Author's note: Since I like the character (despite the movie's ending turning him into a cliché so they could have a happy, tidy ending), and was inspired by a word at 15minuteficlets, I wrote a small drabble for Jake from Cursed. So here it is. Reviews are wonderful.

Disclaimer: I don't own Cursed, nor am I making any profit off this. Please do not sue me, ok? Savvy? Got it? Understood? We clear? Ok, then.


Jake tried to pry the girls off him, tried to just keep them away and get closer to Ellie. He knew what this looked like. There had been a time he would have enjoyed it, basked in it, taken advantage of the undeniable yet undetectable charisma his lycanthropy gave him. All the while he liked to pretend it was really just him and not some sexual charge in his body.

But things were different now. There was Ellie. Tiny, spunky, resigned Ellie. Trapped under work, her brother, and her desire to have a life outside her responsibilities. That was where Jake came in. but he was quickly screwing things up.

If only he could tell her. If only he could just say, "I have to go away for three days because I'm afraid I'll hurt you. Because I'm a werewolf." As if that would actually happen.

She would either laugh at him, glare at him, slap him, or ask him if he was high. She wouldn't enjoy the trick she would be certain he was playing on her, and she would probably imagine he was taking a rather, elaborate, path of breaking up. She would leave him most likely unless he came up with a really, really good explanation.

He couldn't though. Because it was the truth. Sometimes the truth just wasn't easy to swallow. Especially for someone like Ellie. He knew how she clung to her precious security, her knowledge that life was just, life. There was nothing mystical, magical, or paranormal.

Except him. But he could change all of that. If he knew it wouldn't kill her, but he wasn't sure.

All he was sure of was that she was the one. She was the one he wanted for a mate, and he wasn't sure she could handle it. And he didn't know what to do. He was unsure of himself around her, and he was fumbling towards ruining it all.