Author's note: Well, this is rather pointless, silly fluff, but I saw the picture for the last picture challenge at 15minuteficlets and got the idea, so, here it is. Nothing but fluff. Hope it's readable and please review.

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There'd been a special tree Vivian had loved back in West Virginia. During the few times she had wanted to get away from the Five and Axel - rare as they were, they had existed - she would go to that large oak tree and sit underneath it, enjoying the shade and smell of it, the birds chirping and the chipmunks scurrying about.

There was a similar tree like it in Vermont. Now Alpha Female, Vivian had even more duties as the queen instead of the princess, more responsibilities, more stress. She had Gabriel though. He was like her rock when she needed him to be, and she was his when he needed the same.

Still, there were times when Vivian would leave and go to the tree so similar to the one in West Virginia, and she would sit below it and enjoy the cool shade and just listen to the sounds of the animals surrounding her. It was peaceful there, and she was free.

Gabriel had discovered her hiding place though. Vivian had tried to feel upset about it and act resentful towards him, but that was harder to do now. Gabe would give her an apologetic smile, something only she ever received from him. And she would melt.

It was a beautiful tree really. Vivian wondered if her pup would ever go there, like Vivian would. She wondered if her child would ask its parents what was special about the tree. If their child would ever know that was where it was conceived.

Vivian sighed softly and leaned into her mate, enjoying the cool shade beneath the tree.