Let me first say that I don't normally write Teen Titan fic. Ever. That said, here's my first attempt at it. I blame this completely on one person. He knows who he is. Enjoy, your Highness.

She lay in her bed, after the commotion and explanations were over and peace reigned once again in the tower.

Blartog was a success after all and her friends were still all friends. Nothing had been lost; the past was the same, the future changed.

The present was…well, quiet and happy.

Staring at the ceiling, she allowed her mind to wander back to the now averted future.

To him.

They knew there was a current Nightwing. The first Robin had become Nightwing. And it seemed the third would also follow in his predecessor's footsteps once again.

But to see his future self had shaken her. Done things to her body. Sent strange feelings to her stomach.

The way he said her name, had looked at her, had touched her hand as he gave her the device and sent her back to her time.

It was almost the same way his present self had done the same things when she had returned.


But not quite…

There was something more…mature.

More sensual…

A tone that held a promise.

A tone that a fifteen-year-old boy wouldn't have in his voice.


Starfire closed her eyes and smiled.

The future was going to be very interesting indeed.