pans, a couch she'd acquired, her old mattress, etcetera.

"You know Nev, when we tell them our news there going to go fucking ballistic, right?"

Neville shrugged, "Come on, we all shrugged off Ron and Luna. How are we any different.. Its us!"

"I know, but when we were here we were never all that close, remember?"

"Yeah, I suppose, we were all buddies, but the only really close ones out of us were Harry, Hermione and Dean because they went to secondary school together."

"We got closer, you and Harry, Draco and Ron, Dean and Ron through playing football and rooming together, Draco and Harry rooming together, Hermione and Luna and I sharing that room with that bitch."

"Oh my gods, I forgot about that!" Neville laughed. "We all came to be attached to one another living together, griping about each other," he joked, "Keeping that house in one piece."

"We had some great years though."

"We sure did," he smiled pulling her to him and kissing the top of her head.


Harry and Hermione bought a house! After two years living in their shit hole of an apartment, they found a place, not in the best condition, but with a few coats of paint and lots of fixing up it would be wonderful. The disrepair of the house was in fact the only reason they could even afford it.

Hermione is by far the bread winner of the two, her salary nearly tripling that of Harry. It was because of her job that they could even speculate about moving out of their little shit hole and into this house that did not include neighbors above, below and to the sides with thin walls. The new house is certainly a wonderful thing, The only problem is it may finally tip the scales and force them to tell her parent's the true nature of there relationship.

Sure they could buy them both living in that shit hole of a flat when she was only an intern, but a full fledged researcher, making quite a bit of money, still keeping the old roommate around? Hmm.. Then again for all Harry and Hermione know her parent's could be privy to there relationship. Its not like it is that big of a secret, anyone with eyes could tell, they have just never out right told her Mum and Dad.


Why after seven years have Mum and Dad not been told? Hmm.. Harry and Hermione any answers?

"Harry, we really need to tell Mum and Dad, seven years and we have yet to tell them we're even dating?" Hermione asked him as she entered what they considered there living room sorting through the post.

"I'm scared, what if your parents don't like the idea?" Harry asked as he flopped down on their dilapidated loveseat.

"Harry, shut your bloody trap! My parent's love you. They think you're a smashing guy, have for years, they bloody let you sneak into my room in there house and sleep on the floor or in my bed without going round the bend when we were teenagers, that has to tell you something! Mail for you," She handed him a stack of letters.

"I know, I know.. I'll go with you to that get together thingy there having next week, eh? We can tell them then?"

"Tell them that we've been seeing each other for seven years?"

"Yes." Harry said firmly.

"Finally, you wimp."

Harry shrugged, "I have been one. I guess its time." Harry said before opening one of his letters, one from his lawyer.

"THIS CANNOT BE FUCKING RIGHT! Hermione, read this… It does not say what I think it does, does it?" He thrust the letter at his girlfriend.

"One Million Pounds…. Wait a minute… HARRY, ONE MILLION POUNDS… due to you from Pettigrew's seized accounts… ONE MILLION FUCKING POUNDS HARRY!"

"THIS IS FUCKING INSANE! Is this serious?"

"I don't think this is one of Sirius' jokes, Harry. This has offical seals and everything on it.."

Harry grinned at her, "We can pay off this house, fix it up, buy some furnture that isn't dieing! Put our bed on a frame!"

"Harry, are you sure? Buying this house.. What if….."

"We're already buying the bloody thing, you think we're going to split up next week?"

"No, but."

"No buts, relax, we're fucking best friends and love eachother, we'll be good for the future, better off then loads of other couples."

"I cannot believe that the man your parent's named as your godfather embezzled one million pounds from you, that was for your future and well being growing up, Fucking bastard!"

Harry just grinned, before they snogged away the evening on there soon to be in the rubbish bin loveseat.


Neville and Mel's flat, a few days later.

"'ello Mel, you beat us all here?" Ron greeted, as he and Luna entered Neville and Mel's place.

They three hugged and entered the flat, which now included living room furniture and a dining room table.

"Yeah, I suppose I did, Ron. How're you? Luna, how about you?"

"I'm great!"

"I am well, Melanie, how have you been faring these past couple years?"

"Very well, and yourself, Luna?"

Luna smiled.

Harry and Hermione, as well as Dean and Draco arrived soon after Ron and Luna.

The group settled into Neville and Mel's livng room.

"So Nev, you spent the last year and a half in the states?"

"Yeah, had a nice gig there, but the one I was offered here was so much better and I can work on my doctorate here."

"Wow, Nev, never saw you working toward a Ph.D!" Draco exclaimed.

Neville shrugged, "How's Francis?"

"Oh, Frankie is doing great, just got promoted and he's moving in with me!"

"Congratulations Draco, that's a big step!"

"Sure is! What've you been up to, Mel, and you never sent us your new address here, what is it?"


"You and Nev, both living here, but there's only the one bedroom," Ron said.. as it dawned on all of them.

"Neville and I got married a few months ago."

"Your bloody fucking with me!" Ron exclaimed.

"Nope, we flew to Vegas and got hitched," Neville laughed.

"Well Congratulations to the both of you!"

"Did your lawyer ever get back to you on the trial, Harry?"

"Oh yeah, he sure did.. Harry got quite the mother load."

"That's great, sure will help you fix up your new house, won't it?"

"That it will," Harry grinned.

"Sam and I have some news," Dean cleared his throat, as everyone turned to he and Samantha.

"I proposed to her and she's accepted. We're gonna get married!"

"That's brilliant Dean!"

"I suppose we should share our news as well, oy Luna?"

"Ronald and I are expecting a child in around seven months."

And the Congratulations and merry making went along for a few hours as the friend's got to know eachother after long and short absences and time apart living separate lives.


The next week, Hermione's parents house.

"Hermione, Harry! How are you doing, come in, come in," Hermione's father greeted.

They hugged her parent's and entered the house.

"Mister Granger, Mrs. Granger," Harry greeted, "I have something I need to tell you."

"Oh Harry, call us Mike and Jane already. You've known us for years, it is alright."

Harry nearly quaked and smiled gingerly, "Hermione and I have been seeing one another since our second year of uni."

"Really, only since then? Was sure you were after first year, ah well.. I suppose I lost the bet, Homie?"

"I suppose you did, Love," Homer "Mike" grinned at his daughter and her boyfriend.


On the trip back to there home, Hermione turned to Harry and said, "There was nothing to be afraid of, was there?"

"I suppose not," Harry laughed. "I really do like your parents."

"That's good, because I assume we'll be seeing a lot of them as the future and our relationship progresses."

"That I'm sure we will be."

"Don't worry, Harry, nothing more to be afraid of as we grow old together."

"Except for children, that'll be more fun though, especially getting there when we decide to, that's for sure."

"Oh most definitely, my love." Hermione said as she drove her old car, the same from the drive to University those years before, back to there London home.

-The End-

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